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Fear Factor Couple, who eliminated?

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i hope it is Tina & Randy.. i hate them!!!

I guess it is not popular this Fear Factor thread.... aww.....  hey puddin.. where can i find fear factor fourm is best
i can get more fast reply from this F.F fourm

I'm so sorry  carom3d , I didn't mean to be rude ..we were doing TAR spoilers , I only watch Fear Factor when ,well the celebrities( love the soap opera ones   ^&# )  are on  </]
found these through sirlinksalot
Yahoo Groups~
Chat room ~                  *^?

I love Fear Factor. I hope Maria&Craig win the million <[/

Thankfully Tina&Randy left, they were so rude to Dean&Ashley B:) , He had such a big mouth and said so many rude things(Randy).

I don't care who wins at this point. I don't mind any of the couples.  ]#* Randy and Tina are gone! That is all that matters!


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