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Americas Top Model Cycle 4

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The search for America's Next Top Model begins as 35 finalists land at the airport in Los Angeles, ready and raring to audition. While thousands of girls tried out, only 14 will make the final cut, and the decision proves to be a tough one for Tyra and her panel of experts.

We first meet Noelle, a 20-year-old realtor's assistant from Reno, Nevada; Kahlen, the 21-year-old restaurant hostess from Broken Arrow, Oklahoma; Brittany, the 22-year-old elementary school instructional aide from Tallahassee, Florida; Lluvy, the 21-year-old janitor from Modesto, California; and Brandy, the 20-year-old cosmetology student from Houston, Texas, all of whom are thrilled to be arriving. While Kahlen has never been to LA before, Brandy has never even been on a plane, so she is "totally tripping out." Tiffany, the 22-year-old mother from Miami, Florida, also arrives and is relieved to have been given a second chance at becoming a Top Model. During auditions for cycle 3, Tiffany's temper got the better of her during a raucous evening out on the town. Mary, a plus sized model who also didn't make it to the final cut for cycle 3, is back again and she is "not wasting anything with this one."
All 35 contestants gather in the Westin Century Plaza Hotel in Century City. They howl enthusiastically when Jay Manuel and casting director Michelle Mock emerge to greet them. Jay asks the girls what qualities they think Tyra is looking for, but Tyra soon arrives to tell them personally what she's after. "I'm looking for girls with pizzazz, I'm looking for girls that are beautiful on the outside…but I'm [also] looking for the beauty on the inside, something that is rare, something that is extra special." Everyone is overwhelmed by Tyra's appearance, grateful that she took the time to pay them a visit.

The panel of Mr. Jay, Miss J. and Tyra set up to start the interview process, and the girls make their entrances one by one. First up is all-American Rebecca, the 22-year-old former flight attendant from Minneapolis, Minnesota; Keenyah, the 19-year-old student from Compton, California; and Kahlen, who says she has never watched a single episode of ANTM. Lindsey, a former Mormon from Louisiana is next, followed by the confident Jennifer from California. A vivacious Brittany enters the room and livens things up, and Jay wonders what would happen if he put Brittany and Janice Dickinson in a room together. "I think Brittany would come out alive," Jay says, getting a high five from Tyra. When it's Tiffany's turn, she reveals that she's taken anger management classes since auditioning for cycle 3, and notes how supportive her grandmother is of her dreams.
That night at the Century Plaza Hotel, the girls take a dip in the pool and hot tub, playing chicken and a wild game of Truth or Dare. Some of the girls get crazy, trading bathing suit tops or doing pole dances, but Brittany shocks them all as she pulls her top off altogether and runs around the pool, strategically covering her assets. After their swim, the girls split up into two groups: the over 21s and the under. Those over 21 head off to the red-hot club White Lotus, while the others get "a surprise" trip to, of all places, a bowling alley. The girls get their party on in both locations, but the under 21s are happy when they find out that they stayed out later than the older group did.
Auditions continue with Jessika, aka Lady Kat, with her long nails and cat-like features, followed by Sarah, the 22-year-old waitress from Baltimore, Maryland, and Lluvy, who appears in a black, sophisticated dress. Tyra realizes immediately that that's not who Lluvy really is, and asks her to change into her street clothes. Once she's happily back in her jeans and tee shirt, Lluvy tells the group about her rough childhood. Michelle, the 19-year-old wrestler from Terra Haute, Indiana, talks about her career, and Naima, the 20-year-old coffee shop waitress from Detroit, Michigan, explains how she is named after a John Coltrane composition. Texan Brandy is up next, and she is feeling the pressure of the competition already. Tatiana, the 18-year-old waitress from Maui, Hawai'i, tells how she spent her rent money on a plane ticket to try out for ANTM, and that although she left high school, she will be getting her GED soon. Bronx native Estela brings tears to Tyra's eyes as she explains that she and her daughter were homeless at one time, and she wants to do well to provide for her child.


Later that evening, there's a birthday party for two of the girls, and Lady Kat riles things up a little by hollering at the entire group of girls, especially annoying Sarah. The next morning, everyone takes a visit to Griffith Park, and Tiffany advises Lady Kat to chill, knowing she'll lose a huge opportunity if she doesn't settle down.
Interviews begin anew, and Mary is next to see Tyra, Jay and J., followed by Rachel, another plus sized model; Alexandria from Fort Collins, who gets some reassurance from Tyra; and self-confident Christina, the 24-year-old fashion marketing student from Tallahassee, Florida. Brita, the 25-year-old waitress from La Cañada, California, tells Tyra that she grew up wealthy, but that when her father broke his back he was unable to provide for the family, and she now supports herself as a waitress. Noelle is next, and she explains how even though she has endometriosis, she was able to have a baby, and the experience changed her life.

Once the initial interviews are completed, Tyra brings everyone in for a lingerie walk-off to see how all the girls can hold their own next to each other while wearing skimpy attire. In groups, they strut their stuff for the panel, bringing the audition process to a close. Jay gathers everyone at the hotel to say that final picks will be announced the following day. Many of the girls pray together, and some cry, intensely feeling the drive to move forward.

The next day, the girls learn that the first cut will take the number of potentials from 35 to 20, and Jay and J. point to a room where the ones who will move on will find their portfolios. A mad dash ensues. Many of the girls scream and cry in joy when they find their photos, while the others are devastated and tearful.

The 20 finalists meet their first challenge of sorts: to pose for pictures inside a photo booth. They all line up and take their turn, some simply smiling, others turning up the heat and striking fierce poses. Tyra and the judges get together to analyze the pics, each pointing out what they like and don't like about the girls. Jay thinks Keenyah was a little flat and J. finds Tatiana a bit rough around the edges, but Tyra thinks both girls have something to offer. They like Lluvy and her "giraffe eyelashes," believe Kahlen can be molded into something special, and disagree about Noelle (Tyra digs her; Jay not so much). Naima is seen as sharp and edgy, Brittany is a little Janice Dickinson, and J. worries about Michelle's neck. Brandy's hair is a big topic of conversation: to weave or not to weave? J. loves Sarah, and Brita's got the glam thing going on, while Jay wants to keep Estela because of her emotionally moving story. Rebecca is a "clean palette," Jessika is a little one note, while Tiffany has something they can build on. J. doesn't want to see plus-sized Mary compete against the rest of the girls, despite her beauty.

Once the difficult decision is completed, Tyra gathers everyone to present their pictures one by one, cutting the final six girls in the process. Rebecca is called first, followed by Christina, Keenyah, Brita, Naima and Noelle. Michelle is seventh, and Sarah, Brandy, and Brittany are next. The tensions run high as the last four slots are filled by Kahlen, Tatiana, Lluvy and, finally, a joyful Tiffany. Tyra hugs the last six left behind, and saves her longest hug for Mary, who's had her heart broken a second time. Estella bows out with grace, knowing she and her daughter will make it no matter what.
The fourteen finalists are thrilled to be part of the final group, but they won't have much time to celebrate. Soon they'll be moving into the Los Angeles loft, the challenges will begin and the real competition gets started as they all vie for the title of AMERICA'S NEXT TOP MODEL.



After the first photo challenge on the back lot of Paramount Studios, the girls get a taste of what being a top model is all about. Even though Brandy, the 20-year-old cosmetology student from Houston, Texas, has a bad attitude during the first photo shoot and makeover, Brita, the 25-year-old waitress from La Cañada, California, is eliminated due to her inability to relax in front of the camera.

The sun shines down on the final 14 as Jay Manuel greets them on the New York City backlot of Paramount studios, the site of their first photo shoot. The girls will be making their home in Los Angeles, not New York, so this is their first taste of the Hollywood lifestyle. Sarah, the 22-year-old waitress from Baltimore, Maryland, is glowing, and says, "I feel like a movie star right now."

The girls are driven to a part of the lot occupied by a police car, and they scream in recognition when three police officers reveal themselves to be none other than judges Janice Dickinson, Nigel Barker (armed with a camera) and Nolé Marin. "Where are the aliens?" Janice asks with a flick of her police stick. Nigel answers, "I've no idea, but when we find them, I'm going to shoot them." The first photo shoot has commenced-- they will be transformed into aliens taking over Manhattan.

Danilo returns as hairstylist, with new addition Matthu doing make-up, and the girls have a quick chat with the judges before they get started. Kahlen, the 21-year-old restaurant hostess from Broken Arrow, Oklahoma, is a little stunned at how quickly they have begun their challenges. She admits, "I think Janice is extremely scary. I wanted to ask [her,] 'Are you going to make me cry, and how many times?'" She is up first, and despite her nerves, impresses Jay. Nigel likes the way Rebecca, the 22-year-old former flight attendant from Minneapolis, Minnesota, moves, and tells Keenyah, the 19-year-old student from Compton, California, she looks "unbelievable." Lluvy, the 21-year-old janitor from Modesto, California, follows, but Jay thinks she only has one expression. Brittany, the 22-year-old elementary school instructional aide from Tallahassee, Florida, and Michelle, the 19-year-old wrestler from Terra Haute, Indiana, are next. Tatiana, the 18-year-old waitress from Maui, Hawai'i, nails her shoot. Nigel notes, "Tatiana has a lot of moves-- [she's] the kind of model you fall in love with, not because they're the most beautiful, but because they inspire you."

Naima, the 20-year-old coffee shop waitress from Detroit, Michigan, confesses she's a Trekkie, and enjoys being dressed as an alien. An impatient Brandy waits to go, and Nolé is not impressed with her troublesome attitude. When she arrives at the shoot, Brandy even tells a stunned Nigel she isn't feeling it because of the delay. Noelle, the 20-year-old realtor's assistant from Reno, Nevada, soon gets the hang of posing, and when Sarah is finished, Jay tells her, "You were the easiest [to shoot] of the day, but don't tell anyone that." Brita is next, and she's self-conscious about her pose since her underwear is completely sheer. Christina, the 24-year-old fashion-marketing student from Tallahassee, Florida, does well, and though Tiffany, the 22-year-old mother from Miami, Florida, has a hard time, she pushes through.


When the shoot is over, Jay delivers Tyra Mail that says they are going to "take a ride into pure luxury." However, their van heads into a less than glamorous part of town, and the girls are freaked out when they are approached by a tough looking band of folks. However, the man in front introduces himself as Magnus, and leads them into the enormous space that is the Serious Clothing showroom. Magnus has more news: behind a huge metal door in the showroom is their new home, and the girls rush through with excited squeals, staking claims in themed bedrooms that suit them best.
Tyra arrives soon after to welcome them to LA, and explains why they are settling there rather than in New York. She wants them to see a different side of fashion since she got started there with her mother years before. They will experience a lot of rejection, Tyra admits, but she is there to help guide them through the process.

The next morning, Brandy wakes up complaining about what Danilo did with her hair the previous day. J. Alexander arrives while the girls are in the workout room and announces that the time is right to do weigh-ins and measurements. Brita is immediately nervous, explaining that she'd recently put on some weight, and she has a tough time when she appears to be heaviest girl in the group.

Tyra Mail arrives to announce that "the cut" will happen the next day at 9AM, and everyone is tense knowing that someone will go home so early on. When the time arrives, the girls pile into the van and soon realize that "the cut" is only referring to hair: it's time for makeovers! At Privé salon, Tyra describes the styles each girl will get, and Brandy is the only one who will keep her current look. However, Tyra changes her mind when she touches the dreadlocks inside Brandy's weave. Brandy is delighted to hear that the whole thing will come off.

The makeovers begin, and after Kahlen gets a long weave, she immediately jumps into a surprise photo shoot wearing only a pair of jeans. She's slightly uncomfortable topless, but handles it well. The rest of the girls also pose for their post-makeover shots wearing only jeans. Tatiana's hair is darkened, as is Christina's, and Brita gets ringlet curls. Michelle shivers through the excruciating pain of becoming a bleach blonde, and Tiffany applauds the fact that she isn't complaining a bit. Sarah gets a Peter Pan do, and she loves the cut and style. Naima and Rebecca like their own changes as well. Keenyah gets a weave and irritates both Jay and the hairdresser when she questions them about her new style. Lluvy loves her red hair, Brittany is thrilled with her new heavy bangs and Tiffany likes her long, straight weave. Brandy isn't happy with her new super short hairdo, and Jay hits his boiling point when Brandy complains that she doesn't like the way her eyebrows look. Once Keenyah's finished with her entire makeover, she realizes she made a mistake by complaining. She loves her new cut.
Tyra arrives and commends 12 of the girls for their ability to handle change, but says that two of them really "pissed [her] off" with their bad attitudes. Back at the loft, Christina reads Tyra Mail again, which announces that the first cut will be the next day. Keenyah is sure that it will come down to her and Brandy because of their attitudes.

The next day, evaluations begin with Naima, whose picture gets oohs and ahhs from the entire panel. Noelle's pic receives approval, as does Christina's. They applaud Michelle for holding her own during her makeover, but Nolé doesn't love her picture. Nigel brings up Tatiana's many moves during her evaluation, but none of the judges like Brita's shot. Nigel tells Sarah "it was fun to shoot" her, and Janice thinks her shot is hot. Kahlen gets praise for her shoot as well, and Nigel encourages Brittany to pull back on the sexiness a little. When Keenyah is up, Tyra immediately asks if she's already altered her new hairstyle. When Keenyah sheepishly admits that she oiled it, Janice drops against the table in frustration. Lluvy looks a bit sleepy in her shot, but the judges love her new hair. Nigel likes Tiffany's shot, even though she had to work for it, and she breaks down in tears when she sees her photo. Rebecca gets universal approval, but when Tyra questions Brandy about her new hairdo, Nigel brings up her bad attitude at the photo shoot.
When the deliberations begin, Brittany, Tiffany, Naima and especially Sarah get high marks. Janice, who nicknames Lluvy "SUV," thinks she is "so cute" in person, but her beauty didn't translate to the photo. Tyra is still irritated with Keenyah's reaction to the makeover. Janice loves Christina, but Nigel wonders whether she has enough sex appeal. Though Brandy can take a good photo, "no one wants her around." They like Kahlen's photo, and Tyra says Rebecca "moves like the girls that are working in magazines already." Nigel isn't sure about Tatiana's face, and Janice comments that Noelle changed her new hairstyle back to her old curly one for judging. Michelle has potential, and though she has a tough look, Nolé would like to see her continue.

The elimination begins and Tyra stands before the group to pass out the photographs. She reads the names off slowly: Tiffany, Naima, Rebecca, Kahlen, Christina, Michelle, Noelle, Sarah, Tatiana, Brittany. Four are left and the tension builds. Lluvy is next, followed by Keenyah, leaving Brita and Brandy to face the first elimination. Brita first wowed the judges with her beauty, but her photo didn't reflect her image well, whereas Brandy's attitude was the negative element despite her being "high-fashion and edgy, [with] all the potential in the world." Tyra says that Brandy's picture has saved her, and Brita is out of the running.

As she packs her things, Brita is filled with regret. "I'm just pissed off right now… first girl kicked off, [my] pictures were horrible. I was hoping this would be the next bigger, better thing for me, and I blew it."


The competition heats up between the models after Rebecca, the 22-year-old former flight attendant from Minneapolis, Minnesota, wins a runway walk-off and fantastic shoes for herself and some friends, but her happiness is cut short when she collapses during panel. However, when Brittany, the 22-year-old elementary school instructional aide from Tallahassee, Florida, and Sarah, the 22-year-old waitress from Baltimore, Maryland, are put up for elimination, Sarah is chosen to go home after Tyra recognizes her lack of self-confidence in her beauty.

The day begins with the arrival of Tyra Mail, which reads, "Today you will battle to the death in a coliseum. Be ready at 10AM." The girls have no idea what to expect, and when they head to the L.A. Coliseum where cheerleaders greet them, they are surprised to see Miss J. cheering along with them. Everyone slides on platform clogs and practices walking across the grass, while J. points out problems for each girl. He later demonstrates how to walk down stairs in heels gracefully. Each girl takes a trial run climbing down the stairs while carrying an accessory, and some have more luck than others.
Later, Sarah asks Keenyah for help with her walk, and they practice at the loft. The rest of the girls join in and practice posing before Tyra Mail arrives, announcing another competition. They all pile into the vans and find themselves at Kmart for a "duel" runway challenge. With the help of model and talent scout Sandi Bass, J. will judge the girls on their walks, and there will be only one winner. The girls walk in dueling pairs down the runway to demonstrate their skills, at the same time displaying not-so-glam accessories such as mops, hammers and hula-hoops. One by one, the number is narrowed down to two finalists: Rebecca and Naima. After the last walk, J. announces Rebecca as the winner and tells her she will meet a famous shoe designer as her reward. She also gets to choose five friends to go with her, and she selects Kahlen, the 21-year-old restaurant hostess from Broken Arrow, Oklahoma; Lluvy, the 21-year-old janitor from Modesto, California; Noelle, the 20-year-old realtor's assistant from Reno, Nevada; Naima, the 20-year-old coffee shop waitress from Detroit, Michigan, and Sarah. The rest of them will serve as assistants.

Everyone hops in the vans again to get to designer Stuart Weitzman's shop, which is filled with gorgeous shoes. Rebecca is thrilled to find out that she gets to pick out a pair of shoes for herself, as do the five friends she chose. The others have to serve as shop girls, finding their selections in the stockroom.
While the losers are in the stockroom learning the ropes, Michelle, the 19-year-old wrestler from Terra Haute, Indiana, has a meltdown, fearing that she might get stuck between some of the mobile shoe stacks. The other girls are at a loss about why Michelle has such a volatile reaction, and Michelle hates having revealed her weakness to the others. After some recovery time, she snaps back to her old self, and Tiffany, the 22-year-old mother from Miami, Florida, notes her quick mood change.

As the girls assist the chosen six, the claws come out. Although Rebecca feels she's a "gracious winner," Brittany says that everyone was aware of her snooty attitude as she rattled off the names of the many shoes she wanted to try on (while being served chocolate-covered strawberries by Tiffany). Once the choices are made, Stuart hugs the winning group of girls, and the others feel intense jealousy over all the attention. Rebecca senses a line being drawn, but has no regrets over winning, saying, "I'm not here to feed [their] egos. I'm here for me."

That night, Tyra Mail announces that the girls have to be ready for a competition the next morning bright and early, and Michelle separates herself from the rest of the group. Noelle goes to Michelle to find out why she's having a problem, and Brandy, the 20-year-old cosmetology student from Houston, Texas, and Tiffany eavesdrop on the conversation before joining in. Michelle confesses that she's bisexual and had been afraid to reveal it, worrying that the other girls wouldn't accept her. Noelle, Tiffany and Brandy come together to reassure her that it doesn't affect how they feel about her at all, and Michelle is relieved to have finally been honest.

In the morning, the girls end up at Griffith Park Observatory for their photo shoot, where Danilo will handle their hair; Mathu Anderson will do make-up; fashion stylist Q is on wardrobe while photographer Danielle Levitt is shooting the pictures. Tyra arrives as the girls are getting ready and announces they'll be walking ten dogs in an ad for 1-800 Flowers, with a male model in the background. Tiffany knocks out her shoot quickly, and when Christina, the 24-year-old fashion-marketing student from Tallahassee, Florida, follows, the photographer senses some tension in her eyes and face during her session. Brittany tries to pull back the sex appeal, but Jay still senses the sexiness "porno, movement kinda thing" going on. Brandy nails her shoot in the photographer's opinion, and Keenyah, the 19-year-old student from Compton, California, and Naima both struggle to get things right. Tatiana, the 18-year-old waitress from Maui, Hawai'i, does a wonderful job, and Danielle remarks, "Michelle was a wonderful model." She also likes Lluvy's focus, but Jay isn't impressed by Sarah. Noelle was a little awkward, while Kahlen had a tough time mixing it up. Rebecca looks incredible for the camera and does a great job handling the animals.

That night, the girls find they face another elimination the next day, and everyone is extremely nervous. The next morning, the girls practice their walks to pass the time, and later they all file into the panel room for evaluation. Tyra introduces the judges, including guest judge Sandi Bass, and announces the challenge: demonstrating their walks while wearing a burlap potato sack. The girls each show off their walking ability in heels, carefully climbing down the few steps to get started.

Evaluations begin with Rebecca, whose picture Janice admiringly calls "a little slutty, real 40s pin-up." Although her walk wasn't great, her photo goes over well. As Sandi is giving her assessment, Rebecca's eyes roll back into her head and she passes out cold, falling to the floor. The other girls rush around to help her, and the paramedics are called to the scene to cart Rebecca off to the hospital. Noelle knows about Rebecca's pre-existing condition that causes her to collapse, but it had been years since her last episode.
Tyra approaches the group, and though everyone (including Tyra) is shaken up, they agree to go on with the evaluations. Tatiana is next, and Brandy recommends that she try to be lighter on her feet. The judges all praise her pic, with Janice saying it's" Stephanie Seymour meets Jacqueline Bisset." Tiffany follows, and Nigel suggests she practice her walk by "doing Stairmaster with your heels on." Her picture also goes well. When Sarah is up, neither her picture nor walk goes over well. Tyra tells Lluvy she is the only model who did something with the potato sack as she walked, and her picture is universally praised. Michelle's walk was terrible, but there is surprise when her photo turns out to be gorgeous and unique.

Brandy's walk was considered angry, and her picture lacks passion. Tyra gives Christina some advice on her walk, but Janice wants her to bring it from within. Naima's walk was a little wild, and her picture splits the opinions of the judges down the middle. Brittany is next, and they recommend she lighten up her stride. Janice loves Brittany's shot, but her sexiness is brought up again, even though she tried to tone it down. Noelle's walk was bland, but her photo looks terrific, with her long, lean legs a major asset. Kahlen is told to wake up her walk with some energy, but the judges don't love her picture. Although Keenyah tripped on her walk, the judges applaud her for going on, even though they criticize her for making her clothing too complicated. Her photo is spectacular, and Tyra says the shot was "the first click of the photographer's camera." Janice calls it "the best beauty shot of the lot."
Deliberations begin, and the judges argue over what they like and don't like in each shot. Lluvy, Keenyah, Noelle and Tiffany are all praised, but decisions are split for the rest. Michelle is called unpredictable, while Janice and Tyra disagree over Sarah. Nigel likes Naima even though she isn't everybody's cup of tea. Tatiana, Kahlen and Brittany don't fare well, and neither do Christina, Brandy or Rebecca.

Rebecca returns from the emergency room, shaken but determined to move forward in the competition. Tyra reassures her that she won't be judged for her condition, which Rebecca has dealt with since age three, and that if she's ready, they can move on to the elimination. She's prepared, so the panel begins again.
One by one, Tyra calls the models forward, until only two are left standing: Brittany and Sarah. To Brittany, Tyra explains that her sexuality is "a little triple-X for the fashion industry." Tyra also wonders if Sarah "believes in her loveliness, because if [Sarah doesn't] believe, we don't believe." Finally, Tyra hands Brittany her picture, and Sarah is eliminated. As she packs her things to leave the loft, Sarah's spirits are downtrodden. "I feel like I have a lot more natural talent than a few other girls that are still in there… I'll be okay; it's just all my life I grew up as the ugly duckling, and once again I've proven to myself I'm not good enough. It's just hard."

After the girls undergo a difficult challenge in which a photographer berates them at every turn, tensions run hot between Brandy, the 20-year-old cosmetology student from Houston, Texas, and Tatiana, the 18-year-old waitress from Maui, Hawai'i. Later, a Zodiac photo shoot results in a less than stellar photo for Lluvy, the 21-year-old janitor from Modesto, California, but Brandy's attitude continues to be a problem. When the judges put Brandy and Lluvy up for elimination, Brandy's anger is what finally gets her sent home.

The morning after Sarah's elimination, the girls take time to recover from the stressful night. Some of them set up a system for using the phone to call family and friends, and Rebecca, the 22-year-old former flight attendant from Minneapolis, Minnesota, Brittany, the 22-year-old elementary school instructional aide from Tallahassee, Florida, Tiffany, the 22-year-old mother from Miami, Florida, Tatiana and Lluvy decide to make the calling order go from east coast to west coast residents. When Brandy hears this news she is furious since she had announced earlier that she would be using the phone next. Her anger grows when the other girls defend their decision, and Tiffany takes Brandy aside to calm her down. Tyra Mail arrives instructing the girls to be "on point" by noon, and they head to Stefan Wenta's dance studio for a ballet class. Stefan says, "You are going to use your body as an instrument of expression; the very good models must be form conscious." The class begins and Stefan is a harsh taskmaster, but he recognizes that Naima, the 20-year-old coffee shop waitress from Detroit, Michigan, has previous dance training. Tiffany has a difficult time and says, "I'm not used to controlling my body. My body controls me, so this is really hard for me."
Later that night, the girls are treated to a fancy meal at the Pacific Dining Car restaurant. Even though Tiffany says she doesn't drink alcohol anymore, she accepts when the waiter offers her a glass of wine. Four glasses later, she slumps over in her chair and throws up on the floor. Back at the loft, Tiffany and Michelle, the 19-year-old wrestler from Terra Haute, Indiana, talk things over, and Tiffany expresses how much she misses her baby and family.
The next day, the group makes a trip to a restaurant called Il Cielo. They are stunned to see Beverly Johnson, the first African-American supermodel, standing before them. Beverly describes her history-making career, and the girls ask her for advice on modeling, which she happily provides. She inspires everyone with her story and her beauty.
Later, the next photo challenge begins, and the girls are confused when they arrive at some tennis courts to find photographers and stylists, but no Jay Manuel. They don't know that Jay is watching them from a remote location, and he reveals that the creative team has been instructed to "tear the girls to shreds" to see how they will react. "This is a very realistic situation," he says. The only thing the girls will have control over is how well they do in the photo.
Kahlen, the 21-year-old restaurant hostess from Broken Arrow, Oklahoma, is up first, and makes a great effort to understand exactly what the photographer wants. He is rude and harsh with her, and once she's finished, she breaks down in tears. Tatiana, Brittany and Noelle, the 20-year-old realtor's assistant from Reno, Nevada, later struggle through, and Jay notes that Naima handles herself well on the court no matter what the crazy photographer throws at her. Michelle cries a bit as she walks off the court, Keenyah, the 19-year-old student from Compton, California, holds her composure and Christina, the 24-year-old fashion-marketing student from Tallahassee, Florida, stares angrily as the photographer mutters into a tape recorder, "Note to self: do not print this roll."
The girls watch anxiously as Tiffany heads onto the court, and she balks when the photographer makes her hop around and dance. He zeroes in on her attitude, and soon sends her off the court. Lluvy is able to hold it together, but when Brandy is on the court, the photographer gets right in her face. She isn't able to hide her anger, and later, as the girls rehash their experience with the shoot, the tensions build. Naima explains, "Brandy seems to be confrontational she'll find any excuse to start taking it out on someone." Brandy chooses Tatiana to focus her anger on, but Tatiana brushes her off. Brandy threatens Tatiana, "If we could hit people, your ass would be tore up right now."
Once the shoot is over, the girls gather on the court and realize something is up when Jay walks out to greet them. He explains how the challenge worked and Alex, the nutty photographer, must choose the girl who handled the situation the best. He selects Naima as the winner, who will receive a special dinner with a visit from a surprise guest. She picks Kahlen and Tiffany to go with her. At the Pig N' Whistle they wait impatiently for their guest, and mouths soon drop open when tennis sensation/fashion designer Serena Williams walks in. She gives Naima a hug and a signed tennis racket as a gift. Tiffany is nervous at first, especially when Serena asks the girls to demonstrate their walks, but she loosens up more as she chats with Serena.
Another photo challenge is up next--the girls will all model as signs of the Zodiac for a calendar. Tracy Bayne is the photographer, and stunt coordinator Mike Li will help the girls into harnesses that will lift them into the air. The shoot begins, and Jay notes that Naima as Capricorn the goat didn't have "that same pow that she usually does." Kahlen as Aries the ram does well after she settles into posing in the harness. Noelle is Leo, and Jay says "she doesn't look like a proud lion, and I'm a Leo, so I'm pissed." Keenyah is Taurus the bull, and she mixes up her range of expressions, while Brittany does well as Sagittarius the archer. Tiffany is Cancer the crab, and Jay comments "she has grown by leaps and bounds...she commanded that set." Christina is Libra, the scales, and she is able to soften her eyes nicely for the photographer. Tatiana is the Gemini twins, and she struggles to trust the harness. Rebecca is Virgo the virgin, and although she was comfortable on the wire, she didn't change her expression enough for Jay's taste. Michelle had a great shoot as Aquarius the water bearer, while Lluvy had trouble finding the right body shape as Pisces the fish.
Brandy waits a long time to go up as Scorpio the scorpion, and the confrontation with Tatiana is still on her mind. Following her shoot, their conflict explodes, and as she stands to get in Tatiana's face, Tiffany pushes her away. Tiffany defends Brandy vehemently, and says that the other girls are causing Brandy to lash out. Back at the loft, the disagreement is as close to resolution as it will get, and Tyra Mail arrives saying that the next elimination will take place in the morning.
The judging time arrives, and everyone heads into the panel room to see Janice, Tyra, Nigel, Nolé and guest judge Beverly Johnson. Photos from the tennis shoot along with the Zodiac shoot will be discussed, and Michelle is up first. Her tennis picture isn't well received, but her Aquarius picture is a shimmering delight. Naima has the reverse experience, with her Capricorn photo looking somewhat blah. Tatiana appears irritated in her tennis picture, but Nigel comments, "I quite like it," and her Gemini image is lovely. Although Brittany's tennis photo lacks grace, her Sagittarian picture is beautiful, and she was successfully able to pull back on the sex appeal. Both of Brandy's shots are good, but Tyra and Nolé both focus on her bad attitude. Beverly jokingly comments that some of Keenyah's tennis pictures "should never be seen by anyone, ever," but Nigel calls her Taurus shot "celestial." Kahlen's pictures offer differing images of her: her tennis pics lack confidence, but as Aries, Tyra says she looks "like [she's] about to ram somebody into the wall." In her tennis shot, Christina is contorting her mouth, but for her Libra photo, she is soft and pretty. Neither of Noelle's photos goes over very well, nor do Lluvy's. Tiffany's tennis shots are a little angry, but her Cancer photo is mysterious and intense. Rebecca has an off week, with her Virgo shot called "pedestrian" by Janice.
Deliberations begin, and the judges disagree on some, but Lluvy's picture is universally derided. Rebecca's is dull; Nolé likes Michelle's; Keenyah's is "to die for" and Tatiana's has potential. Beverly loves Brittany and Nigel has liked watching her progression, but he also comments that Brandy hasn't warmed up at all in her shoots. Naima and Noelle both don't wow the judges, but Beverly sees real possibility in Noelle. Tyra notes that Kahlen is shy, but believes her confidence will continue to grow, while Beverly sees Tiffany as having "model potential." Nigel says Christina's picture is one of the best of the bunch, but Beverly comments on her small mouth, saying, "If you don't have it by birth, get it."
The elimination begins and Tyra hands out the photos for the models who will continue on. Brittany, Keenyah, Michelle, Kahlen, Christina, Rebecca, Tatiana, Naima, Tiffany and Noelle are all called. Brandy and Lluvy are the final two left, and they nervously step forward. To Brandy, Tyra says that the judges aren't sure if her attitude problem can be healed in twelve weeks, while to Lluvy, Tyra confesses that hers "is the worst photo in the history of AMERICA'S NEXT TOP MODEL." The judges see more potential in one model than the other, and that model is Lluvy. Brandy takes the news hard, saying, "If they'd taken the time to look past what they thought was attitude, maybe they would have seen the real me." She leaves a note for her "big sister" Tiffany, and after packing she leaves the house for good.

One of the participants contracts a horrifying, contagious skin condition that disfigures her face, and the other models are sent into a complete panic. Later, the girls are transformed using the miracle of make-up for a "Got Milk?" ad.


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