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I am so disgusted..

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I can not believe they picked Jenna.  She did not deserve it in my opinion.  I think Matt played much better then she did.  Ugggghhhh...


I am not very happy either. Jenna did not deserve it, and Matt played a much better game. At least he didn't wine so much about everything. Now that I think back, I am much more happy about Brian winning the game than I am Jenna winning. What is a 21 year old person going to do with a million dollars? Probably just waste it! Anyway, I still need to watch the first half hour since I was at a graduation party. Talk to everyone in the morning.

I can't believe all those people picked that lazy Jenna, especially Christy! >:( >:(Matthew worked so hard and deserved to win.

 >:(  I was not pleased that Jenna won.  I like to hear why the others all picked Jenna over Matt.  Do you think they realized he threw the last IC??  I was very surprised at Christy's vote as was Jeff.


--- Quote from: Rob on May 11, 2003, 10:11:57 PM ---What is a 21 year old person going to do with a million dollars? Probably just waste it!
--- End quote ---

Probably waste it on something dumb like paying off student loans, huh?

Seriously, if you ignore her personality, she played a pretty good game. She didn't get voted out after giving up immunity, she won the last two challenges when she really needed it, overcame sickness and had six out of seven jurors wrapped around her finger.

Of course, her gameplay doesn't excuse her acting like a brat. I'm pretty satisfied with the ending, but it would have better if Rob had won. I don't think we'll ever have a Survivor winner that everyone will be 100% satisfied with.


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