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ok, we all know that probst has said that all stars was a mistake he wouldn't repeat...but, just for fun's sake (and since so many people are begging for steph to have another chance), who would you cast in all stars 2? (the only rule i have is that they weren't in the original all stars)
Here's my cast:
Stephenie- Palau
Eliza- Vanuatu
Sandra- Pearl Islands
Darrah- Pearl Islands
Ami- Vanuatu
Vecepia- Marquesas
Colleen- Borneo
Kim P- Africa
Jan- Thailand
Jon- Pearl Islands
Chad- Vanuatu
Ian- Palau
Tom- Palau
Chris- Vanuatu
Brian- Thailand
Matt- Amazon
Gervase (or Greg)- Borneo
John C- Marquesas

did i miss anyone?

 :]  I REALLY hope theres an all stars 2 so Steph Gets annother chance.  its gotta be people from the last 2 seasons and the next 3 tho.

I'd like to see Gretchen~Borneo in all-stars!  |#'

good one rudy, and i thought of a couple more:

Paschal- deserves a second chance after pulling the purple stone

Kelly (Africa)- give her a second chance to not look crazy at the final tribal council (if you're wondering what i mean, watch vh1 goes inside: survivor, they usually play it on finale day at least twice)

How about Neleh? She was annoying, but memorable....


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