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I'm wondering if they cancelled Big Fat Obnoxious Boss or not?

Also, has anyone else seen Urban Legends on TLC? William August, AKA N Paul Todd, has made at least 2 appearances on the show, one as a psychic "predicting" something bad happening, and the other as someone who was trying to get a free drink out of a soda machine, and had it fall over on top of him and kill him.


Question: Was My Big Fat Obnoxious Boss really canceled? Cathy

Ausiello: A Fox rep tells me the last five episodes will be "made available" at a later date. Which is just a coy way of saying it'll get dumped on when no one is looking. Or, like Playing It Straight, it'll remain in a state of infinite limbo.

This is a BBC article not USA   :)_{}
FOX to air cancelled reality shows online
Friday, January 14 2005, 16:55 GMT -- by Neil Wilkes

FOX will air the outstanding episodes of its cancelled reality shows online, the network has announced.

Spoof business reality show My Big Fat Obnoxious Boss was dropped last week after just five episodes. Production has now completed on the five unaired episodes of the show, which will complete its run "at a later date" on

Elsewhere, the network also confirmed plans to stream the unaired episodes of controversial dating show Playing It Straight, which was axed last year after just three episodes. The series has already leaked online, however, following its full airing in Israel.

The network gave no word on whether it would be giving the same treatment to axed "neverending" reality show Forever Eden  :':') , which will be seen in its entirety on British screens later this year.

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watch episodes online coming soon !!


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