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My friend just met Ian!

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My friend was at a club in Pittsburgh... called Sing Sing, and met Ian! She does not watch Survivor (sin) and had no clue who he was! She said he told her he was on Survivor and she told him she did not believe him! Cool, huh?
She said she is going to check with her friend to see if they took any photos on their picture phones, and she would send them to me, so if she does, I will post them... How cool is this??

oh thats awesome cuz hes really cool! i love him! my cousins always go to sing sing its in the waterfront.

So you are from Pittsburgh too? That's cool! We're Ian's true fans!

that is so cool.... i'm so soo soooo jealous...


Yeah im from pittsburgh/ penn hills to be excat . Yeah i actually have met him before he went to school with my brother up at penn state and were in the same science education class. He's really funny once u get to know him i always say im gunna call him and tell him how deeply in love i am with him but i dont have the guts yet! he knows i like him cuz my brother had to say something and embarsses the **** out me !


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