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SURVIVOR INSIDER: Palau, Episode 6
« on: March 24, 2005, 01:16:13 AM »
SURVIVOR INSIDER: Palau, Episode 6
 Welcome to Survivor Insider!

Psprecinctprez & I are transcribing away...

Ulong Tribal Council
James Voted Out

(Part 1)

Bobby Jon (Votes James): James oh James oh James man, oh shoot dude. I donít want to do this. I wish we werenít in these kinds of conditions and circumstances right now, you know? But we are. You know how the game is played and I do too. Have a good one.

James (Votes Ibraheim): Sorry bro. But you and I, we just donít get along. We clash. Itís time for you to go. Bye.

Ibrehem (Votes James): Sorry brother.

Stephenie (Votes Ibreheim): Iím just trying to stick to my word, Ibe. Good luck, whatever happens.

(Revote Ė tiebreaker)

Bobby Jon (Votes James and doesnít say anything)

Stephenie (Votes James): James, Iím so sorry to betray your confidence, but I have to do whatís right for me in the future now. Itís time for you to go. See you on the outside.

Final Words

DC Notes: Part 2 is rather humbling.

James: I came into this game thinking I was going to stomp some asses. I had a pretty good strategy, I thought, getting rid of the people that want to be leaders, who were pretty much authoritative and aggressive. That was my goal. For me to just take over, myself as a leader and try to control the tribe best way I could and get some allies on my side.

Well, I was doing real good there for a while. Got down to 4 folks left. Me and Ibrehem been clashing all - forever. So I thought I played a good game. Made me a chicken trap. Didnít get to use it. I caught more fish than Jeff Ė come on, hell, he only caught one fish. I caught two! Little ones.

I wish them well. I hope Bobby Jon, Ibrehem and Stephenie win some immunity. I kind of liked to hoped that Iíd stick around to go ahead and win it, at least won immunity before I got kicked out of here. But it didnít work that way. I hope one of them three wins a million dollars because they deserve it. Them some good folks.


Yeah, Iím a really, really - it set in as soon as I said, ďWeíll have supper in Alabama with everybody and donít forget our restaurant.Ē Because it wasnít my time to go. I didnít feel like it. My gut told me it was Ibrehemís. My gut told me nobody was going to vote me off. My gut failed me. And Iím sad and just depressed.

I thought Iíd go at least to the Final 4. Make it to the jury. At least long enough to catch my damn rooster! Thatís how long I thought Iíd go.

(Part 2)

I have learned Ė Iíll tell you. I donít like spiders. At all. And this experience, Iíll go through the bush like a madman, just run right through it hunting a damn rooster. Donít even care about the damn spiderwebs and spiders all over me. I donít freak out no more. Bugs Ė I donít care if bugs crawled all over me. Iíve accomplished that particular phobia. And Iíll tell you, I think Iíve pretty much got over my homophobia too, with old Ibrehem rubbing his ass up over against me!

Iíve learned that I can go 15 days with hardly anything to eat. Survive. Make a fire with flint and rock Ė I tried with the damned wood, it wasnít working. Iíve accomplished things that not many people can say they have and that makes me proud.


This is what Iíll take away from this experience: I got to see millions of jellyfish. Thatís just one extra place to tack onto my bill that Iíve been. And Iíll probably never come here again. Deserted island with, what, my tribe. Nine people. okay? Iíll never do that again. Hunt crab Ė never hunted crab before. I got it. Went and hunted crab. A Hawaiian sling. Iíve done it once. Got me a pufferfish in a canal. Never in the bright blue ocean. And I can say I caught 2 fish. Coconuts Ė youíd be amazed what you can do with some coconuts. You can fry Ďem, bake Ďem, drink Ďem. Iíve learned a lot that I can do and Iím taking this all home.

Not only have I learned what I can do (sighs heavily and pauses for a long time). Iíve learned (struggles not to cry) Iíve got a lot of good friends out there (gets very choked up) and all the times Iíve taken my family for granted. Iíve learned to appreciate that. Take my kids out to the backyard and just roast some hotdogs in a fire. You donít necessarily have to go camping. Just go roast some hotdogs and some marshmallows, spend some quality time with your family (sounds like heís on the verge of tears) you only get one shot in this world.

And I just tell you all the times I just decided to work or go to sleep on the couch or watch TV or eat supper watching TV instead of eating supper at the kitchen table with my family. I took all of that for granted, and I wish I had never hadnít, and I swear when I go home (sniffles) that things are going to change.

Special Delivery

???: Girls?

Jenn: What?

???: Treemail!

Ian: Tree parcel.

Caryn: What?

Ian: Read it on the table?

Caryn: Sure.

Katie: Oh (bleep). Another flag.

Gregg: Itís the Ulong flag.

(Caryn reads treemail, including line about only 4 people participating)

Coby: So the people who sat out last time...

Ian: You, me, Janu, and Katie.

Katie: Can we only use these things?

Ian: Yeah. Only the rope, yeah, and the box. So put it up on the deck and play with it.

Coby: Interesting.

Coby (Confessional): Ian and Gregg went and got treemail, which is rare this time of day that weíd even get treemail, so that was shocking as it was. They came back with a huge box and a note that said we had to secure their flag in the box in a way that they canít open it.

(Jen, Ian, Janu and Katie are in the shelter with the box)

Ian: Guys, letís think this through. Where do we want to start?

Katie: I say we make it hard for them to even get these out (pulling on handles)

Jenn: Right.

(Coby, Caryn, Tom, and Gregg are sitting around talking)

Coby: Thank god Ianís there Ė no offense to any of the girls.

Coby (Confessional): The people who we sat out last time cannot sit out again, and only 4 people can participate, so that would be Ian, Janu, Jennifer, and Katie. And Iím quite excited, because Katie finally gets to do a challenge (claps his hands in mock glee)!

(Ian and Janu are tying ropes around the box while Katie and Jen sit around uselessly and watch)

Janu: Just so we donít leave a lot of space like that.

Katie: Right, the tighter, the better.

Jenn: Yeah, sure, why not?

Ian: Why knot?

(Jen laughs)

Jen: A knot.

Ian: Rrrr! Yeah, thatís it! Thatís it

Tom (Confessional): Iím twicefold now regretting that I was shooting the gun yesterday. I did a lousy job at that. Being a fireman and working with ropes and knots is part of my job. So I sit out this one, I canít contribute. They are going to have to be the right people for the job. We donít have a choice.

Ian: Or knot!

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Re: SURVIVOR INSIDER: Palau, Episode 6
« Reply #1 on: March 24, 2005, 10:54:34 AM »
I have learned Ė Iíll tell you. I donít like spiders. At all.
I can just hear him say that, too funny.

And Iíll tell you, I think Iíve pretty much got over my homophobia too, with old Ibrehem rubbing his ass up over against me!
Up, over*and* against?!   Even funnier!