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Jenna Bares It All (Along with Heidi) for Playboy

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'Survivor: Amazon': Jenna Bares It All
When Jenna Morasca took off her shirt on "Survivor: The Amazon," she was censored on network television. Not anymore. The 21-year-old swimsuit model who walked away with the $1 million prize is taking it all off for Playboy magazine's August issue, along with fellow contestant and physical education teacher Heidi Strobel, 24, reports The New York Post.

Do you hate Jenna? At 21, she's the youngest "Survivor" winner ever! Take our poll and check out her photo.

CBS did show the two ladies shirtless in the Amazon, but thanks to video scrambling their modesty was kept intact. "To my mind that was a classic moment of primetime television," Playboy editorial director James Kaminsky told The Post, adding that getting the $1 million winner to pose is a first for the men's mag. (Usually, it's only a runner-up who agrees to shed her clothes.)

The Post speculates that Jenna could earn another million bucks--and maybe more--for the Playboy photo shoot that was done in Brooklyn the day after she was announced the winner on live television. She sure didn't waste anytime exploiting her 15 minutes of fame. "Jenna actually went from her appearance on the Letterman show directly to our studio," Kaminsky dished to The Post. CBS did have to approve the Playboy appearance, as per the contract each contestant signs with "Survivor." But what's good for Jenna could also be good for the granddaddy of all reality TV franchises.

Not that I am complaining, but I thought Jenna said she was too good to do something like that? I remember someone asking her if she would ever do that and she said NO! Humm. What a girl!!!! ::)

Did not take long....and we knew Heidi would do this.  Wasn't Jenna the one saying she would go topless if it got her farther?  Well This could help her get more modeling jobs!  ::)

Is she getting greedy??  Wasn't the first million dollars enough?


--- Quote from: Bathfizzy on June 16, 2003, 01:39:53 AM ---Is she getting greedy??  Wasn't the first million dollars enough?

--- End quote ---

Well, since the S6 crowd's 15 minutes will be up as soon as the S7 cast gets announced, you gotta make the $$$$ before your time is up... and that is coming up soon... LOL  ;)


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