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« on: June 17, 2003, 12:03:00 AM »
Is anyone else watching Fame?  It is pretty good.  The performers have to be able to dance and sing.  It is called the triple threat and I forgot what else they need.  They have 3 celebrity judges plus Debbie Allan.  Carnie Wilson is one of the judges and I find she can be a bit weird but JoJo (radio dj) seems to have a good opinion.  Right now they are finding the finalists from a group of 6 performers each show.  3 are chosen by the judges to go on to the finals.  I love the group dancing.  I sure would love to dance like that -- it would be a good workout but unfortunately I don't have much rythym --  I am sure I could copy their moves but I wouldn't look as good or smooth performing them.