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Recap is Up!!!!!


The recap includes some nice gossip involving a Real World cast member and Big Brother houseguest.

Great recap Trevor!  })}  The gossip about Robin is interesting.

Tonya was just crazy....I think she did well and she went alot higher then the other girls.  yeah she did give a little information away, but did not meant too.  The three girls are always picking on her...but it is like Dan is because she gets upset and they gect a reaction from them.  You notice you see them picking on Tonya be never ineteration with the other team. Who will they pick on if she leaves?

I think the bad a$$ lost because of Veronica, rachel and Derrrick.  Veronica took alot of time....rachel was shown struggling but who knows if they hendered them or not.  And Derrick falling the 60 second penalty plus having to climb back up...they did not lose by much.  I do think the good guys had an unfair advantage watching the bad a$$es go first..They should haved scored each person like they did the other challenges.

They definitely pick on Tonya because they get a reaction out of her.  I think I knew Tonya had a difficult childhood but last night made me remember that again.  It actually explains a ton about why she is, how she is.

The Good Guys had a huge unfair advantage.  Next time they should make them both go at the same time or do it like you said and score each person (and eliminate the lowest time).  It also helped that they got to send Landon twice.

yeah they should have let the bad a$$es pick who got to go knwo it would have been Julie.

Julie was providing some great comedy as she was climbing up the ladder.  That is about as close as you are going to get to hearing Julie swear.


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