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S10 EP 7 Play By Play of the Tonights show
« on: March 31, 2005, 07:10:39 PM »
thanks to Trix & Ramona Balboa  co @ MessHall
First confessional  Ulong Steph BJ chops a coconut ( CBS Fantasy )

Ian gets the Clam ! Its Huge  `/~

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Re: S10 EP 7 Highlights
« Reply #1 on: March 31, 2005, 07:14:42 PM »
Gregg, Ian help with the shark , I guess ? not sure about this answer ?
Spooky trees


No one is looking at each other

Steph conf--we were 8 now we're 3, but sometimes people turn it around. The odds aren't in our favor. Only 3 left. I'm really surprised. I thought I had this all figured out. Losing every challenge. Things happen for a reason. I did what I could

Ibe to Steph--you ever stay with people day in and out
Stpeh -- NO!

Ibe conf--it feels like friends, not a tribe. if we go to TC again we'll have trouble. Maybe this will pan out in a good way for us

Steph to BJ--I'm happy with my decision

Steph conf--BJ said we could go far as a team, I can trust him, we have a strong alliance

Steph to BJ--we'll go far together

BJ--you do what you have to do



Tom is doing ab crunches on the beach

Ian bringing in a lot of what, clam?

Janu, looks at it

Caryn peers in

Katie--it's the biggest clam you ever seen, it's the birth of venus clam, it had to be 100 pounds

Ian conf--look at me, provider, 6 or 7 pounds of meat, we all had half a pound

Gregg conf--we left it out by the shore, there was a lot of blood, we were kicking it and someone sees the shark

Gregg conf--Ian and I grab spears and run in but quick they were gone

Ian teps on a nail, bloody

Everyone saw Tom

Gregg conf--out of nowhere, Tom got a shark

Tom runs down the beach and just cuts it in half with a machete

Gregg conf--one of the most amazing things I've ever seen for a city boy from new york

Tom =- WOO

Katei--he just jumped in the water and whacked it

Gregg--you're a mad amn

Ian conf--you try to be the provider and then someone comes along and one ups the hell out of you. I got a giant clam, then Tom gets a shark, I guess the next step for me is to get a humpback whale

Tom conf--I'm not ht eold guy on the tribe. I'm fit. You can't go back and pretend that you are less than you are or you don't have capabilities

Coby conf--oh here's the great white shark killer. so it's like oooo, The second he caught it Gregg and I looked at each other and said , hmm, it'll be hard to vote him off now

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Re: S10 EP 7 Highlights
« Reply #2 on: March 31, 2005, 07:29:34 PM »
Gregg ,Karen ,Katie do the RC SOS

Tom hates that he sitting out the RC !!
snewsers vidcap Ulong  before RC not after ..probably praying before RC is correct ? ? 


Gregg and Jenn
Lost in the wild, never found, use your resources from above, signal on the beach, plane over head, if you win, get food to devour

Steph--let's burn our whole frigging shelter
BJ--I got a machete, I'll knock down the shower

Steph--we'll do Ulong in fire

Carrying wood

Steph--we're all working but Koror has other people getting food and water

BJ--we've been cutting bamboo, everything we can, we want to win this. I'm not underestimating them one bit. They have a lot of smart people.


Jenn reads--use only three

Katie, Caryn, and Gregg

Coby conf-- only 3 people participate--it's a good choice, Caryn is a hard worker, Katie is creative, and Gregg has the muscle

Narrow beach right at camp, so they move down

Caryn conf it's tough because it's high 80s, 90s and it right in the sun

Tom conf it's nerve wracking, you want to help, be part of it, but nothing you can do but observe and I don't like it. apprehension from where I'm sitting

Katie--we're using bamboo and coconut to outline our letters, two big fire bundles that will make black smoke, we have kerosene so that's something we have

Coby I hope they don'e wait too long to light the fire

Hear the airplane

JP--telling BOB to certify which one is most visible from the air


They waive and yell and the letters just smudge--ahhh shot of BJ splashing into the water

Bob--it's very hard to see it's stuck back into the forest but it's big and not bad for three people

It's really clear

KOror hears the plane

They didn't get teh smoke going

Jenna nd Coby can't see it,

Coby conf--my fear is true that they didn't get teh fire lit, I can't see it from here

BOB--creative, bigger, big thing was it was low on the beach

JP--can you make a decision, yes, let's set up the drop

And it's Koror

They yell and Caryn hugs Gregg crying "I'm so happy"

They carry in the crate4

Coby to Caryn--brains over brawn once again

Bottle of red win, and all these military food packages

Gregg conf--we're taking our camp life up to the next level now

They read the meals

Caryn conf--we're a well oiled machine. winning challenges doesn't happen by

Gregg conf--poor Ulong, how can they stay mentally strong, maintain camp, they must be beat up over this

They look up and the plane goes over head, they wave at it

Steph--oh my god no
Ibe--what are they doing

BJ--I guess we lost the challenge, we worked harder, I bet they worked smarter knowing them

Steph--I thought we'd won

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Re: S10 EP 7 Highlights
« Reply #3 on: March 31, 2005, 07:40:44 PM »
BJ gets a Clam too !! Treemail puzzle Ibe & Steph read it .  Tom= The Beast Master  =]/ Coby , Janu , Jenn do the IC so Ian & Tom sit out both challenges  , Steph takes over the Puzzle calling for struggling  BJ    Koror wins IC !!

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Re: S10 EP 7 Highlights
« Reply #4 on: March 31, 2005, 07:44:05 PM »

a well fed stupor
comic music as

Coby conf--Gregg and Jenn kiss and blah blah blah, I guess they think they're dating. I don't care

Gregg--shall I put on my day clothes

Gregg conf Jenn and I are an alliance but we can't tlak because everyone is looking at us

Gregg to Jenn and the water--we're a pair
Jenn--that's a non-issue
Gregg--it's tough because I'm playing a game, it's hard for me to play and be a good date. I'm making a conscious effort to be standoffish. It was exciting but the game is your priority

They are at the water burbling and Gregg explains he's playing the game

Jenn conf--I like Gregg a lot but he's intensely focuses on the game so we had to talk. but he has to loosen up a bit for the romantic connection

Tom conf--I'm concerned with gregg and Jenn, what happens when you tell one that the other is getting voted off that night. we're concerned, watching where the alliances lie. it could be a monkey wrench we don't see coming

BJ gets a big clam and a fish

Ibe conf--we were super excited

BJ conf--I felt like I'd scored a point in the game. it felt nice

Ibe conf--we got protein, we got carbs,

STeph conf--we were full for a change, it felt good


The way to lose this one is to be just plain lazy
slide pieces into place

They play with the puzzle to get sea stars
Steph conf--we always keep the faith. we haven't won one yet. maybe today will be different. we're full


Koror says James left

JP--how is the fishing going ulong

BJ--I'm scared of sharks but we got a fish

Katie--Tom killed a shark with a machete.

Tom--we ate it until we were sick

Steph--I'm not a loser, for them to get everything is kind of tough

JP slaps the II
For today, both tribes have life size sea star puzzle in the ocean, they have to move the pieces in the ocean

JP is hoarse

BJ calls, Ibe and STeph move pieces

Coby calls, and Janu and Jenn in the water

Coby has a plan

BJ--go back, my fault
Steph helping

Steph so should have called instead of BJ

JP--how you doing BJ? Ulong may be worse off

JP--Janu having a hard time holding her breath

Koror half way there

This is so pathetic watching BJ,

JP--BJ I'm not sure you made any progress since we started. Ulong is going to switch callers, with STeph on top

Steph--we're not in good shape

(we don't hear Koror at all)

Steph pushing them

Coby very softly and calmly moves

JP--Janu you look like you swam a marathon right now

Coby, cocks one hip and folds his arm studying

Steph pushes them along

Coby on the last few pieces

The people are under teh pieces which is why holding breath is an issue

Coby gets their last one, the women come up for air

JP--Koror wins again
JP--Ulong too little too late, the same old song

Gregg punches the air, Coby shakes the II

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Re: S10 EP 7 Highlights
« Reply #5 on: March 31, 2005, 07:50:50 PM »
Jeff talks to BJ first TC  , Jeff has a frog caught in his throat  {l{

Ulong paddles back to camp

Ibe in the meditation shot on the boat as BJ pulls it to shore

BJ conf--this has to be a record. 7 times in a row

Ibe I don't want to vote
BJ we got to vote

BJ conf--team but it's a game, I'm the swing vote. Ibe and I had a trust thing from day one. I know that and he knows that. An alliance, well sometimes it does matter

BJ dives and rises--

BJ conf--Ibe will take it like a man if he loses but STeph will make a stink because she and I

Steph conf--two boys from Alabama, same age, same state, they have a lot in common. I'm like the outcast. My plan is to get BJ along

Steph to BJ I thought we were sticking together no matter what
BJ I don't deserve it any more than he does
Steph I think we deserve it
BJ well
Steph you aren't going with your word
BJ I don't want to talk about, I want to wait until the tribe has spoken

Steph conf I can tell he'll vote for me, it's wrong, I'm pissed, it's not my time

Steph on the boat looking pissed

Steph to Ibe I know he promised me and he promised you too, he's undecided, if that's the way he leaves it, I'll vote for him if you want

Ibe I don't know, I hate being in this situation, I'll shoot it to you straight.

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Re: S10 EP 7 Highlights
« Reply #6 on: March 31, 2005, 07:54:46 PM »
Time to vote

Jeff reads the votes

Ibreham  |#'

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Re: S10 EP 7 Highlights
« Reply #7 on: March 31, 2005, 08:03:53 PM »

With three is kind of spooky

JP--I apologize for my voice (he's really hoarse)

BJ--we all decided I should be the caller but it wasn't a good idea because I made a mess

Steph--we just assumed, uh, agreed, that he'd be the best

Steph--it's so frustrating, so frustrating

JP--it's not like you're taking on the same people, every time, no matter who

BJ--we don't give ourselves high fives for losing! Maybe I'm the curse that causes us to lose

BJ--I don't drink unless Steph goes to the well, I don't eat unless Ibe gets the coconuts, we're so close

BJ--I won't know until the last second what i"m putting down on that paper

BJ--why would I vote steph? for a threat because she can go all the way

Ibe--I'm a really loyal person, not dishonest for the most part

Steph--voting for loyalty and friendship? I'm going to vote for a strategy. I'm 90% worried, there's 3, two guys who get along well, but I'm really vulnerable and it's sad because I'm not ready to go

BJ--to me right now, it's like trying to put that puzzle together. why should I stay over them? anything can happen

Steph votes--shot of Ibe staring into the fire

Ibe votes--shot of BJ gazing vacantly after him

BJ--looking thoughtful, fumbling with the pen, shots of Ibe and Steph

JP tallies the votes--


lots of shots of faces


Big hugs

Steph turns to BJ and whispers "thank you"

JP--in spite of the fact that the tribe has been decimated, you two still believe that you are a tribe. don't lose that spirit.

Next time on Survivor--

rats move in at koror

"get out of here"

Tom--they know that we're no threat to them and they're everywhere

Coby has had a enough--Those three do nothing. I'm going to take all 3 of those girls and throw them in the fire.
(I think it was Katie, Janu, and Jenn??)

Over at Ulong, Bj is turning into a cave man

Ibe--I totally didn't expect. I thought me and BJ had something. I played the game the best way I knew how and not compromising my character. I take away an appreciation for life. I enjoyed it.

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Re: S10 EP 7 Play By Play of the Tonights show
« Reply #8 on: April 01, 2005, 09:04:53 AM »
WHy did they put BJ up there????

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Re: S10 EP 7 Play By Play of the Tonights show
« Reply #9 on: April 01, 2005, 10:05:37 AM »
I don't know maybe theres info in the Insider clips? It was like slow torture watching this challenge  :)ZZZ:)