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EP 8 Chat by play
« on: April 07, 2005, 07:16:13 PM »
thanks to Trix & Co. at MessHall \|]
 I'm having a T-storm so don't know if the power will last  :':') figures snow & T-Storms goota love the Mountains .

Ulong first confessional CBS Fantasy Steph
Rats ..Coby blames the others for not cleaning up the camp ..hes the bitcher

no treemail RC
Balut -duck eggs
Reward fresh water & toiletries

Tom& Ian vs Steph & BJ

4-4 tiebreaker
Tom vs BJ
BJ's gonna hurl
Koror wins
BJ blows it
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Re: EP 8 Chat ..
« Reply #1 on: April 07, 2005, 07:18:20 PM »

BJ open wide
Ian gets down all four


Tie breaker; s trongest person get five down
Tom vs. BJ

Cramming it in
Steph: good job good job
BJ shoving fifth down there
Keep it in there over plate
Mind over matter
Tom fifth one but gotta get down
BJ trying to shove down
Ian: Think about how dirty I am Tom
Janu: Swallow Tom
Steph:Swallow BJ


Poor BJ

Standing there with mouth open with stuff still in there
Jeff: Might as well finish BJ
BJ gives a sidelong nasty glance over at Koror

They walk off
Coby watches
BJ: Almost had it

Jeff hands them the basket
Ian grabs it andjumps around

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Re: EP 8 Chat ..
« Reply #2 on: April 07, 2005, 07:27:15 PM »
:<( all by myself as usual ..sigh

Tom Coby talk about the shower , tom wants to use the water to drink, Jenn wants a shower , Coby wants the water .Toms word rules , the others Jenn? lose .Tom swims

 Stephanie= Wolf in sheeps clothing  `/~


Katie; won shampoo, etc.
Ian: Like the citrus
Janu: all took a swig, wonderful
Jenn: we have a shower, human for a day

Discussing shower
Coby suggests
Tom conf: Jen crestfallen she won't shower, Ihave to say something; it ws ridiculous
Jen conf: tom spoke up, we need to conserve water for drinking, come on you can't let use a gallon or two, no one wants to speak up but I don't want it to haunt me

Jenn conf: tom not letting it be a vote, maybe that will get him voted off...........


BJ: See how much I had left
Steph: always like that, miss it by an inch
BJ conf: Had my throat open but Tom shoved itin faster
Tom: Tired oflosing tohim
Steph: Yeah you keep being matched up with him
BJ conf: Seems like Tom beats me every time; getting old, I am pissed; seeing fire

Stpeh conf: BJ has been positive but starting to get frustrated; he is punching, throwing; scaring me

BJ chopping at wood

Steph conf: He is sick of losing, was happy actually to see him mad like that


Lounging around
Katie conf: No more happy Koror days, lot ofmontony
Tom to Ian: Give me state of union report
Ian conf: worried bout g/j; using relationship, we know we need one out eventually;
tom: Good new steph still there, can't let gregg know
Tom conf: Me Ian and Katie hooked up and Steph is in that but Katie doesn't know; she is wolf in sheeps clothing


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Re: EP 8 Chat ..
« Reply #3 on: April 07, 2005, 07:30:16 PM »
poor Bobby is getting an idiot stumbleBLEEP editing ..Steph in the ocean twice..and crying
Ulong Day 20
BJ chopping
steph conf: tough with him, not a lot in common; he is turning into a caveman, i don't think i smell but BJ gross, dirty; he eats everything. today he ate whole crab
Steph: Oh man
BJ spitting out
Steph conf: He'll blow his snot rockets out where we sleep; think about Koror all th etime, know they are living the life and here we are busting our butts trying to keep fire. I thought I am cut out for this and I believe that but it is tough

BJ pulling boat into water and struggling
Steph conf: even pulling boat is killing us, if I can make it thru this, i can make it throught anything
BJ: Lord have mercy

Steph conf: crying.... trying to be strong, hard like out here with no one, really hard. i won't give up hope but i feel like we are at a dead end


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Re: EP 8 Chat ..
« Reply #4 on: April 07, 2005, 07:36:07 PM »
BJ catches a fish goes in the ocean , treemail BJ reads it Sink or Swim puzzle  Coby & Gregg go for Koror , word scramble puzzle

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Re: EP 8 Chat ..
« Reply #5 on: April 07, 2005, 07:36:35 PM »
uLONG Day 21

Steph conf: Tired/hungry; keep trying; we don't give up, I value that

BJ fishing

BJ: I got one, I got one!!!
BJ conf: Felt like I accomplished something
Big ass clam

Eating around fire
Steph: OMG< so much meat
Steph conf: felt the protein; 21 days with barely any fish, nice treat, got our spirits up


Tree Mail

Sink or Swim
Steph: Imperative we win; no Ulong left; we are pretty tough and I'm pretty good at this stuff


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Re: EP 8 Chat ..
« Reply #6 on: April 07, 2005, 07:42:15 PM »
No vote individual IC loser goes home at TC

Jeff; Janu has it today (takes idol)

Swim to pontoons, under is rope with four bags of puzzle pieces, first person swim to first bag, hop up on pontoon, balance beam and come back; alternate for four bags, open up and put together word scramble, start circling words, any time words intersect take that word and you will end up forming three word phrase

Gregg and Coby compete!!

Steph and Gregg first
PUll under water, Steph first, Gregg right behind
BJ: Come on Steph
G/S both up with pieces, they are not light
Gregg with bit of lead
Steph right behind
Tom: You are good
Coby heading out
Steph back, BJ out
BJ trying to make up ground "ALMOST WALKED ON WATER"

Coby trying to find pieces
BJ making up ground
Coby got em, BJ got em
Dead eve
Steph: good job
BJ taking lead
Tom: Bring it in Coby
BJ heading back
Steph now going out
Gregg now heading out
Steph has third bag for Ulong
Gregg has his third bag
Steph no trouble with balance beam, making short order of it
Ulong wiht third bag
BJ heads out, big lead

Coby heads out, lot of ground to make up for Koror
Coby making up ground, closing gap
BJ is struggling to get last bag
BJ has it for Ulong and Coby now, dead even
Steph: Push Push
BJ back, open it
Coby back
Anybody's game
Koror going right to work
Steph working
Koror making progress
Koror has puzzle together, starting to solve scramble
Steph/BJ struggling to get puzzle together, Koror already making words
Ulong solved puzzles
Koror has words, now looking for phrase
Steph not embarrased, she just looked next door
Coby covering it up
Ulong not quitting
Koror thinks they have it


Koror wins again!!!

Steph shaking head
Koror once again, immunity back to camp; hands to Gregg

Ulong wish I had better news, no vote, individual challenge, loser goes home. See you at Tribal


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Re: EP 8 Chat by play
« Reply #7 on: April 07, 2005, 07:52:05 PM »
TC time steph talks first to Jeff



Coby conf: we won every immunity, mind bongling; never thought I would be oon a team this strong
Katie conf: silly and goofy people here, can't believe we won every time
Coby: We all made the jury
Coby conf: when I was a kid, made fun of me, quit all the time
Ian: You've beenvery physical
cboy: never been part of a team
Coby conf: ended up quitting school; gave up a lot in my life, i wasn't going to let anyone make me quit this time; no one will take thisaway from me; i'm not quitting

One lone bird

Steph final challenge, no immunity
Steph conf: had great lead, suck at puzzles, over now
BJ conf: we try to prepare; nothing works for this tribe. Feltwe were focused, grunting, climbing, now between she and I

BJ: feel like a failureif I go home
Steph: same, not winning one immunity

Steph conf: now we compete

BJ: It's out (the fire)
BJ trying to make fire
Bj: Here we go, here we go
Steph: Youalways get it started
Steph conf: Weird, one person come back here by themselves? Scary jsut to come back with BJ buthe does a lot of the work
BJ: gonna be weird
BJ conf: may never be a merge, i will be prepared for it, i know where everything is, i can stay out here for weeks by myself
Steph conf: tough b/c we were team mates, now do or die

Steph: we need to talk about challenge
Bj conf: steph thinks non stop; probably thinking, i'm gonna stomp BJ's ass, bad ass to bad ass, team thing cute, but getting tired of the team thing; it is team BJ right now

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Re: EP 8 Chat by play
« Reply #8 on: April 07, 2005, 07:55:45 PM »
Immunity Fire starting challenge wins Immunity loser goes home ...Mersaydeez!!!   |#'  Steph wins IC BJ gets his torch snuffed . Steph goes back to camp alone as the last of the Ulongers  |#'

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Re: EP 8 Chat by play
« Reply #9 on: April 07, 2005, 07:56:21 PM »

Tribe of two?
Steph: enjoyed our time, talked, we both think the strongest are here and whoever wins, deserves it
BJ: We are the last two but there is so much left to do, half is nothing; highlight was today, catching fish/success; you can get by and live off mother nature
Steph: learned a lot from BJ; not great at spearing but she can start a fire
BJ: she can do anything a man can do
BJ: Fire is most important, make it and keep it going, we had to restart it today, we said Oh no
Steph; Absolutely agree fire most important

Challenge key to survival; ability to make fire
BJ smiles
25 matches, kindling and husks, build flame to light torch wins
Loser goes home
Steph looks worried
Steph: I'm not that good

Steph: good luck
BJ going rightfor husk,
Both use same stuff
BJ has fire first
Steph right behind
Steph blowing on it, big flame
BJ trying to keep up but Steph torch is lit
Just like that challenge over, Steph wins
BJ sorry for you it is over,BJ bring me torch
Steph: Hey good luck
BJ: You too, win this thing alright
Jeff; BJ the tribe definietly did not speak tonight; nonetheless time to go

steph: OMG, this is crazy, just me now, scary, left camp with stuff there but tomorrow god knows what it brings
Jeff: Still alive
Steph walks off, smiling

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Re: EP 8 Chat by play
« Reply #10 on: April 07, 2005, 08:03:56 PM »
Next week

Tom offends Coby
Tom with Gregg and Ian: The three of us will go?
Coby: left out as usual, that's cool; walks away

Coby conf: Hello, still here, trying to participate1

Steph struggles alone
Steph conf: This is scary; hardest thing I'll ever do

BJ: Feel like a brand new man, lot left in me, but hope my energy and attitude will turn into positive; I'm proud of Stephenie, top player, tell her to keep on doing what she is doing she is almost invincible


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Re: EP 8 Chat by play
« Reply #11 on: April 07, 2005, 08:13:02 PM »
 ]*[ You are not alone. Great job stinker. Is it still storming?

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Re: EP 8 Chat by play
« Reply #12 on: April 07, 2005, 08:16:11 PM »
no the storm is over River..thanks for caring  ]**] what a great episode..loved the challenges , my B/F has been to the  Phillipines and says that the Ballut is the most disgusting thing you could ever imagine eating..BLECH  ]:,