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Missy Elliott at her High School


Nic and Matthew had Missy's High School flying off the hook.  They have got to do that again!

I am a teacher's assistant at Woodrow Wilson High School where Missy Elliot went to school.  Her comment to the girl who messed up about being stabbed was totally uncalled for.  Sure, the school has its issues, but stabbing is not one of them.  Missy Elliot showed more of Norfolk than Portsmouth, Va on her show.  She is ashamed of Portsmouth if you ask me.  It is not the slums, but could be better and until people from here stand up and take a stand against those who are embarrassed of being from here or living here then they ought just keep their traps shut. 

I am glad I was not working at the school when the show was made, but it aired last year which was my first year there.  The students at my school do not like her and lost respect for her after viewing the episode.  She is a joke to being from Portsmouth.

I wear a jacket at school that says:  Proud to Teach in P-Town!.  If only Missy was proud to be from here.


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