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Britney's Romance To Be Reality TV

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Britney's Romance To Be Reality TV

NEW YORK, April 5, 2005

"I feel that last year the tabloids ran my life."
Britney Spears

(AP) Britney Spears and hubby Kevin Federline have said "I do" to star in a UPN reality series that documents their courtship, engagement and wedding.

Featuring what UPN bills as "exclusive, never-before-seen private home videos" of their "personal love story," the six-episode series is scheduled to premiere later this year. It picks up shortly after the pair met in Los Angeles and headed to Europe on tour, where Federline performed as a backup dancer for Spears.

UPN is also shooting new footage and commentary with the couple, who wed in September. It was the second marriage in nine months for Spears, who married childhood friend Jason Alexander in a surprise wedding in Las Vegas in January. That marriage was annulled 55 hours later.

Last week, the 23-year-old pop singer lashed out at tabloid magazines for reporting that she's pregnant and that the marriage is on the rocks.

"I feel that last year the tabloids ran my life," Spears said Tuesday, in commenting on her new series, "and I am really excited about showing my fans what really happened rather than all the stories, which have been misconstrued by journalists in the past."

Said Dawn Ostroff, president of UPN: "Now, for the first time, their millions of fans will get to see and hear the couple's real story on UPN as told directly by them."

UPN and CBSNews.com are owned by Viacom, Inc


she only wants to do it because Ashlee and Jessica have a show

 {^^}  LORD please SPARE me from these two.  They need to just retire to the trailer park where they can run around barefoot and eat cheetos.  I'm really very NOT interested in their "home video" footage. 

Forgive me, but any "man" who would leave his pregnant girlfriend (and mother of his previous child) without as much as a second thought (other than the second thought of "Hey, Britney has MONEY.  I'm outta here!") just leaves a bad taste in my mouth.  And any "star"...no wait, any PERSON, star or no... who would go into a nasty gas station bathroom barefoot is just disgusting.  But I'm sure there are a lot of people who would love to see these two.  I'm just not one of them.

I am so with you on this one mommy.  According to the newest US weekly Mr. Kevin isnt to happy with her wanting a baby or is pregnant with a baby.  I cant stand that man.  He is only after money. I read that in the first prenup Miss Brit wanted to give him something like 32,000 a month, and he said that wasnt enough money.  What a creep, but hey she picked him.

 |:(  32,000 a MONTH is NOT ENOUGH????????

Lord, someone PLEASE give me HALF that and I swear I'll be an angel for the rest of my life!!!!!! </]


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