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Does anyone but me still follow this show???

I mean, those girls are out for blood this time around!  _-^ _-^ _-^ _-^

I love it! PLEASE do not let Stacey W win.. She is a pain in the neck!

hey wendy!!   :<(  i am into it big time, and i agree!!   })}  she is a trouble maker!!  and a fake!! =]/

I have watched all the episodes except for the last one - I set to record it but my VCR ate my tape (although thanks to the internet I am all caught up).  At this point, though, he has eliminated everyone that I liked.  Of the ones left, I really don't care who wins.  My opinion is that with this season they put so many new twists into the mix that this is much more about the competition and less about anyone finding love.  At this point he has left the loudmouth, the slut, the overly agressive one and unless last episode she did something that really stood out, one that I hardly knew was there.  I am not all that excited to see how it ends.

I do find it kind of funny to see how they keep pulling Charlie's brother into the show for no particular reason.

off topic : cause I want  to send  }bH{ and  ]**] to PapaBear  \|]

Anyone have any thoughts on last night's show?  I was glad to see Kimberley go but it seems pretty clear that Charlie is not very close to any of the remaining girls.  He likes them, but I don't sense any real feelings for any of them.  I still think that most of that is the producers fault this time around.  Too much in there strictly for the drama and to intentionally start conflict (like Jenny and Kim's ex showing up on their date last night - either they are telepathic or the producers set them up.  Also next week they are all going on overnight dates while the other girls are around - why would you do that?  Grrrrrr!!!!).

Anyway, I was surprised that I actually kind of liked Krisily.  I guess seeing her out of the house brought out a different side to her I think.  Sarah B also seems pretty nice, and I still can't stand Sarah W.

Come on, I can't be the only one watching this show, am I?


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