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What season did you like the best?  Is there a person you love to hate?  Who's the hotties from past seasons?

Favorite season... that's a tough one.  I loved Miami, New Orleans wasn't too bad.  Hawaii would have been up there if they would have kicked that Amaya whiner chick    _-^  off for being annoying and crying all the time. 

Love to hate Kevin (from New York), Puck (of course... how could you NOT want to see what he's gonna do next), Flora from Miami.

Really hate Montana (Boston), Rachel (San Francisco) Karomo (Philly) and Tonya (Chicago).  Quite sure I'm missing someone in here... it'll come to me.  Oh yeah, Julie (N/O).

LOVE Jason (Boston), Melissa and Mike (Miami), Ruthie and Tuck (Hawaii), & Lindsey, Janet, & Nathan (Seattle).

Miz is hot, Landon's hot, Mike (from Miami), Colin was cute until he hooked up with that crybaby Ayana, and then he just bugged me  |( , Mark's a definite cutie.....

I'll think of more... it's all starting to run together!

The best three seasons to me are San Diego, New Orleans, and Las Vegas in that order.  The worst season was this season's version in Philadelphia.

My favorite girls were Mallory (Paris and I liked her before she was a swimsuit model).  Just a natural beauty.  Looks great with no make-up on.  Cameran (San Diego) is also smokin.

The worst character in Real World history is Karamo and it isn't even close.

Again . . . I did not watch alot of the shows.... I saw Chicago ~ tonya and the girl that walked around naked...priceless.  I watched Las Vegas.. Trishelle what do you say about Trishelle.  But the girl that almost got thrown off for hitting Stephen, what happend to her?

i watched a couple of episodes of San Diego...where the girl was scared of big boats. Then bits and pieces of other seasons.

I love the challenges but did not watch all the seasons.

I believe Brynn got married and was recently pregnant post-Las Vegas.  I thought she was a little hottie.   Granted, the elevator didn't go all the way to the penthouse with her, but she was good looking enough that you could justify it to yourself.

Frankie being scared of big boats is still one of the funniest things I think I have ever heard.  Outside of that comment though, she was highly annoying.  A tier below Karamo in terms of crappy Real World characters.  Frankie is also certifiably crazy.  One of those people who probably should have avoided reality television as she rendered herself "undateable" following her Real World peformance.


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