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Author Topic: EP 13 Across the Board Picks /update Snewser Added  (Read 1115 times)

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EP 13 Across the Board Picks /update Snewser Added
« on: May 11, 2005, 10:20:05 PM »
Spoiled ~
 RC Ian wins a Car - Red Corvette - outing to Shallum Etpison's house/mansion ,takes Tom as his companion / per Bianca and Wezzie .
Boot ~ Caryn /Per Mersaydeez

Boot~   Caryn
( Thanks Mersaydeez  =]/ )

RC ~ Ian
IC ~ Tom
Boot ~ Caryn

Survior Fever
RC:    Ian
IC:     Tom
Boot:  Caryn


REWARD Ian wins a Corvette, takes Tom on a road trip.
BOOT Caryn

Survivor Shrine
RC  ~
IC ~ 
Boot ~

Boot ~

Sucks /Polls
Boot ~ Caryn

Riii/ polls
RC ~ Ian
IC ~ Tom
Boot ~ Caryn

Met Forums
IC~  Tom
TC/Boot~ Caryn

RC: Ian who pisses of Katie by taking Tom on reward and is soundly berated by raging Kate
IC: Super Tom
Boot: Caryn

SurvivorThoughts From Iowa
RC ~ Ian
IC~ Tom
Boot ~ Caryn
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