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Survivor Insider Episode 04 Transcript
« on: March 11, 2005, 04:14:29 PM »
thanks to Survivor Shrine
Survivor Insider Episode 04 Transcript
March 11, 2005
Transcribed by: Brett Murcott ( & James Le (
Clips Include: Tribal Council Votes, Kim's Final Words, Workaholics from Hell, Who's Wearing Coby's Clothes?, Kudos for Coby, You've Gotta Have a Heart, They're Great with a Fire, Koror Builds a Bathroom, Manual Labor, Smelly Camp and Just Relax, Skeeved Out, We're Just Better
Comments: The dynamics at Ulong are pretty much known to everyone by now, however, we do get insight on what Stephenie and Angie plan to do to stick in the game. She at first leans toward have James complete their majority alliance, however, she finds that Bobby Jon and Ibrehem would also make ideal alliance members.
Gregg comments on Janu and how her 'strength' in the game will determine if his plan spans out, secret alliance? Coby also shows more concern. This is almost like the same comments made about her last week, why are we being left in the dark about how they feel about Janu and how she feels in general?

On the episode, Coby made it clear that he, Janu, Caryn and Willard were on the outs of an alliance of five. Willard slips in a small comment about how he is not heard by the tribe.
Tribal Council
Kim Voted Off
Ibrehem (Votes Kim): (he says nothing)

Stephenie (Votes Kim): Kim, you know I love you but I am just doing what's best for the team, I don't ever want to have to come back here again. So, we got to keep the strongest and I can't wait to see you in the real world, bye!

Bobby Jon (Votes Kim): I think that you have proved a lot and I am proud of ya for staying strong I just think right now this is the best thing.

Angie (Votes Kim): I don't really think there is anything to say about this, it's pretty obvious.

James (Votes Kim): Kim, you're a good girl, you just don't put much effort into the tribe lately, sorry.

Kim (Votes James): My vote is for James, James just be wary of dictating a little too much.

Kim's Final Words
I had a lot of fun playing Survivor, I wished it had lasted quite a bit longer but unfortunately, I guess tonight was my night to go. I am a little concerned with the tribe, it seems to be imploding from the inside and it's not external factors that are tearing us apart.

And it kind of puzzles me to why nobody has been alarmed by James lately and tonight if anything, he has proven himself to be not necessarily the most trustworthy of people and a little bit of cocky to say so easily that he is going to be here for the next several weeks.

He was the first to call out Jolanda and say that she was trying to be the dictator and the leader, and telling everybody what to do, we're waking up in the morning, we're going to go fishing, and what not. And James has so easily taken over this position, and he covers it and smothers it with his Southern boy charm, his cute little accent, and his funny little jokes but nobody seems to see it. And he is going to be out there to stab every single person in the back, everybody knows the only thing he cares about is getting to the merge and being there for himself. He's not really a team player.

Everybody else on the team, they're wonderful. Bobby Jon is a little nutty at times and I think he needs to slow down but in some ways, it's almost that's what is imploding the team, we're so gung ho on working all the time, never sitting down, and taking a break, and then we get to these challenges and everybody is thoroughly exhausted and we're getting our asses whipped by a bunch of people who shouldn't be whooping our asses. And there is nothing more you can say along those lines.

I hope the girls, I hope Steph and Angie really stick up for themselves, and not let them be overpowered by the guys because lord knows the guys have proven they are nothing special on our tribe and I really hope that in the end, somebody from Ulong wins and not somebody from Koror.

I've taken away one of the greatest experiences ever. I never could have imagined in a million years that my body can handle this, without food, without shelter, without, I mean even without a heater or AC, I mean relying on nature in itself. And it's definitely been an experience of a lifetime that you can't get anywhere else in the world.

I think I learned how, I've always underestimated my intelligence and my ability to see things with a clear focus, and I think that being in this game it has allowed me to finally embrace who I am, and the mental abilities that I have to see people for who they are, and not for their glamourous or funny exteriors but what's deep inside of them.

Workaholics from Hell
Kim (confessional): Physical toll, I can't even describe our tribe is honestly, the workaholics from hell, like on serious drugs, they don't ever ever ever stop. I mean like Stephenie and I were talking, we can't take it anymore. I mean Bobby Jon is a marathon workaholic, physically our bodies will not move and screw another thing, or nail something else. It's not that we are lazy or anything but we are actually stronger than your average human being but we have super humans on our tribe. And it's really physically draining, I'm just exhausted.

It's hard to show them that I can still work hard, and do what I need to do, because how they judge hard work isn't the same as everybody else. They judge hard work by if you're carrying three 2 by 4 and you're nailing all of that, they don't see all of the hard work, the creative aspect, right now we're building a bathroom, and sewing on Ulong onto the ??? and all of the tiny details they don't look at, they don't see. So that's what I think we are trying to do and help them, and drag things and do little things here and there.

I think we have a really good chance at a reward, if anything, it will be our damn toilet that wins it for us. I mean it's a pretty impressive toilet. I mean we have no way of seeing what the other tribe has conjured together for it, but I think we have really a good chance. And if we did, I think winning a shelter would take a lot of strain off of this tribe.

With Tribal Council obviously a couple of days away and the next immunity challenge, to be honest, I am trying to block it out of my head. We've lost three immunity challenges and I think our ultimate goal and plan is not to even think about losing the other one, we've thought about losing these past ones, it kind of got it in our head and I think it kind of pysched us out because we haven't had any problems winning the reward challengess

I think at this stage, how you do in the immunity challenges, it is going to be a big factor on who goes and who stays because we are down six memebers and we kind of need any and all bodies, I mean the other tribe has all original nine, and we're down to six so I mean if somebody can chop a coconut up and cook dinner and somebody can make a fire, I mean you can't really lose it. I mean after we lose another person, we're down to five, that's bad. So obviously if you perform well in the immunity challenges as opposed to somebody that might completely almost lose it for the tribe, the person that does better will fare better than the other person at Tribal Council.

Who's Wearing Coby's Clothes?
Coby: Janu usually can make me laugh and actually Katie can make me laugh, I think that's why Katie has stayed in the game because of her sense of humor because that girl doesn't do anything. Like today, I had seen her sit by the beach more than anybody, she's supposed to be helping with the construction so humor does help.

Like I said, poor Janu, she has just lost her spirit, I just hope she gets it back. I can pretty much laugh at anything or anybody, I am pretty cruel like that. Janu is a broken down showgirl, she needs to repair. I do actually want to win this shelter challenge just because it would help Janu and that would help me because the nights really gets to her, I mean it gets to all of us, it's so cold, we don't have any clothes, I don't even have a shirt so shelter would obviously be nice, I think it would lift spirits.

My clothes are on Willard because this is it. Umm, I gave my shirt to Willard because so many people lost their clothes when our boat capsized and I just gave it to Willard, it wasn't a strategy, he's an old man, he needed our shirt, a lot of people are missing clothes because when our boat turned over, they lost it.

Kudos for Coby
Tom: Ready, 1, 2, 3.

Coby (confessional): It was another brutal, physical chalelnge but our team seems to keep winning with our mind and our upper body. James was just kind of all over the place, he wasn't really thinking, so I just calmed down, I started getting frustrated, so I tried to counter his moves, I tried to make a differen plan, and it worked and I knocked him off.

???: Can you believe it got down to the wire that?

We had a ??? today

Coby: I am just glad I didn't let the pressure get to me. There was no more pressure than that.

Ian: That awas a battle of epic proportions.

Tom: The battle of Palau.

Coby (confessional): Today was for me, it wasn't for anybody else. This is for the times that I walked away from the baseball field and football field and let people make fun of me, and I wasn't going to give up, so I am very proud of today and it is mine forever.

Tom: Everybody, unbelievable, you couldn't write a better script. Coby, you were bringing down to the 1 to 1 tie, we are going to take it all. (loosely translated)

???: They were broke today, they went away broken.

Everyone chuckles.
You've Gotta Have a Heart
Bobby Jon (confessional): I think at times I do a pretty good job motivating the tribe because I can look at people's face and I can tell when they give slam out and they just can't go anymore and I feel the same way but I know if I tell them I am not tired, I am okay, when really I feel the same way, I really feel that, hey Bobby Jon is okay, so we can keep going. I think I do a pretty good job at that. I also think James and Stephenie does along with Ibrehem.

I think it is very important to keep going and if you are human, and you have something right here, right in here in you, you can turn it on, you can turn it off. You can go a lot further than what you think you can, I mean a lot further. I don't think I have gone as far as I can go yet, by any means, by any means. I know I have a lot more to go and I am searching for it, and I sometimes I find it, I try to shoot it, it's just hard to find sometimes, but we all have that instinct, and it's a heart is what it is. I mean you can go, I mean your heart is the strongest muscle in your body besides from your brain. The thing about it, your brain thinks and your heart lasts forever, I mean it does.

Right now, I think everybody in the tribe has lots of heart, and I think Kim has shown she has some heart, but however, hers seems to click on and off, and here again, I am not going to put anything up on anyone or anything below anyone, because, you know, lets face it, I mean, some people are used to these kind of conditions, some people are used to working like this and doing stuff like this all the time, I can't block a person that is not, but to me, you have to block all of that out, you have to block whatever you did in the past of your life, and what you want to do in your future life, we gotta worry about, and right now is the key, because whatever is going out in the outside world, whatever you have ever done that was so good, you know what, somebody has done it better and someone is going to do it better.

Well I think all of our members in our tribe have the ability to do something in any type of challenge, in any type of action that is going on around, anything. And I think the longer we keep everyone around, it's going to be better. I know we keep saying the weak link (3x) but yo uknow the link is not wink unless you are voted off so to speak, as long as you are doing something even if you are grabbing up a stick aand throwing it in the fire, hey we need that stick in the fire but as far as challenges, that type of thing goes, we do need everyone here, even Kim, we do need Kim I mean because we don't know what's going to come up, I mean she is a very very smart girl, she really understands things, she can really rationalize thing, we will need her for the long run, but however, we gotta keep food and water in everyone's body so we can think because your mind starts wearing on you a little bit, but you just gotta like I said dig down.

They're Great with Fire
Stephenie: Umm today losing immunity for me is like, I am so mad, like I'm not a good loser, and I've never, I feel like I've never lost so much in my life. I feel embarrassed, and I feel let down, and I feel like we're a disgrace right now. And the fact that you know we were down 5-2, and Angie and I were able to get it together and get 2 points for our game, for our tribe, so between the two of us, we had 4 points and you know Ibe had one point and it came down to James in the end and he wasn't able to pull through, he lost the bag at one point and so he lost one round of three, and in the end Coby just knocked him off the board.

So it's really frustrating and it's annoying as well, I'm not a good loser, I don't know what to do, I mean we gave it our all, there is nothing else I or Angie could have ever done out there, we did the best we could have done, we won both of our heats. We don't know what else to do. Thank god today for the women as we carried them through as we did with that other reward challenge with the balancing.

We want to keep the guys around for their strenght, they are great with the fire, crabbing, not so much fishing, it's not that they haven't been pulling their weight, but there just no outcome, there just isn't any positive outcome, I mean they are doing and doing but the end result is just not what we need. And especially in the challenges, I mean I didn't think Koror, and their men were that much stronger than our men, especially by looks, our men look like they are these muscle body builders but apparently, they are getting their butts handed to them. I don't know, I'd like to stick together with the girls, but, at the same time, Kim can't stay around because she does absolutely nothing and I think she is ready to go. I think that at least Angie and I stick together, one other guy, maybe James, I think we will be okay.

I was so mad when James lost in the end because he had a great strategy, he took him down right away, then he lost the bag, okay, minor slip up, and then for that third little heat, he completely changed his strategy, and totally lost it for all of us. I mean we could have won immunity easily, and within ten seconds, there it was, immunity out of our hands, we lost.

So, it does make me wonder sometimes. I don't know what guy. I mean Bobby Jon I would love to stick with, he's hard working and a go getter, and so is Ibe, it's hard, I think if Angie and I stick together and get at least one of the guys I think we will be safe, but now if we vote out Kim, I think I will be at risk if the three guys stick together and vote me off.

Koror Builds a Bathroom
(Just discussion of building the bathroom, this transcript was cut down from the original length.)

Willard comments on how no one will listen to him anyways as most are from cities and suburbs in regards to making the location of the bathroom so far away.

Janu: I'm done Jenn. I'm cooked like a turkey, I've just lost all of my energy.

Janu (confessional): I feel so weak, and I can't help out, I try not to like pass out, I can't even breathe. And I know that I have a whole tribe that is looking, and they are working and working and they are just as tired. Now seeing me like this, I could be on the chopping block first (She consoles with Gregg).

Gregg (confessional): I want Janu to get better because she plays a big part in how this game turns out for me down in the road.

Manual Labor (Not transcribed)
Summary: They waited all day for the crew to come by, they put it off. They put so much into this challenge, it was more grueling. Koror in general is very confident about everything. He cannot imagine the other tribe doing better. The numbers advantage helps them out around camp. He knows these people from their first couple of days on the islands and can read how they feel just by loking at their faces.

Smell Camp & Just Relax (Not transcribed)
Summary: The shelter is rotting and flies are swarming the camp. James leads the rest in a relaxing exercise.

Skeeved Out (Not transcribed)
Summary: Katie has been having vivid dreams, most of which invovled sitting a restaurant but not being served with food, however, last night involved a mass murder. The rats are making camp unpleasant. Ian sleeps by the fire but the rats were going to come after her. Ian woke up cuddling with a rat, he was dreaming about a cat. Her hands are healing up pretty well, sh can move them and use them. She could have done the challenge (EP3 IC) but she would have slowed them down. She comments on how Caryn fell so many times in the challenge, a lot for a marathon runner, but she is 'over' it.

We're Better (Not transcribed)
Summary: Caryn says Stephenie should have passed on her pack to one of the guys to have moved faster. Ulong can win brute strength strategies but the joint decision making ones involving stragey and smarts, Koror has a definite edge.