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 had six out of seven jurors wrapped around her finger.

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I have a feeling that Christy misunderstood the voting and voted for Jenna to be kicked off.  I read an explanation for this on another board and I think that it is correct.  They said that Rob said on a show that Cristy voted for Helen because she thought she was voting her out.  He says that is why they have not releases the comments that were made when they voted.  I really had wondered about Christy's voting, so I think this explanation makes sense.


I would think that the producers would have made sure that everyone understood the voting process and she even said in the reunion show that Jenna played the better game.

And Paul, I may have miss spoken when I said Jenna would waste the money. But, the one thing I was upset about is when someone asked what she was going to do with the money, and she never said anything about helping out her SICK mother. If that was me, that would have been the first thing that the money would go for, even before student loans.



--- Quote from: Theresa on May 13, 2003, 11:48:30 PM ---I have a feeling that Christy misunderstood the voting and voted for Jenna to be kicked off.  
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I doubt that, though it could be possible. The worst thing about this season is how many questions went unanswered. Did Christy mean to vote for Jenna? Why did the players seem to like and even respect Heidi and Jenna when they consistently looked so horrible on TV? And who the heck brought the granola bar!? Janet? A cameraman? Did it fall out of the sky like in "The Gods Must be Crazy?" ;D

Okay I know this topic has been up for a while but I just saw it. I think Jenna deserved to win. Now if it was a "who worked the hardest" competition, then definately I think Matt should have won. But its Survivor, outwit, outplay, outlast. I dont really think Matthew did much in the lines of strategy. He mostly just worked and listened to Rob. Jenna, however, formed alliances early on in the game and was in the controlling alliance at the Jaburu tribe. She came into the merge with a strong 5 person alliance. She helped engineer the downfall of Deena, and she kicked butt in 4 out of 8 Immunity Challenges. You may not like her, but I think she definately played the game of Survivor better. Just my opinion though! (no one attack me please)

Yes she did whine (a lot) and did not work, but she was the one who played the game. Working is working, not playing the game. Playing the game to me is strategizing and forming alliances, and I think she did that better than Matthew. I know she whined, I know she stripped, I know she didnt work. But she played the game.


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