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This should peak some interest....

WoOO HOOO!!  Great article....Well I knew it would not be long for Mike to score.   

OMG ~ she went against her own team....good way to make friends.  Hope they do not have another guys vs gals again soon as she would not last, the girls would boot her first.

Thank you.  I rushed it up there.  I've actually been proofreading after I posted it for the last 10 minutes.  Just great stuff. 

You know what I find odd, is that Mike really only "kinda" stuck up for her.  Generally speaking, and this is harking back to my non-girlfriend days anytime I was "scoring" with some girl.  Even if I thought she was in the wrong I would generally stick up for her with all guns blazing in an effort to avoid getting "shut out" if you will.  His silence speaks volumes. 

That is true the silence thing does speak volumes.....but I wonder why in you article you did not mention Trashelle as one of Mike's scores?  ^/^

I am so glad you find these great articles...I love reading the articles with your spin and the behind the scenes stuff too.  wonder if any of the other Inferno guest have sites up?

Trishelle is one of those you hang your head about and pretend never happened.

I need to start doing some research on some of the other's and what they write about the show.


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