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In Average Joe 4 The Average Joes Strike Back

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In Average Joe 4 The Average Joes Strike Back  |(
Nathan Griffen tells Reality TV Magazine that he will be one of the Average Joes on the upcoming reality TV show Average Joe 4: The Joes Strike back.  The new season of Average Joe premiers on Tuesday, June 28 at 8P.M. ET, and Nathan promises that it will be an "awesome season." 

According to NBC, the newest and boldest installment of NBC's popular relationship series about average-looking guys with big hearts and great personalities hoping to win the love of a beautiful woman returns with more twists, turns and conflicts than ever before. This time, stunning 26-year-old red-headed beauty Anna is the alluring bachelorette. Born in Poland and raised in Las Vegas, Anna has a degree in business administration and is now a model and entrepreneur. Once again, the unsuspecting model thought she was on a traditional dating show only to be surprised by a swarm of average Joes, including a tool salesman, a pest control guy and a computer-science student pursuing his Ph.D.


I'm surprised it took so long for a new season.  Average Joes 1 and 2 were outstanding.

I like average joe, just not sure how they continue to have new seasons when everyone probably watched the first one and the secret is out. Unless they tapped several series, before airing the first season. ????

Welcome dramaqueen , I watched the first seasons but was very sad at how it always turns.. the not so Average Joe never wins and it breaks me heart  :':')

Stunning 26-year-old red-headed Anna is looking for love. Can she find it with an average Joe? Watch as this unsuspecting model is surprised by the arrival, not of traditional leading men, but by a swarm of well-intentioned average Joes.
The enthusiastic guys hope to woo and win her over with their charm and personalities. But first, they'll have to navigate through an all-new series of dramatic challenges, outrageous surprises - and their toughest competition yet - seven strikingly handsome jocks who are cocky and confident that Anna will only have eyes for them.

Plus, each week one lucky Joe gets a total makeover and surprises Anna with his new look. With plenty of romance, a trip to Tahiti and new twists at every turn, this new season promises lots of summer fun. Hunks beware, the Joes are fighting back!



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