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Hey, vote fairly, if you have no idea of who to chose, feel free to chose Jerry, heehehe =]/

ohhh yaaaa c/*

Kind of funny there hasn't been much Bachelorette discussion this season.  I guess that last time it was just me and Pittgirl and I havn't seen her for quite a while. :':')

I know that I am a guy and all, and I did miss all but the last two episodes of this season, but personality-wise I have to go with Wendall.  He is funny and is someone I could see becoming friends with.  Really all of the remaining bachelors seem fairly decent.  It really doesn't seem that Jen is too in to any of them though.

Last night, the race to the empire state building was great!  I wish that Ben had more of a chance to spend time with Jen before he left.  Frenchie (for some reason I can't remember his name right now) was a real schmuck.  Very glad to see him go.  He was the very cliche' "rude frenchman" - he really did not represent his country well.

Anyway, this season seems kind of strange compared to others.  Anyone else feel this way?

Oh his name was Fabrice, Papabear, oh and I just love that name! Papabear! Its cute! Yes, I agree with you! Fabrice, I did NOT Like him at all! Im glad hes gone too! yea she doesnt seem to be really into any of them, its like shes putting on a show, and I think she only really like Jerry! Cause he's hottt ]][ *8/

I think at this point it it probably between Jerry and Ryan - I think that she likes Wendall as more of a friend type and John Paul just doensn't seem to fit with her at all.  I definately don't see this season ending with a proposal unless there is a lot that they are not showing us in terms of relationships developing.

As far as Jerry being hot, I guess I wouldn't know.  Jen is pretty darn attractive though.  ^&#

 }w_{ (I really don't have a reason for putting this here, I just found it and thought it was funny)  :)*

haha nice...papabear
hehe <[/


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