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Ohhh Heidi, I am sooooo scared!

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I am still rolling on the floor after what she said at TC just a few minutes ago. That was just too funny. Ok, Heidi, let me tell you something: Your brain is not capable of making those master plans, oh, wait, your not capable of thinking. HA. Ok that was so mean! Oh well.

I have to say that it was probably about chest deep at TC tonite. No pun intened. LOL. Anyway, let me know what you thought of Heidi's comments.

I laughed myself silly when she was saying all that.  I knew then that she would be voted out for sure.  She is soooo duhhhhhhhhh...

Once again another tribe member is so confident and makes a cocky comment -- boom they are voted out!!  Did you see that they panned to the jury as Heidi was goingon and on and it showed Dave putting his hands to his head (as if he was saying "don't be so sure of yourself") :o

Alex kind of did the same thing. It was too good to see Heidi voted out. I don't know if anyone watches the Early Show interviews with the former castaways, but they take phone call questions and this morning, the people who called in were not nice at all to Heidi. One question was something like this:

"You made some evil comments about being so much more pretty and younger and others so much older. Is this the kind of thing you want to teach your students."

OUCH! I thought they were all good questions, and I think they set her straight.

I couldn't tell if Heidi was just talking that way because she knew she was next and just wanted one more way to hear her voice one last time or if she's that stupid. Heidi's babble was like she was throwing herself on a sword and said duh! The possiblities they would have selected Butch were slim even though he wasn't that smart about the way he kept talking about his mistake with the firewood. I would have talked about as little as possible to minimize what happened. He's a guy though an Matt and Rob are determined to have guys be the last three. Makes you wonder why having a guy is more important than having someone who shakes their butt in front of you. Matt's either such a nathandrthal or he's gay but whatever floats your boat. I just said that cause I hate guys who act like such jerks and think that way about women. Since it looks like a physical challenge Matt usually wins those. Jenna is sick and woudn't do well either way but it just makes it worse. I'm glad for that she doesn't deserve it with all that mouthing and whinning she's done. She hasn't played it out like she should it's too personal. Butch I would hope would win but it doesn't look likely unless Matt does something by accident wrong during the phsyical challenge. I want to see Rob up there begging the group to give him the money so they can rip him up. So I want Butch but don't believe it will happen.


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