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Survivor 8 - All Star
« on: May 15, 2003, 01:07:40 PM »
It has been said in this article that Survivor 8 will have an All Star Lineup however, CBS has an Survivor 8 site up accepting applications to be on S8:
By Lisa de Moraes
Thursday, May 15, 2003; Page C07

It's so bad to let reality programs take over your prime-time schedule, CBS CEO Leslie Moonves said today as he unveiled to reporters a lineup on which procedural crime dramas have broken out like a severe rash.

CBS will finish this season as the most watched television network, and it has narrowed the gap with 18-to-49-year-old demographic front-runner NBC. Nonetheless, it is adding seven new shows to its lineup and moving two established ones: comedy "King of Queens," which is heading to Wednesdays to be paired with new sitcom "The Stones," and "JAG," which will shift to Fridays.

But most notable is the plethora of procedural cop dramas on CBS's fall lineup.

"There's a lot of crime," Moonves said during his annual breakfast/schedule-unveiling to the media at Black Rock. "But crime is still working."

On Monday nights, "CSI: Miami" will return, but with a new sitcom lead-in, "Two and a Half Men," starring Charlie Sheen as a playboy and Jon Cryer as the uptight brother with a young son who moves in with him. "Odd Couple"-esque hilarity ensues.

Tuesday's new "CSI" clone is an alleged "JAG" spinoff that will replace "JAG" at 8 p.m. It's a procedural crime drama called "Navy CIS." That's "CIS," not "CSI" -- as in "Criminal Investigative Services" instead of "Crime Scene Investigation." This is an important distinction because unlike all the other "CSI" shows, this one is not produced by Jerry Bruckheimer, hence the transposition of the "S" and the "I." I'm sure you are clear on this now. But if you are not, and you tune to CBS at 8 on a Tuesday thinking you're about to see an episode of a new "CSI" series, that's great by Moonves.

"Confusion with 'CSI' is not a bad thing," he quipped when a reporter commented on the confusing title. "Navy CIS" stars Mark Harmon, whom they never should have shot on "The West Wing," and David "Ilya Kuryakin" McCallum, whose name will be Ducky Mallard on the new show, for which the writer should be shot.

The show that started it all, "CSI," returns on Thursdays, as does Bruckheimer's "Without a Trace" and "Survivor." "Survivor 8" will be an all-star edition featuring some of the most memorable earlier contestants, including Jerri Manthey, Rudy Boesch, Tina Wesson, Susan Hawk and evil Richard Hatch, who has gotten fat again.

"Cold Cases," on Sunday, is yet another procedural crime drama, also from Bruckheimer. It stars pulchritudinous Kathryn Morris as a Philly homicide detective who uses new technologies to reopen cases unsolved for years.

"Those who like 'CSI' will like it," Moonves assured reporters. Of course, he also said of "Cold Cases" that "those who like 'Murder, She Wrote' will like it."

Wednesdays, one of the few "CSI"-free nights on CBS's schedule, will be home to David E. Kelley's new drama series, "The Brotherhood of Poland, N.H." Moonves assured reporters that it "is not a crime drama, ladies and gentlemen."

"TBOPNH" stars Randy Quaid, Brian Haley and John Carroll Lynch as inseparable brothers who were hockey stars way back in high school (which I'm sure will be an important plot point by the third season) but who are now unattractive, overweight, middle-aged beige guys. Quaid plays the police captain who punches people in the face when they make him mad and whose wife is sexually repressed. Lynch is the town mayor who throws dishes when he gets mad and who is keeping a dark secret from his wife. Haley is the unemployed brother who thinks his wife is having an affair with a schoolteacher, only it turns out his daughter is.

CBS's two other non-"CSI" dramas are "The Handler," starring Joe Pantoliano (who got whacked last season on "The Sopranos") as an FBI agent, and "Joan of Arcadia," about this high school girl named Joan who has moved to a new town and keeps bumping into God.

"This is not 'Touched by an Angel,' let me emphasize that," Moonves said, calling it a "hard one to describe."

Here's our description: total WB show. Both dramas will air Friday nights.

In addition to "2.5 Men," CBS's other new comedy is "The Stones," from the same guys who created "Will & Grace," though you won't believe it when you see the first episode. It stars Robert Klein, who should not do standup but did anyway, for about five endless minutes during the network's presentation to advertisers.

Most of CBS's presentation was far better; it started out with a bang when the cast of "Chicago" performed "All That Jazz," only the lyrics were about the networks' new schedules and it was called "All Those Ads." That really wowed the crowd that packed Carnegie Hall for the afternoon sked unveiling.

That number was followed by a video in which Moonves and Mel Karmazin, president of CBS-parent Viacom, were digitally inserted into a scene from "The Godfather," asking Marlon Brando to whack CBS's former head of sales, Joe Abruzzese, because he was giving away ad time in "CSI."

Abruzzese had surprised Moonves and Karmazin last October when he abruptly left to become president of advertising sales for Discovery Networks. The video -- played for hundreds of ad execs at Carnegie Hall and, via satellite, in Detroit, Chicago and Los Angeles -- was Les and Mel's way of saying so long to Abruzzese, because at CBS, either you're family or you're the enemy.

Another video followed in which the "CSI" gang tries to figure out who the stiff on the slab is. It's Moonves, but they don't know that until they investigate and discover that the corpse has "money coming out of his [heinie]," brass genitals and a heart the size of a grain of sand.

Fox is moving its Monday reality wheel to 8 p.m., is sending Monday drama "Boston Public" to Friday night and will try out two new dramas on Thursday.

Fox announces its fall schedule to advertisers on Thursday afternoon. And though it's had more failure ("Married by America," "Mr. Personality") than success ("Joe Millionaire") with its Monday reality dating-show wheel, the network will kick off Monday nights with the franchise, opposite CBS sitcoms, NBC's "Fear Factor" and ABC's "PrimeTime Monday." Probably Fox suits believe that anyone who would watch "Fear Factor" would watch Fox's next dating reality series. That seems reasonable.

The new drama "Skin" will follow at 9. It's a "Romeo and Juliet"-ish drama -- I know, Shakespeare and Fox in the same sentence, what are the odds of that happening twice -- about a Latino from East L.A. who falls in love with a wealthy Westside girl, only his dad is the district attorney and her dad, played by Ron Silver, is a porn producer who is being prosecuted by said DA, so things aren't going well for these kids on so many levels.

Tuesdays will kick off with an "American Idol" version featuring younger performers -- they're also running one this summer. Comedy will dominate Wednesdays with "That '70s Show" followed by a new Norm Macdonald sitcom, "Bernie Mac" and, according to most speculation, "Cedric."

Thursday's two new dramas are "OC," which is a prime-time soap la "Melrose Place" only it's set in Orange County, and "True Calling," about a young woman working at the New York morgue who hears murder victims asking for help.

"Wanda at Large" will move to Fridays, followed by "Luis," a new sitcom starring Luis Guzman as a Spanish Harlem doughnut shop owner, and "Boston Public."

Fox will not mess with its Saturday reality lineup of "Cops" and "America's Most Wanted." Sundays will continue with a comedy lineup that will include the new "Ortegas," about a family that produces a talk show from home; and "Arrested Development," from Ron Howard, starring Jason Bateman as the father of a teenage son.
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Re:Survivor 8 - All Star
« Reply #1 on: May 16, 2003, 01:49:09 AM »
Wow what a long article.  I do recall reading somewhere that they were going to bring back previous contestants from other survivors for a show.  Maybe they are also taking applications just to add some new faces with some familiar people.