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Just thought I would let everyone know that I have installed some VERY unique themes on the board. They include one call Simplicity, MidBlue, and one that looks like HOTMAIL! They are very cool, and everyone should check them out!

Click on Profile then Look and Layout Preferences then you will see that you have the Forum Default theme, and click change!

Let me know what you think!


Blue Jean Baby:
You have some really cool themes Rob.  i tried the MidBlue one and i cant post with it.  Every time i try to type the letters keep disappearing.  Is anyone else having that trouble?

Is there any theme besides the original one that i can see peoples whole avatars?  All the ones i try i have to scroll to see the whole avatar, that is why i end up back to the original theme.  i do not like the scroll bars on the avatars...  i like the hotmail one, it is pretty cool...


The MidBlue did have a problem, so it had to be deleted, oh well, that one wasn't that neat anyway! LOL

I do like the hotmail one myself! And people are making a LOT of themes, so hopefully we will have more in the future!


Blue Jean Baby:
i love the Christmas one.  i missed it for this year  \[} .  But i can use it next year.


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