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--- Quote ---One of the participants contracts a horrifying, contagious skin condition that disfigures her face, and the other models are sent into a complete panic.
--- End quote ---

Yeah ..... there called zits!!!  {l{

episode 5

The week is a trying one for Michelle, the 19-year-old wrestler from Terra Haute, Indiana, who is diagnosed with impetigo after her skin breaks out badly. Despite Michelle's skin problems, the girls who are up for elimination are Lluvy, the 21-year-old janitor from Modesto, California, who survives being in the final two for the second time, and Noelle, the 20-year-old realtor's assistant from Reno, Nevada, who is sent home because "she just doesn't read model."
Another day begins as the girls get used to not having Brandy, the 20-year-old cosmetology student from Houston, Texas, in the house. Lluvy is relieved to have survived another elimination, but she's still reeling over the fact that she's had the worst photo in the history of ANTM. However, there's something else to distract the girls from thinking about Brandy's ouster: Michelle's face has been breaking out into sores, and the problem seems to be getting worse rather than better. No one knows what's going on, including Michelle, and she's worried.

Tyra Mail arrives, addressing the fact that the girls have assets as well as flaws. The girls pile into vans headed for the Make-Up Designory. The girls wait for their instructor, and are surprised to be greeted not by a hot, young make-up artist, but an old, bearded man named Paul Thompson, the Director of Education. They sit through a three-hour class in make-up, and as Paul begins to speak, the girls wonder if they'll survive such a boring afternoon. "Paul" drones on, but after a few minutes, he gives a familiar snap of his fingers and everyone realizes it's Jay Manuel. The real Paul Thompson has been acting as his assistant.
The girls are instructed to make up each other's faces in a natural way, as if they were going to a go-see. Everyone pairs up and gets started, and Noelle finds it difficult to make up someone else's face instead of her own. Tiffany, the 22-year-old mother from Miami, Florida, and Lluvy partner up as a trio with Michelle, and they do their best to cover her troublesome areas. Michelle is at a loss as to how to do make-up, and her stress level grows as she tries to help out her two partners. When the girls are finished, Lluvy gets great marks for her look, which Tiffany is happy to take credit for. However, Noelle looks pale and wan from the job Tatiana, the 18-year-old waitress from Maui, Hawai' i, did on her. When Christina, the 24-year-old fashion-marketing student from Tallahassee, Florida, says she used almost nothing on Naima, the 20-year-old coffee shop waitress from Detroit, Michigan, Jay indicates that they should aim for "make-up that doesn't look like make-up" instead.
On the way back to the loft, the girls comment on Michelle's perfectionism and the fact that her skin is getting worse. She has always wanted to be beautiful, and since lovely competitors surround her, she is suffering because of her skin problems. "I'm looking at everyone else around me, and I look nothing like them," Michelle says with tears in her eyes.
Later, Tyra arrives at the loft to have one-on-one conversations with girls. When Tyra sees Michelle's face, she offers to send her to a dermatologist, and Michelle happily accepts. She also gives Lluvy some advice on how to hold her face in pictures, tells Tiffany to open her heart to the other girls who might be feeling the same loneliness she is, and sympathizes with Tatiana over her difficult home situation. Noelle is having a hard time missing her child, and Tyra assures her that she can have a baby and still have a career.
More Tyra Mail arrives telling the girls to be ready the next morning at 7AM. They make their way to the Salon at Beverly Hills to get a crash course in haute couture make-up. The girls are in charge of their own looks for this challenge and will be judged on creativity and originality. The winner and two friends will receive a one of a kind item from a designer. They each get 45 seconds at different make-up stations, including foundation, blush and eye shadow, mascara and eyeliner, accessories and lipstick. The girls scramble to get their looks done, and when it's all over, the results are almost uniformly terrible. However, Naima has come through yet again with a creative, individual look "inspired by Swan Lake or something," and she wins the challenge. This time, she chooses Lluvy and Christina to share the prize, which is to have designer Lauren Scherr custom-make a handbag for each of them.
After Noelle has a conversation with her mother, she assumes that Michelle has contracted a flesh-eating bacteria and begins to spread the rumor around the house with no confirmation or hard information about the subject. Lluvy becomes paranoid since she may have shared make-up with Michelle, and the other girls get nervous as well. As Michelle sleeps, the other girls work themselves into a frenzy, convinced that they are infected and are going to die from Michelle's condition. Tiffany's grandmother is the voice of reason. "Y'all need to get a life… Read a book or something," she suggests.
The next day the girls are ready bright and early for their photo challenge: an ad for "Got Milk" in which they will all acquire a new ethnic persona through the power of makeup. Christina will be transformed into an East Indian, Tiffany as a Native American, Michelle as an Eskimo, Naima as Icelandic, Tatiana as biracial and Lluvy as Swedish. Brittany, the 22-year-old elementary school instructional aide from Tallahassee, Florida, will be African-American, Keenyah, the 19-year-old student from Compton, California, will be Korean, Kahlen, the 21-year-old restaurant hostess from Broken Arrow, Oklahoma, will be Hawai'ian, Rebecca, the 22-year-old former flight attendant from Minneapolis, Minnesota, will be Italian and Noelle will be African. Noelle is half black, so she is proud to be transformed. There's something even more challenging to this shoot: the girls will be posing with a three-year-old child in their arms.
There is concern about Michelle holding a child with her skin condition, so she heads to the dermatologist for an exam while the other girls get started on their shoots. Keenyah has a tough time with her child, who kept slipping, but Naima was more concerned with her change of skin color, which is "a little mind-blowing, but it goes to show you're ultimately defined by who you are, [and] not the outside." Lluvy gets distracted by the child in her arms, and Noelle has the same trouble, for different reasons. She's thinking more of her own child and has a hard time maintaining composure while posing for her portrait.

Meanwhile, at the dermatologist, Michelle discovers she has impetigo, which is easily curable, but still contagious. When she returns to the shoot, everyone is relieved to hear her news, and the shoots continue. While Brittany excels in her shoot (Jay says "Best shoot yet"), Tatiana has a harder time, since working with children is not her strong suit. Because of her illness, Michelle gets to hold a doll instead of a real child, and Rebecca feels jealous since she and the other girls had to hold a forty-pound child for their pictures. On the other hand, Jay mentions that Michelle isn't able to personally interact with a child, so it's just as tough.
Back home, Tyra Mail arrives announcing that elimination will be the following morning, and Lluvy and Michelle are both feeling the pressure. When the group arrives in front of the panel, Tyra introduces the judges, including guest judge Jim de Yonker, the photo shoot producer. For the evaluation challenge, the girls must apply make-up for a night face without brushes, applicators or a mirror. The dash begins, and everyone scurries for supplies and does their best before time is called.
Brittany is up first, and Nigel christens her "Cruella de Vil," since she piled on the color way too much. However, her best photo reminds Tyra of a photo of herself and her mother, and she loves it. Naima's make up is also not great, and her photo doesn't make much of a splash either. Rebecca's make-up is a bit disco, but most of the judges love her edgy Italian photo shoot. Keenyah's make-up seems non-existent, but her photo causes Tyra to shout, "Gorgeous!" when she sees it. Noelle is up next, and Janice says, "I just don't see a 'model' in front of me," and her poses for her photo were limited in eye movement. Nolé doesn't love Tatiana's photo, but they all think Kahlen's photo is smoking hot. Christina's make-up doesn't do much for her look, and her photo doesn't garner much attention either, beyond her looking like "a deer in headlights." Tiffany didn't bring much energy to her photo, while Janice and Nigel disagree on Lluvy's Swedish picture. Michelle confesses to the judges about her illness, and none of them had any idea what was going on. When Michelle breaks down in disappointment over the quality of her photo, Janice relates a story of a shoot she once did with a sty and one hand over her eye and says, You've just got to project happiness."
When deliberations begin, Christina's photo is too "Village of the Damned" for Janice's taste, while Nolé thinks it's intense. Tiffany's photo is lacking something, while "Brittany's larger than life personality will work in her favor," according to Janice. They like Rebecca and Keenyah, but feel that Naima stepped back this week to make herself invisible. Nolé thinks Kahlen is "flawless," while Noelle just doesn't read "model." Tatiana and Michelle both get low marks, while Jim loves Lluvy and Nolé doesn't.
The time comes for elimination, and Tyra passes out photos to the girls who will move on: Rebecca, Christina, Tatiana, Tiffany, Kahlen, Naima, Brittany and Michelle are all handed pictures. Lluvy is again called forward, and for the first time Noelle is up for elimination. Tyra explains that the two are opposites, with Lluvy not living up to the potential the judges see, whereas Noelle photographs beautifully, but isn't very "model-esque." The one chosen to move on is Lluvy, and Noelle is sent to pack her bags. "You can either dwell on it, or you can love it for what the experience was," Noelle says. "What I think is next for me is definitely getting home to see my baby…I want to be able to provide a better life for my son."

The models succumb to pressure to sign onerous contracts before an important business meeting. Later, at a party for CoverGirl, secret judges test how well the models handle themselves with industry insiders. Two models get to have a night at a luxurious beachside hotel, and at a sexy photo shoot, the models must brave rain and wind machines.

A 'Top Model' Out of Control

April 5, 2005
It is the fifth week of "America's Next Top Model," and the 10 remaining contestants decide to party -- and boy do they get crazy! Maybe it's too much to drink, or just BRITTANY's effervescent personality, but the "Top Model" contender, who early on was compared to a triple X-rated star for her pouty poses, moons bystanders out of a limo window as the girls are being driven back to their quarters.

Then, at a more sedate bash for their CoverGirl sponsor, the bevy of beauties is judged on how they conduct themselves with the high-powered executives and industry insiders, such as CoverGirl KIARA KABUKURU, EVA CHEN of Elle magazine, ANAIS LOMBARD of Elle Girl, RACHEL HAYES of Cosmopolitan and CoverGirl Marketing Director PAUL YOCUM.

This week's photo shoot is a wet and wild challenge, as the girls are asked to strike a sexy pose, even as they are drenched with water and battered with wind. But the reward is worth it: a night at a luxurious beachside hotel.

Then things get serious when the models are taught the business side of the beauty biz when they are pressured to sign an undesirable contract at a business meeting.

Last year, the model hopefuls got to meet TYRA BANKS' mom. This year they get to meet mom and dad, CAROLYN LONDON and DON BANKS.

Makeup artist and photographer MATHU ANDERSON is this week's guest judge, joining Tyra, JANICE DICKINSON, NIGEL BARKER, NOLÉ MARIN and JAY MANUEL in deciding who will go home.

For a sneak peek at Wednesday's episode of "The Girl with the Deliciously Tacky Dance," tune in to ET.


America's Next Top Model:The Girl With th...  Fri. 04/06/05 09:00 pm 9 WWOR
The models get a taste of the business side of modeling by learning about contracts; while at a party for CoverGirl, the models are secretly observed to see how they handle themselves around industry insiders.

America's Next Top Model:The Girl Who Pus...  Wed. 04/13/05 08:00 pm 9 WWOR
Tyra loses her temper with a model who has a negative attitude; the models test their acting skills performing a scene opposite actor Boris Kodjoe.

After learning about the business side of modeling with the help of Tyra and her parents, the models take on the challenge of a desert photo shoot in which they have to pose sexily through machine-generated wind and rain. Later, when Rebecca, the 22-year-old former flight attendant from Minneapolis, Minnesota, and Lluvy, the 21-year-old janitor from Modesto, California, find themselves up for elimination for not making any pSIGN HERE, PLEASE
The morning after Noelle's elimination, the ten remaining girls adjust, and Lluvy is reeling from being in the last two called to panel for a second time. She feels the pressure to "step it up" to avoid being on the chopping block again. Soon, Tyra Mail is delivered, which reads, "How bankable are you?" When the girls arrive at an unnamed location and enter a well-appointed waiting room, a man they haven't met before hands out "confidentiality agreements." He says there isn't much time to read through the agreements, and that they can either sign them to gain entrance to an inner office, or they can stay in the waiting room. The girls are confused and unsure as to what to do, but all of them throw caution to the wind and sign away. rogress, Lluvy's luck finally runs out and she is sent home.
They are then escorted into a room, which turns out to be Tyra's Bankable Productions company office. The lesson today will be learning about the business side of modeling. Tyra introduces her mother, Carolyn London, who managed the first seven years of Tyra's career, and her father, Don Banks, who greeted them with the contracts. In signing the contracts, the girls have signed their lives away forever. Of course, the contracts they signed are also null and void. Don explains to the girls that everything they will sign is important. He recommends that they trust their instincts: "If you have doubts, don't sign it." Tyra then relates a fundamental piece of information: "If an agency asks you for any type of money up front, it is a scam."
That night, the girls dress up and head out for a night on the town. They have dinner, and some of the girls order drinks. Brittany, the 22-year-old elementary school instructional aide from Tallahassee, Florida, ends up getting crazy in the restaurant, dancing on the low table in her high heels. Some of the others don't like this side of Brittany, especially Kahlen, the 21-year-old restaurant hostess from Broken Arrow, Oklahoma, who feels that Brittany's behavior isn't a good representation of the ANTM group or herself. Brittany ends up mooning a number of cars on the way back to the loft, and the other girls are a little put off by Brittany's wild side.
The next day, Tyra Mail arrives, saying that it's time to have a party and to "be gorgeous" by 2:15. Christina, the 24-year-old fashion-marketing student from Tallahassee, Florida, wonders, "What kind of party are you going to go to at 2:15 in the afternoon?" The girls get gussied up in black dresses and head out to Bel-Air for a party to launch a new look for CoverGirl. Jay Manuel explains that it's essential for the girls to make a good impression before they all file into the party. What the girls don't know is that the party is really a challenge, filled with judges from ELLEgirl, Cosmopolitan and CoverGirl who will evaluate their performances. The girls will be judged on confidence and poise, how the girls work the room and how well their beauty shines inside and out.
Kiara, a real CoverGirl, greets the girls as they enter the party, and Keenyah, the 19-year-old student from Compton, California, does her best to make a great impression. So does Naima, the 20-year-old coffee shop waitress from Detroit, Michigan, but a boisterous Brittany enjoys a few drinks as she chats with the party guests. Lluvy remarks, "This isn't a 'who's the loudest chick' competition, it's a modeling competition." When the party is over, Jay explains the real rules of the night, and he gives notes on everyone. Naima was too quiet, Kahlen had a great look, Rebecca was beautiful, Tiffany, the 22-year-old mother from Miami, Florida, was too standoffish and Tatiana, the 18-year-old waitress from Maui, Hawai'i, wasn't forthcoming enough. While Lluvy was eloquent and knowledgeable, Christina wasn't paying enough attention to the guests, Michelle, the 19-year-old wrestler from Terra Haute, Indiana, was uncomfortable. Jay also mentions that Brittany seemed more interested in drinking alcohol than anything else. Keenyah, however, was poised and intelligent, and she wins her first competition. She chooses Brittany to go with her for an amazing night at a hotel on the beach.
When Keenyah and Brittany arrive at their luxurious hotel room, Tyra Mail awaits them. The next day they will have a challenge, but they will be allowed to show up "fashionably late" and enjoy their hotel's room service. Back at the loft, Lluvy talks with her boyfriend, pouring her heart out about how tough it's been, and she feels the pressure to excel in the next challenge. Although she recognizes that she's unique, she doesn't feel beautiful, and vows to do better.
Early the next day, the girls are driven out to an abandoned gas station in the desert where they will experience a photo challenge featuring machine-generated gale-force winds and torrential rain. The photographer for the day is Matthu Anderson, an accomplished photographer as well as make-up artist, and the girls are excited to work with him.
The shoot begins with Kahlen, who does her best to pose sexily while being pelted with freezing rain. Tiffany gets a bit distracted by the elements, but Matthu thinks she nails it, while Christina has some fun with her poses. Michelle is a little weak, lacking energy, whereas Naima gives Matthu a lot to work with. Rebecca still has the hometown girl thing going on, and Jay emphasizes that she needs to be edgy. Tatiana does a great job, and Jay feels that it was her best shoot yet. Jay also encourages Lluvy to act in her shoot, but he doesn't think that her poses were very attractive. Later, Keenyah and Brittany arrive, refreshed from a visit to the spa and a dip in the ocean earlier that morning. Keenyah does well, but poses too quickly, while Brittany is careful not to overdo the sex appeal and gets great marks.
The next day it's time for another elimination. When the group arrives at panel, they meet the judges, including the guest judge, Matthu Anderson. Their timed challenge will involve creating a perfume, decorating the bottle and explaining why that perfume embodies their personality. The judges will act as wacky buyers interested in their products: Janice as Babs Firestein will represent Brooklyn, NY; Nolé is Nolé le Peu from France; Nigel is Johnny Hott from Chelsea in England; Matthu is Igor Slutsky from Russia, while Tyra is Precious Tang from Louisiana. The girls take their turns selling their perfumes, and some do well while others stumble badly.
When evaluation time arrives, Brittany is called up first, and Tyra brings up the fact that Brittany's interest in alcohol could harm her chances in the long run. Since she played the fool during the perfume challenge, the judges note that her foolishness can work both for and against her. Janice, on the other hand, calls Brittany's picture perfect. Kahlen is next. She rolled with the punches when selling her product and produced a "kick-ass" photo. Christina was chilly when selling her perfume, and when Tyra criticizes her for being too standoffish, she tears up for the first time. Tyra asks her how she's feeling, and it becomes clear that Christina's cool façade is a defense mechanism. She receives sympathy, especially from Janice. For the first time, Christina's photo has real sex appeal, and Tyra says she resembles Lynda Carter.
Tatiana takes it on the chin for her lame perfume sell, but gets great marks for her photo. Tiffany's sell didn't make much of an impact, and her photo has the same problem: she just didn't nail it. Naima handled her perfume selling well, and while her photo is hot, Tyra calls it a little "crotch-y." Keenyah was charming when selling, but she needs to bring more to it, and her photo is a slight disappointment because it seems amateurish. Rebecca's sell wasn't strong enough, while her photo draws both compliments and criticism. Lluvy stumbled during the perfume challenge, and her photo wasn't perfect, but Matthu notes that she gave a lot of heart. Michelle is up last, and while her full shot is great, the close-up isn't so nice, nor was her perfume presentation.
The judges start to deliberate, and Janice still isn't fond of Tatiana, despite Nigel's assertion of her sex appeal. Nolé notes that in her photo, Kahlen "is definitely selling something. I don't know what it is, but it is selling." Brittany's photo is amazing, but her personality is seen as both cool and obnoxious. Tiffany seems either scared or scary in her pic, and it wasn't Keenyah's best day either. Matthu likes everything about Christina, and Tyra was happy to see her show some emotion in her evaluation. Tyra also has real affection for Michelle, despite her twitches and imperfections, and while Rebecca has a runway model look, she might not have the look for a Top Model. Lluvy's look is mesmerizing to Matthu, and Tyra recognizes some star quality in her, and Naima is noted for both her great voice and body.
When it's time for the elimination, the girls fidget anxiously as Tyra calls the names of those who will move forward in the competition. Kahlen is first, followed by Brittany, who is told to reel in her personality, then Naima and Christina. Tyra admired Christina because she finally "showed some humanity." Next is Michelle, who is described as "one of a kind, perky [and] offbeat," then Tatiana, Tiffany and Keenyah.
As the last two, Lluvy and Rebecca are called forward, and Tyra tells them "from week to week, [their] critique is the same." Rebecca is still seen as safe and boring, while Lluvy isn't living up to her potential. When Tyra reveals that Lluvy will be leaving the competition, Lluvy and Rebecca embrace. Lluvy feels lost as she packs her things. "Being a model has been my dream since I was three," she says sadly. "I'm not the CoverGirl girl, but I know I'm strangely beautiful. Maybe I'm too realistic for this--my head's not in the clouds."

Next week on ANTM

The competitors meet a Hollywood acting coach and are put to the test when they get to perform a scene opposite Boris Kodjoe.

The models pose in sexy lingerie with a top male model, and the intimate nature of the shoot stresses out some of the competitors.

One model's attitude angers Tyra and pushes her over the edge.

This week the girls got an acting lesson and shared an intimate photo shoot with a gorgeous male model, but the real excitement came later. In the most dramatic elimination yet, Tyra chose to send two girls home: Rebecca, the 22-year-old former flight attendant from Minneapolis, Minnesota, for not making any progress, and Tiffany, the 22-year-old mother from Miami, for her defeatist attitude. After the elimination, an angry Tyra gave Tiffany a piece of her mind, telling her that she is her own worst enemy and encouraging her to learn from her experiences.
Following Lluvy's elimination, Rebecca and Kahlen, the 21-year-old restaurant hostess from Broken Arrow, Oklahoma, are nervous, especially since they are the only two participants left in their loft bedroom. But they are soon distracted from their anxiety by a night on the town at Ashton Kutcher's restaurant, Dolce. Tiffany feels out of place and asks for explanations from some of the other girls when she doesn't recognize many of the foods on the menu. After dinner, Tyra Mail awaits, instructing the girls to be ready at 11AM the next morning to "talk the talk."
The next day, the girls are carted off to the Palos Verdes Players studio where they are greeted by acting teacher/dialect coach Larry Moss. He will help train the girls in acting and dialect, specifically Cockney. After doing his best to teach everyone to mimic his accent, he sends them home to learn a set of lines before being tested the following day. Tiffany struggles, concerned that she can hardly speak her own language much less learn another accent. When she calls her grandmother for moral support, her grandma tells Tiffany it's okay that she's not like the other girls, and that she's proud of her for getting this far.
Test-time arrives after a morning of constant rehearsal. When they arrive at the studio, Larry reveals that the girls will be acting their scene with none other than actor Boris Kodjoe. Everyone gets their turn, some performing the accent well enough, others flubbing everything from dialect to lines. There's lots of forgetting going on, not to mention breaking of character. Naima, the 20-year-old coffee shop waitress from Detroit, Michigan, does well, but she feels her biggest competition is Michelle, the 19-year-old wrestler from Terra Haute, Indiana, who has four years of drama under her belt. Tiffany, on the other hand, isn't able to master the accent, and ends up sounding like "a southern girl from a plantation down in Alabama," in the words of Boris Kodjoe.
When the results come in, Brittany, the 22-year-old elementary school instructional aide from Tallahassee, Florida, had a good accent, Naima played well with her flirtatious performance, but Michelle didn't make eye contact and Rebecca didn't make a splash. The winner of the competition will receive ten thousand dollars of diamonds to share with two friends, and Boris announces that Naima has done it again. She chooses Tatiana, the 18-year-old waitress from Maui, Hawai'i, and Michelle to share her spoils, much to Tiffany's disappointment.
Naima and her two cohorts are taken to a basement in an L.A. building, where they are greeted by three men from Kraiko Diamonds. Michelle gasps as the men open a giant vault. The girls are led into a room where Naima selects a yellow gold diamond necklace, and Tatiana and Michelle choose diamond rings for themselves. Meanwhile, at the loft, Rebecca calls her fiancé to put her struggle into perspective. When Tyra Mail arrives announcing that "the feathers will fly" the next day at 7AM, she confesses, "I need to nail this… I don't want to go home."
After the girls are driven into the Hollywood Hills, Jay Manuel reveals that the girls will all be shooting sexy pictures with hot male model Rib Hillis for Wonderbra. Brittany jumps in first, and she gets into a sexy pillow fight with Rib, rocking the shoot. Tatiana is uninhibited, but doesn't show off the bra. Keenyah, the 19-year-old student from Compton, California, isn't able to connect with Rib, and Kahlen is absolutely petrified to pose with him. Tiffany feels too silly to get into character, whereas both Christina, the 24-year-old fashion-marketing student from Tallahassee, Florida, and Naima do well despite the distraction of the feathers. Rebecca's anxiety is heightened since she's engaged, and she feels extremely uncomfortable in an intimate setting with another man. Michelle dominates her shoot enthusiastically.
The next day at panel, the girls meet with the judges, including guest judge Boris Kodjoe, and get down to business. The challenge: to act as a spokesperson reading from a teleprompter about Paris fashion week. The girls fumble countless pronunciation of colors and names while the judges cringe at their mistakes. However, when it's Tiffany's turn, she stops after only one sentence, afraid to continue on. Tyra encourages her to have fun with it, but also says, "If you don't do this you're gonna go home." Tiffany works her way through it, and even though she gets applause from the judges, she walks away with a frown.

When the group files back in, the first thing Nigel stresses is the importance of pronunciation in the fashion world, sounding out "Hermès" in particular for the girls. "None of you can read," Janice complains. Michelle is evaluated first, and her Wonderbra photo came out beautifully. Although Brittany acted the fool for her read-through, Tyra still liked the fact that her personality came through. As for her photo, Tyra pronounces it "best one yet… sexy but still not ho-ish." Rebecca is next, and her reading and photo were both sub-par; the same goes for Keenyah. Boris thought Kahlen's reading had spirit, and the judges laugh when they see her hair in her photo, blowing wildly as if she'd stuck her finger in a light socket. Tyra brings up the fact that she was shy on the shoot and has never had a serious boyfriend, to which Kahlen responds, "I plead the fifth!" Tiffany is next, and Janice calls her on her defeatist attitude, while Tyra says that in her photo, she wasn't in the moment and didn't connect with the camera. Both Christina and Naima get so-so results for their photos and read-throughs, and when it's Tatiana's turn, Janice uses Nigel as a prop to demonstrate how to look toward the key light for her.
Deliberation time arrives. The judges love Brittany; Nigel says she is "like a wild horse, and she's finally beginning to tame herself." Boris feels Tatiana is too girlish, Nigel thinks Naima could do better, and Janice thinks Keenyah should get the boot. No one likes Kahlen much this week, and Rebecca needs some "pesto" or "chili peppers" to spice herself up. Tiffany's attitude and lack of confidence continue to be problems for her, whereas all of the things that make Michelle unusual seem to work well. Christina's got nothing going on in her photo or her reading, and that brings Tyra to a realization. There's no fire going on in the competition, and the girls need a big wake-up call.
The mood is somber as the girls re-enter the panel room, waiting for the verdict. Tyra explains that this week the judges are "less than impressed… We're not looking for perfection, but we're looking for some promise." However, there was one girl who stood out above the rest with her photo and her read-through: Brittany. Tyra then hands pictures to Keenyah, Naima, Michelle, Kahlen, Christina and Tatiana. Rebecca and Tiffany are left standing, and they step forward.
Tyra says that although Rebecca has the best body for high fashion modeling, she hasn't made any progress despite her desire to win. In Tiffany's case, it seems that others want her to succeed more than she does herself. "You might need a little more time to look in that mirror, find some self-esteem and start loving yourself," Tyra tells Tiffany. With that, Tyra reveals that neither of them will move forward--they will both pack their things and leave. Everyone is stunned by the double elimination. Rebecca cries as she hugs her friends, but Tiffany shows little sadness as she says goodbye.
Tyra calls both girls back for a moment. She admires Rebecca's expression of emotion, but is disappointed with Tiffany's lack of care and respect for the competition. Tiffany explains, "I'm sick of crying about stuff that I can't change, I'm sick of being disappointed, I'm sick of all of it." When Tiffany continues to defend her defeatist attitude, Tyra raises her voice for the first time in Top Model history and yells, "Stop it! We were all rooting for you… Learn something from this! Take responsibility for yourself, because nobody is going to take responsibility for you." Tiffany rolls her eyes as she heads out of the room.
As the two pack their bags, Tiffany is angry, but Rebecca is sorry she feels that way: "[Tyra's] angry because she thinks Tiffany hasn't changed... Everyone wants it so bad for her, but she doesn't even want it for herself." Regarding her own elimination, she is disappointed she will not be continuing, but "not everyone can say they've done this…I'm walking away from here knowing a lot more, about the business and especially about myself and what my priorities are." She brightens when she says, "I'm going home to get married, and we'll take it from there."
Tiffany is able to reflect on her situation and get some perspective. "Tyra really did care about me [in] yelling at me… She could have easily said, 'Whatever, bye.' That showed that she saw deeply into me… That's cool knowing that Tyra cares about you." As far as what she'll do when leaving, she says, "I'm going to go back home and have a good life, and be the best Tiffany I can be."


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