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Inferno 2 ~ 4/25 episode


So let's chat about the show....this will give us some space whent he show does air.

Who wins the life shield?  Teaser last week's promos that Rachel will tyr for the life shield to save Veronica...will this happen?  Will the team throw the mission for Veronica?

Will the good guys help Jodi gets some confidence?  Will there still be fighting with the teams over the picking?  Will Mike and Jodi have a special good bye before she goes into the inferno just in case?

Who do you think will win the challenge?  Good Guys or Bad A$$es

Rachel definitely wins the lifesaver and goes in against Jodi.  No doubt in my mind.  I then see the controversial Jodi getting the boot tonight.

I think Jodi goes bye bye too...I think it will be an interesting show.  ]*]

Yeah, well, she's gone..... too bad.  I really wanted Veronica out of there... it would've just sent Rachel into a downward spiral!  lol

I loved it that the Good Guys won the TV... i really hate it when one side dominates.  Gotta go for the underdogs! 

yeha they made such a big deal about it I think Veronica leaving would have been funny.  But sicne they did hype it up so much I figured that she was not leaving.

Jodi looked so serious in the challenge and then she looked lost.  Veronica was focused you have to give her that.  And she was smarter in the challenge...she had her arms bent so the wrap was bigger and not as tight.  So she had less spins to get it wrapped.  And I am not sure what happened with Jodi's wrap she had it all around her legs.  Hate to see Jodi go but she picked many think if she woudl have picked Tonya she would have won?

I was really shocked that Rachel did not do better in this challenge....she always seems so strong.  and I loved CT's comment if we win 10k for the team great...I only wnat to beat Derrick...and he did by .2  ^/^


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