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Book Smarts vs. Street Smarts
The battle begins January 20th!

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Thanks, puddin.

Book smart vs. Street smart...this should be good. I am glad it starts in less than a month, but it better be more interesting than last season.  :)ZZZ:)

I agree very boring  :)ZZZ:) . Since neither Rob or I  really don't watch it ..we are looking for someone to volunteer and keep the board up to date with any new Apprentice 3 news  ?  :)_{} We really would appreciate it  (#)

I would love to volunteer, puddin, but if it is boring I am giving up on the show.

Trump: Apprentice 3 to Add Twists to Game

Monday Dec 27, 2004 8:00am EST
By Stephen M. Silverman
Donald Trump

Hardly one to let Santa get all of the attention this weekend, Donald Trump revealed more details about what's in store for the new season of The Apprentice, scheduled to kick off on NBC Jan. 20.

As he teased on the second season finale, Trump plans to divide the 18 competitors not by sex, but by levels of education with those toting college degrees on the Magna team, and those from the school of....
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