Author Topic: Why Stephs Big play wont be the right play. . .  (Read 1355 times)

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Why Stephs Big play wont be the right play. . .
« on: April 27, 2005, 08:01:26 PM »
Ok throughout Survivor there are moments in everygame where a given contestant can either make or break their chance to win. Last season Scout, Twila, and Chris all did good to take maximum advantage of this situation. In other years like Pearl Islands Burton takes Jon leaving Lil with Sandra and Darrah and ruining their chances. Had Burton taken Lil as he should here Burton or Jon would have probably won a million.  I could go on about past seasons forever but you get the point.  This reason I bring this up is this weeks episode should be that point in the Game.  Step sees her back against the wall and goes for the big play that will save her.   The Big play is taking out Tom obviously the figurehead of the alliance.  However had Steph actually paid attention to Coby when he was "giving her power"  she would have known that Gregg was the person she needed to go to.  Gregg is the key to Jenn, and we know that Gregg has atleast given thought to getting rid of Tom.  Im sure at this point that Gregg is ready for Tom to go.  So if you have Steph, Gregg, Jenn up again Katie, Tom , and Ian leaving Caryn a swing and being that she is willing to let Superman Tom go at this point.  My point is if Steph had been paying attention to what Coby was saying instead of looking at that moment as a point in which she was gaining another spot in the game she might have made it a lot farther. 

Also a note to Janu Tornell . . .  as you join survivors such as Osten  ( the worst survivor ever), Sue (lets face it if you cant take a rich brushing up against you for a chance to win a million you have problems), and fellow Ulongers Ashlee ( miss "ive had my experience" after 6 FREAKING DAYS?????)  and Jeff (my ankle hurts and all I wanted to do was get with a hottie on tv), atleast they left the game knowing that they were quitting. However you managed to quit and still think that you are ok because you made the Jury, and in your own words mixed things up, you even called this a power play.  In SURVIVOR layin down your torch is never in any way shape or form a power play it is merely a disgraceful play to your fellow players, and to loyal fans who try out for the show every year.  It is disgraceful that she reamins on the jury.

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Re: Why Stephs Big play wont be the right play. . .
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