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Shapiro annouces new changes for BB4
« on: June 28, 2003, 10:22:58 AM »
Shapiro annouces new changes for BB4
Posted by david on 2003-06-24
A new season of Big Brother is almost upon us, and the executive Producer of Big Brother 4, Arnold Shapiro, announces a number of changes.

First, there will be 13 contestants on Big Brother 4 rather than 12. Not all of the contestants have been chosen. The casting director and the producers will make their final choices on June 28th. After that, the contestants will be sequestered in Los Angles, starting on June 29th. On Saturday July 5, the contestants will be moved to newly constructed Big Brother 4 house, which is on the same lot as the old house. The cameras will start rolling, but we will not be able to see the action until July 8th, after the premiere.

Second, another major change is that only seven will be voting on the winner. For the last season, all ten of the banished houseguests voted for the two finalists. This year, “the last seven people who are evicted will be sequestered at a secret location where they will not have access to the show,” Shapiro says. Only those seven will decide the winner among the remaining two houseguests. Shapiro is hoping that sequestering the voting houseguests will encourage them to be more candid. They will know that they can speak their mind without being overheard by the other voting houseguests and thereby influencing votes.

Third, Shapiro announced a “shocking twist.” The nature of the twist has not been revealed, but Shapiro does give us a hint. He says, “It will be mentally and emotionally taxing for them, and it will be interesting to see if by the end of the first show all 13 are still in the house.” Could it be that there will be an elimination on the first episode?

Like last year, the house guest will be in the Big Brother 4 house for three days before the premiere of the show and before viewers can watch the houseguests on the live Internet feeds. CBS has made a deal with for hosting the live feeds. You just need a free Real Player and a Real Superpass, and you will be set to go. This year, we will have a live feeds section on our message boards, and we encourage all dedicated Big Brother watchers to help us post blow by blow action of what is taking place in the house. We will also have a special spoiler section on our message boards.

CBS is planning to post the pictures and the profiles of each house guest on their Web site on July 4th, only four days before the premiere. Julie Chen will be the host for Big Brother again this season.