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Recap of last night's episode is up!!!!!!!


There are some other nice tidbits in there as well including a response from Mike on the rumors of him and Jodi hooking up.

Great recap!!! ]#*

I love the idea behind the new challenge.  I'm sick of seeing the newbies get sent home early!

Thanks Trevor for the recap...

And the whole mike thing....I think him and Jodi hooked up.  Rachel said on the after show that Jodi was looking fotr a mna...not a relationship just some sex.  How many young guys with the option os no strings attached would  say no.

Old school vs new school would be great!  the old schoolers would have to pick each other off....that would be great TV.

I need to watch the aftershow.  That's outstanding.  Jodi just keeps getting painted with a different brush than what I had initially thought.  The percentage of guys that would turn down that offer from Jodi are low, very low.

I like the Old School/New Skool idea as well.  Hopefully they make it an Inferno or Gauntlet type duel as well.


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