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Inferno 2 starts Monday march 7th 10 pm ET ~ 9 CST!  ]#*

Meet the cast

The bad Asses

Beth _}{
Karamo  _}{


Well they let one new person in  (%#  If you want pics or bios click the link below

Good Guys
Jodi _}{

Jon  _}{
Mike ~ MIZ
Robin _}{

Interesting they have mainly new people ~ jon was from the original show looks like the oldest.  Link below has bios and pics

 _}{  ~lost in the the show

Well the first show started and there is already he said she said and i do not like her. blah blah blah.

First challenge was hard....should be intersting to see how the challenges go.  no recap on MTV .com yet.  This year they have the after show that is suppose to give you a behind the scenes look at the show only on the web...however my computer is having some issues with the clips.

I Love the challenges and I have seen so many previewsa of Tanya dumping some ones clothes in the pool, I can't wait to see who the clothes belong to and why they ended up in the pool

I think the clothes belong to Beth.  It will be interesting.  }^!

Well I watched on I the only crazy one watching this show??

Beth told Robin that Tonya said she had gone out with marc and snuggled...Robin pissed calls Marc he denies it so Robin goes in and started yelling at Tonya and calling her names...beth no where to be found   *(^  Tina sitting ther laughing ~ no love loss between Tina and Robin.  Tonay tried to blow it off, not wanting to upset Robin.

Veronica and rachel tell Tonya it was Beth.  Tonya pissed and drunk (or atleast looks like).  Pissed that she was humiliated and that Robin was hurt.

Tonya threw Beth's clothes in the pool because she woudl not talk to her...Beth told Robin that Tonya was talking about being with marc...then of course denies it.  Robin calls Tonya a Ho, Slut, liar and all.. Tonya only upset about being called a liar  c/*  Tonya had to go to a hotel because Beth felt threaten  |(

They had to beg Beth to go to the challenge...she was nto going to go until she was reimbursed for her stuff the was ruined by being thrown itn the pool...okay so maybe the purse could have been ruined..b.ut the clothes?  Come on it was water!!!!!

Challenge.....tandem bungee swing, one drops the other to try and get in the square circle...all keep missing and the soem of the girls are hitting the guys try.  Only ones to get in with points was Abe with rachel.

Bad ass win again...nominations....Dan tells robin that she is going in....bad ass talk and they think Tonya or Beth will be nominatied and Tina says ignores Tina and asks Tonay and Beth who they want to face ~ Robin...hoping she will be emotional and screw up.

So Bad ass nominate Robin....Good Guys nominate TINA.  Bad Ass is surprised and TINA is PISSED.

Sorry guys....MTV has not recaps this that is the best I can do...will try and give you a recap...


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