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I am so disgusted..

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Thank you Wendy! I am glad someone agrees with me that Jenna did play the game the best way she could. I think she deserved it and Im glad she won. She is my 2nd favorite Survivor!

I am so glad to hear that nelehrox! Not many people like her... I gues for the same reason they don;t like Amber... (Which I don't particularly care for her either)... Besides, what type of girl strips for chocolate??? ha ha... I would if I were in her position... Besides Heidi did it too, and why doesn;t anyone talk aboout her???

Which Jenna? I didnt like the Jenna that had the blond hair

Jenna Morasca Kittens. Wendy, I love Jenna M! She is my second favorite of all time shes so cool she rocks lol...I think people dont talk about Heidi as much because Heidi didnt win...


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