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Lost and Delirious
Survivor: Palau - Preview - Who Are These Chuckenuts?
by Scott Wyatt
February 11, 2005

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Hello good people and welcome back to the wild and crazy world of Lost and Delirious. I’m your wickedly good-looking host, Scott Wyatt, with the batteries recharged and ready to fire away at the 20 lucky SOB’s who have taken my spot on our favorite show. How the suits over at CBS continually to overlook me is one of the all-time mysteries but alas it leaves me here to entertain from afar. There’s always next season. Enough of the self-pity, let’s take a gander at our guinea pigs, err I mean our castaways and their temporary home.

Palau is a group of islands in the North Pacific Ocean to the southeast of the Philippines. As usual, it has a tropical climate that is both hot and humid. The geography varies from high mountains to coral islands with large barrier reefs. Palau has a history dating back to as early as 2500 B.C. but is known mainly for the part it played in World War II as a Japanese controlled naval base. After the US seized control of the islands during the war in the Pacific, Palau became a UN trusteeship in 1974 and eventually a sovereign state in 1994. To this day, relics from the violent past of man litter and haunt the land and waters in and around Palau. They will no doubt play a large part in this season’s festivities.

Angie Jakusz, 24, Bartender from New Orleans - There’s always one bartender but Angie brings a unique and colorful look to role this season with her 11 tattoos and her self-described freak factor. She describes herself as vivacious but her video is quite irritating. She seems to be very blunt which will not sit well with her tribemates unless she can control her mouth. Angie should be an early casualty.

Ashlee Ashby, 22, Student from Easley, SC - With a degree in Communication, Ashlee should have no trouble communicating with the men on the show. She says she is flirtatious and will use her sexuality to advance in the game but fears it may hinder her with the other women. She enjoys working out and Pilates with her friendly and energetic personality. If Ashlee can weave her magic and catch a little luck then she could possibly make it to the merge but my instincts tell me otherwise.

Bobby Jon Drinkard, 27, Waiter from Troy, AL - A determined and bold young man, Bobby Jon looks to use his hobbies of hunting and fishing to help carry him on the island. He says even though he is a strong Christian, he will lie to win this game because when he lays his head down on the pillow at night he will be okay with God. Bobby Jon has the potential to go far in the game. I think he will be around for the merge as long as we don’t have a replay of Vanuatu where all of the youth was kicked out first.

Caryn Groedel, 46, Civil Rights Attorney from Solon, OH - Oh gee, this is a lawsuit waiting to happen. As long as Caryn doesn’t think she has rights in her tribe then we might be okay. She plans on using her lawyer skills heavily in the game but if I was there I would have to get rid of her simply because lawyers like to play mind games. Caryn enjoys running and biking while describing herself as ambitious, energetic and adventurous. She came across well in her video and has potential to make the merge if she can keep the lawyer-thing to a minimum.

Coby Archa, 32, Hairstylist from Athens, TX - I guess that old saying is true about Texas…just kidding…no death threats please. Coby co-owns a hair salon and enjoys traveling, taking photos and painting. While admitting to being the awkward gay guy, Coby has had his trouble with the law by being arrested for larceny at the age of 17. He served his time and credits that experience for turning his life around and becoming a better man. It’s nice to see someone use a second chance for the good for a change. Coby could be a surprise player by using his humor to stay outside the target at the beginning. If he can get some of the women on his side by braiding their hair, as he claims he will in his video, then he could ride his way into the jury. If he trusts people at their word then he may have a short stay. I think his lack of athleticism may be his deathblow before the merge.

Gregg Carey, 28, Business Consultant from Chicago, IL - One of the season’s jocks, Gregg was a two-sport captain in high school before getting his Engineering degree from the University of Pennsylvania. He’s currently in Chicago working as a project manager for a business and technology consulting company. Gregg has competed in adventure racing and climbed Mt Fuji in Japan this past September. It sounds like Gregg was trying to apply for the next Eco-Challenge rather than Survivor. He says he is engaging, passionate and unflappable but hard on himself. Talk about your All-American male bio. Gregg has all the tools to go far in this game maybe even to the Final Four. I think Gregg will definitely make it to the jury round if he can use his self-described abilities to their fullest potential.

Ian Rosenberger, 23, Dolphin Trainer from Key Largo, FL - Ian has a pretty diverse background from being raised on a horse farm to working as a camp counselor and volunteering his time with an organization that helps children with mental and physical disabilities. He currently works as a dolphin trainer and dolphin-assisted therapist for children with disabilities. He enjoys being outside and calls himself gregarious and passionate. It’s hard for me not to make a wisecrack about him telling Flipper to go get dinner and bring it back to the tribe but in all fairness Ian is someone to watch. His video displays him as a happy-go-lucky guy that can probably get along with anyone. While looking innocent, I would suspect that Ian could deep-six a few folks if they take him too lightly. He has definite merge potential

Ibrehem Rahman, 27, Waiter from Birmingham, AL - While currently working as a waiter, Ibrehem has done modeling and acting (imagine that) in the last two years. He says his hobbies include eating and cooking and describes himself as eclectic and aggressive. In his video, Ibrehem says he doesn’t want to be serious all of the time, which could mean watching your torch get extinguished fairly early in the game. Ibrehem looks like a strong player but I just don’t see him making anywhere near the merge much less any farther.

James Miller, 33, Steelworker from Mobile, AL - James comes across as a typical redneck. He served two years in the Navy and attended college before taking a job as a crane operator at a steel company. He enjoys biking and adventure seeking. He describes himself as outgoing, funny and always happy. In his video, he says he will be the first redneck to win a million dollars. Well, if he does, it won’t be on this show. Like Jeff Probst has stated, I believe this is a sham designed to deflect some of the focus away from him. I found the video irritating because I believe it is an act. If his tribemates get the same impression, it will be a long vacation for the Alabama boy.

Janu Turnell, 39, Vegas Showgirl from Las Vegas, NV - Oh boy, someone who is not afraid to show some skin but this woman deserves kudos for receiving her Bachelors of Arts degree in Spanish from the UNLV after 20 years. In addition, she has overcome a battle with cancer. Her show performs twice a night and runs six days a week so she should hold up alright with very little rest. She enjoys traveling, body surfing and rock climbing. She describes herself as honest, fun, outgoing and strong-minded. Janu can also speak 4 different languages. While most may not take her seriously because of her occupation, I am. I think Janu could be the sleeper castaway this season even though she seems a little gruff in her video. It would not shock me to see Janu sitting in the Final Four.

Jeff Wilson, 21, Personal Trainer from Ventura, CA - As a certified trainer from the National Academy of Sports Medicine, Jeff could have a big advantage from the physical standpoint of the game. He enjoys hiking, working out, fishing and kayaking. He says he is unpredictable which is a bad sign for this game. Although his resume is impressive, something just doesn’t seem to work for this guy. He sounds mature in his video given his age but my gut is telling me that Jeff may be one of the two who don’t make it to the first challenge. I hope I’m wrong.

Jennifer Lyon, 32, Nanny from Encino, CA - Currently pursuing a master’s degree in family consumer sciences, Jennifer still looks like the popular cheerleader in high school that every guy wanted to date. Jennifer works as a nanny in the Los Angeles area and plans on using her looks to get ahead while trying to be everyone’s friend. She says she is good-natured, easy-going and opinionated and enjoys hiking, soccer and photography. She is definitely an under-the-radar type of player and on my list of hotties this season. For my own reasons, I hope Jennifer is around for a good, long while…heh heh.

Jolanda Jones, 39, Lawyer from Houston, TX - A very confident woman, Jolanda’s physical attributes could carry her a long way in this game as long as she can keep that irritating mouth shut. Not only is her bio about five times longer than everyone else but she also seems to want to brag about everything she has ever done. I barely made it through the bio and the video had me wanting to shoot myself. From a professional standpoint, Jolanda is very successful and credits her success to her tumultuous childhood. I just wonder what tragedy she will use if she is bounced early on. I do, however, believe that Jolanda can last until after the merge when her physical threat may send her to the jury.

Jonathan Libby, 23, Sales & Marketing from Dallas, TX – Jonathan is already a survivor in the fact that he was diagnosed with and cured of testicular cancer in 2004. Cancer is bad enough but in that area – ouch! Jonathan describes himself as straightforward, blunt and intense. Three qualities that make for a short stint on the island. If he does stay and they can catch some fish, he has spent the last two years learning how to skillfully master the art of sushi making. He also competes in full-contact fighting. He says he is focused on living life to its fullest since he has already beaten cancer. I think this game may be too much for Jonathan, as he should be sent out early.

Katie Gallagher, 29, Advertising Executive from Merced, CA - Katie is our female comedian and describes herself as spontaneous, sarcastic, full of opinions and hilarious. She worked formerly as a camp counselor for at-risk children and is most proud of traveling across the country with nothing but a gas card. In her video, she worries that the stress will overwhelm her and I fear that she may not even make the first challenge which would be a shame because she could be entertaining if she could last for a fair amount of time.

Kim Mullen, 25, Graduate Student from Huber Heights, OH - Kim is at the top of my hottie list this season and one of my Final Four picks. She has a degree in International Studies with a concentration in Middle Eastern studies. She is pursuing her masters en route to a Ph D. in political science. She has worked as a recruiter, teacher and model and represented Ohio in the 2002 Miss USA Pageant. She enjoys working out and is spontaneous and calculating. She is most proud of learning Arabic after 9/11 in order to get a worldly perspective on reports coming in from the Middle East. This is one lady that is fine in every sense of the word. She’s got her looks but she also has the mental aptitude to win this game. Watch her go all the way.

Stephenie LaGrossa, 25, Pharmaceutical Sales from Philadelphia, PA - Stephenie enjoys yoga, Pilates, water sports and going to the beach. Perfect! She describes herself as relentless, persuasive, extremely competitive, dramatic and friendly. Everyone see why she was cast? Stephenie should give us plenty to talk about this season. If she makes it past the merge, the individual competitions should be a joy to watch. She has four big brothers and is used to being picked on so she knows how to give it back. Another strong candidate for the end of the game. Oh, did I mention she is on the hottie list too?

Tom Westman, 41, Firefighter from Sayville, NY - A second generation firefighter, Tom should be the levelheaded father figure this season. Everything about him says respect. I look forward to watching Tom handle the abundance of youth this season. He enjoys scuba diving, golfing and cooking and is most happy spending time with his family and friends. He is most proud of his department’s response to the rescue efforts of 9/11. If Tom does not make it to the Final Four, it will only be because he is perceived as a huge threat to the younger generation.

Wanda Shirk, 55, English Teacher from Ulysses, PA - Wanda has taught junior and senior high school English for 28 years. She has supervised the school’s yearbook and newspaper staffs, directed school plays and acted as an advisor to the National Honor Society. She has also been a foster parent to 25 children and to exchange students from Norway, Germany and the Ukraine. If you have seen any of the previews for this season, Wanda is the nitwit who sings most of her replies. If she even survives the group boat ride without being thrown overboard, I don’t see Wanda lasting very long. She came across like a migraine headache that would not go away. I will say it now – she will not make it to the first challenge.

Willard Smith, 57, Lawyer from Bellevue, WA - Our third lawyer on the cast, Willard has spent most of his life either in military service, working for the US Postal Service or in practice. He is currently a member of the Washington State Bar Association and the First marine Division Association. In his video, Willard says he is going to lie from the start by not telling anyone he is a lawyer but rather a postal worker. I’m not sure that is much better but Willard states that if you put him in front of the jury he will win the million dollars. That may be true but I don’t think he will get the chance. His reason for doing the show was to lose weight and quit smoking. I know I am not ready for the sight of Willard in his tightly whiteys so I hope someone will give him something else to wear.


This is an interesting cast on paper but so was the Vanuatu cast and we were all bored to tears. I don’t think history repeats itself so we should see Bobby Jon, Caryn, Gregg, Ian, Jan, Jennifer, Kim, Stephenie and Tom still playing when we get to the end of the first vote after the merge.


The Final Four will be Gregg, Kim, Stephenie and Tom.


The game will come down to a vote between Kim and Tom and by a 4-3 vote, Kim Mullen will be crowned the sole Survivor of Palau. Now that I have cursed her for the game, we get to sit back and watch me get this one right.

Just a reminder that SURVIVOR: PALAU debuts on Thursday, February 17th at 8pm EST/7pm CST.

Be sure to check back every week for the Lost and Delirious recaps and twisted views on another batch of castaways that always seems to be missing their best asset…ME! Until then, take care and God Bless