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Sometimes I use these links as my source for articles and case I left anyone out I want to credit them in advance .. Also credits to  my Google Palau News alerts ,  YahooPalau group and of course knowsalittle , Bianca & Mersaydeez  :))

The GameBoard
Mess Hall
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Reality Junkee:
Do you know anything about Chill One?

hes credible RJ

oh crap this page needs some updating  )_^> ,ChillOne 's site ~

  That was the question everyone was asking back in January, 2003, an entire month before the season premier of Survivor: The Amazon. On January 9th, I started an Internet message board thread under the assumed alias of “ChillOne,” and debriefed my intelligence, “would-be” confidential information that I uncovered while vacationing in the Brazilian Amazon, including contestant names, game dynamics, location details, and Tribal Council “boot order.” In that report, I named Matt Von Ertfelda and Jenna Morasca as the two finalists and pointed to Jenna as the player who was better liked of the two, providing a tantalizing hint of a possible final outcome! Over the next four months, my information would be under the microscope; picked apart and analyzed piece-by-piece by thousands, while at the same time gaining national attention. In the end, ChillOne became one of the most talked about, if not the most talked about, informants in Survivor spoiling history.

Reality Junkee:
So, you are "ChillOne"?  I ask because I saw a supposed spoiler that shows a link to True Dork Times.  On the link it points that ChillOne says they (or you) are almost positive (or to that affect) to the final two.

So, what's the lowdown you can give?


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