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Top 50 'Survivor' moments
« on: February 17, 2005, 04:05:18 PM »
Pretty good Article ~

Top 50 'Survivor' moments

By JOHN POWELL -- JAM! Showbiz

The cast of 'Survivor Palau'.
From the chugging of cow’s blood to nude sunbathing to a grandma pushing up daises, ‘Survivor’ fans have seen it all. With the tenth season on the horizon, it is time to look back at the best the CBS reality show series has had to offer.

The Top 50 choices below are based on how popular or memorable a certain happening was and also what affect a twist or event had on the game itself.

1. Richard Hatch’s Pagong-ing scheme. (Borneo)

Sure, someone else would have come up with the voting block strategy sooner or later but…Hatch was the first. His plan not only changed the course of the ‘Survivor’ series but it went on to influence many other reality shows too.

2. Michael Skupin falls into the campfire. (Australia)

The most emotional and tragic happening ever on ‘Survivor. Today, many still believe if Skupin had stayed around the fate of the Kucha Tribe would have been very different.

3. Jon Dalton’s grandmother lie. (Pearl Islands)

Jeff Probst wasn’t kidding. It remains as the greatest ‘Survivor’ lie ever told and the first time an outsider or non-contestant was involved in a devious plot.

4. Susan Hawk’s rat, snake speech. (Borneo)

Often replicated but never duplicated, Hawk’s tongue-lashing had stood the test of time.

5. Rupert Boneham steals from opposing tribe. (Pearl Islands)

Rupert’s amusing act of thievery symbolizes everything that made the ‘Pearl Islands’ installment so great. 

6. The Ghost Tribe. (Pearl Islands)

The mere mention of the controversial twist causes die-hards to froth at the mouth or sport demented smiles.

7. Colby Donaldson dominates Individual Immunity Challenges. (Australia)

Colby’s individual Immunity Challenge streak on Australian Outback altered how players approached the game. From that point on, fears of athletic players pulling the same deal have caused them to be mercilessly targeted, especially as a tribal merger approaches.

8. Rupert Boneham voted out. (Pearl Islands)

The mega popular ‘Survivor’ personality gets iced.

9. Osten Taylor quits. (Pearl Islands)

Taylor lays down his torch and a disgusted Jeff Probst shames him on national television. Taylor isn’t even granted the courtesy of having his closing comments aired.

10. Jenna Morasca, Heidi Strobel strip for food. (Amazon)

Sexy or completely stupid, this scene is unforgettable. 

11. Rupert Boneham awarded the ‘Survivor Million’. (All-Stars)

A viewer’s poll hands Rupert a million bucks. Some fans are delighted. It couldn’t have happened to a nice guy. Others rail against the unfairness of giving a million to someone who didn’t win the game.

12. Sue Hawk, Richard Hatch challenge incident, Sue quits. (All-Stars)

Rumours of Hawk possibly suing CBS, inflated the hype surrounding the episode. When Hawk and Hatch decided to make nice, the drama dissipated.

13. Michael Skupin kills a pig. (Australia)

Michael slaughtering ‘Babe’ gave radical animal lovers a seizure. Seeing Michael paint his face with the pig’s blood gave them a coronary.

14. The Lex Van Den Bergh, Rob Mariano feud. (All-Stars)

The real-life friendship between Lex and Rob implodes on national television over a broken or not-so broken promise…depending on which side of the fence you sit on.

15. Paschal English picks the “Dreaded Purple Rock of Doom”. (Marquesas)

Why did Paschal English lose his chance at one million dollars? He didn’t get voted out. He didn’t lose a challenge. Paschal tanked because he picked the WRONG rock during a tied vote. Worst of all, his head wasn’t even on the chopping block. The threat of the “Dreaded Purple Rock” has factored into many editions since. 

16. Richard Hatch wins. (Borneo)

51 million viewers in the U.S. and 6.4 million Canadians watched Richard Hatch become the first ‘Ultimate Survivor’.

17. Alicia Calaway and Kimmi Kappenberg’s throw down. (Australia)

Cat fight! Cat fight!

18. Men versus Women. (Vanuatu)

The chief reason why the Vanuatu edition sunk faster than Osten Taylor in the Pacific Ocean.

19. Kel’s beef jerky troubles. (Australia)

A sore spot with Canadian fans. Fellow Canuck Kel Gleason gets shanghaied by the evil Jerri Manthey when she convinces the rockheads at Ogakor that he smuggled beef jerky onto the show.

20. Ted, Ghandia incident.

You wanted drama. You got it. Married, but not to each other, Ted and Ghandia cuddle at night. Venomous accusations of inappropriate behavior arise. 

21. Tribes switched up for first time. (Africa)

Jeff Probst lies to both tribes saying they must pick some members to send out on a “quest”. There is no “quest”. Instead, the devious Probst forces the chosen contestants to switch tribes.

22. Survivors start with just the clothes on their backs. (Pearl Islands)

As a consequence, we get to see Rupert in a skirt.

23. Richard Hatch employs the provider strategy. (Borneo)

When you are the only successful hunter/gatherer on your tribe, you pretty much have them by the coconuts…well…sometimes. It worked famously for Richard Hatch but not for too many others who’ve followed in his footsteps.

24. Chris Daugherty wins Vanuatu. (Vanuatu)

Woefully outnumbered by the women, “last man standing” Chris Daugherty pulls off a mind-blowing win. Awesome.

25. Colby picks Tina not Keith in the finals. (Australia)

Colby Donaldson flushes a million dollars down the toilet by picking Tina over the unpopular Keith to take to the finals of the Australian edition. Colby admitted later he couldn’t vote out someone who reminded him of his mom. Sucker! 

26. Game starts with three tribes. (All-Stars)

The move changed the dynamics of the game and provided increased drama.

27. Men versus Women. (Amazon)

A theme that guaranteed tension right out of the gate. Later, the twist was recycled for the lame ‘Vanuatu’ installment.

28. Jenna Morasca quits due to mom’s illness. (All-Stars)

A sad but inspirational episode.

29. Rudy Boesch blows the final Immunity Challenge. (Borneo)

Everyone’s favourite grump loses his concentration and the million dollar check.

30. Jerri Manthey voted off. (Australia)

Ding! Dong! The witch is dead. Besides Hatch’s, the eviction fans anticipated the most. 

31. Twila switches up Vanuatu game. (Vanuatu)

Twila’s (or was it REALLY Scout’s) plan to backstab the Yasur Women’s Alliance put interest back into the snorefest of a Vanuatu series.

32. Visit to AIDS hospital. (Africa)

Lex’s visit to the AIDS hospital to deliver much-needed supplies is my favorite non-game ‘Survivor’ moment. Without being forced, the trip was deeply touching. Since that time, the producers have continued to support the hospital through charity auctions.

33. Richard Hatch’s “Write me check.” quote in the first episode. (Borneo)

Utter arrogance or confidence? You be the judge.

34. Mitchell booted due to tie vote. (Australia)

For the first time, a Tribal Council vote is tied. Ogakor’s Keith Famie and Mitchell Olson are deadlocked through two rounds of voting. In the end, the one previous vote against Mitchell takes him out of the game.

35. Tribes loot each other. (Pearl Islands)

The rule change made for some great and uncomfortable television moments. 

36. Players eat cooked rats. (Borneo)

Really pressed home the idea of real survival even though that element has had limited play over the years.

37. Brain Heidik dominates game. (Thailand)

It made for a tedious series but his steady control of the game and the players was nothing short of impressive.

38. Richard Hatch voted off. (All-Stars)

The king finally has his torch snuffed.

39. Da, the native, visits tribe. (Vanuatu)

One of the only entertaining moments of the whole Vanuatu installment. No doubt, he was Da man.

40. Rudy Boesch’s hilarious trivia challenge answers. (Borneo)

During a trivia competition, Rudy gives the same exact answer to every question:”I don’t know. I don’t know.” Funny stuff. 

41. Ami booted. (Vanuatu)

Ding! Dong! Another witch is dead. She even threw everyone “the bird” as she walked away. Talk about great TV.

42. Rob Mariano proposes marriage to Amber Brkich. (All-Stars)

Some vomited, others cheered.

43. Shii-Ann voted off. (Thailand)

The She-Devil is slain.

44. Double Tribal Council. (Vanuatu)

For the first time, both tribes are made to boot someone during an episode.

45. Morgan Tribe wins challenge takes Rupert Boneham. (Pearl Islands)

Rupert is “kidnapped” when the Drake Tribe deliberately throws a challenge. Shiver me timbers! 

46. Delayed merger. (Thailand)

The two tribes are forced to live together but don’t immediately merge into one tribe. You’d think the fact that there were no new buffs would’ve tipped them off. The twist paved the way for Shii-Ann’s exit from the game.

47. Sean Kenniff’s alphabet voting strategy. (Borneo)

You gotta be kidding me. Candidate for the stupidest ‘Survivor’ strategy of all time, next to Lex’s Let’s-Vote-Off-All-My-Friends plot. In-freaking-genius.

48. No home videos for Jenna Lewis. (Borneo)

Everyone gets to see a video message from their loved ones except for Jenna. Her family didn’t send one.

49. Physical contact during a challenge. (Thailand)

It is hard to believe but the Thailand plank challenge was the first in which the contestants could actually physically attack one another.

50. Flood washes away the camp. (Australia) Tina steals Keith’s thunder and saves the rice as everything else gets washed away.

Honourable mentions…

Borneo : Greg’s coconut phone, Sean’s Super pole 2000, Colleen and Greg’s relationship.

Australia: The players run out of rice and have to barter to with Probst.

Africa: Clarence’s beangate scandal, players drink cow’s blood, paranoid Lex kicks Kelly, Frank and Brandon go to the movies, Lex and Ethan visit a village and play with the local children.

Marquases: Hunter’s bitter “Hope they die” comment, Sarah arrives like Cleopatra.

Thailand: Dude brought a skateboard, Rob gets bitten, Jan buries a bat, Rob’s revelation, Brian’s “This is just a business trip” quote.

Amazon: Christie is the first handicapped player, Rob’s Magic 8-Ball, Joanna and Christie fight, Alex hits himself in the head with a machete, Jenna reveals that her mom has cancer, Probst mocks Rob as "Smart Guy To Never Win The Game". Matt and his machete.

Pearl Islands: A shopkeeper hits on Sandra, Tijuana argues with a shopkeeper, Christa makes a dress for Rupert, Sandra threatens to destroy the camp, Jon’s vote for Shawn is simply…”F—k you!”.

All-Stars: Richard is bitten by a shark, Shii-Ann and Jerri bicker, Rob starts a fight between Tom and Rupert, Rupert builds a crappy shelter. Amber only person switched. Big Tom's dance when Sue left.

Vanuatu: Travis communicates with his former Lopevi pals before a challenge and gets booted for it, Chad's inspirational performances during the challenges.

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Re: Top 50 'Survivor' moments
« Reply #1 on: March 01, 2005, 03:23:44 AM »
 (^.# that was a fun read!

so, borneo comes in first with 10 mentions, followed by australia with 9.  africa, marquesas and the amazon did poorly with mentions of 2, 1, and 2 respectively.  coincidently, survivor 5 had 5 mentions, survivor 7 had 7 mentions and survivor 8 had 8 mentions.  vanuatu, the one some considered a snore, had 6 mentions.

i would think though that john being taken by SURPRISE at TC in marquesas by sean, kathy, vescepia, paschal and neleh would warrant, at the least, an honorable mention.  i never forget him crying in his final words.  and the looks on the faces of tammy, zoe and the general when jeff read john's name...that was a great moment!
"the tribe has spoken"