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Winners, losers and wannabe porn stars from the fall season

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Posted on Tue, Dec. 21, 2004
Missouri's Twila got a bad rap for swearing on her son's life. We don't get why that was worse than all Chris' betrayals. 

Winners, losers and wannabe porn stars from the fall season

The Kansas City Star

T he model has a contract, the Apprentice has a new job and the Survivor has a million bucks. Now, our parting shots at this fall's reality shows. See you next year.

‘Survivor: Vanuatu'

Quote of the fall: “The guy with the mechanical leg's gonna win for sure. He's nice, he's smart, he's quiet — he's got the underdog thing goin' on. So we're screwed!” — Brady on tribemate Chad, a teacher with a prosthetic foot. As it turned out, Chad, who proved he could do anything anyone else could, was long gone before Final Four time (as was Brady).

Rhymes with witch: We cheered when puppetmaster Ami lost control of the game: the tribal council at which pal Leann was booted instead of Eliza. Missourian Twila Tanner helped engineer that moment. Ami may still be the villain of Vanuatu, but we give her props for acknowledging that Twila outplayed her. In the end, Ami was one of only two people who voted for Twila to win (Scout was the other).

Wanna be a porn star: Julie tried to help her position in a mostly male camp by exposing her assets while sunbathing. (Sarge also disrobed, an image we're still trying to get out of our head.) In the, ahem, end, model Julie finished fifth.

Biggest shocker: That a guy, Chris, was the ultimate Survivor. It seemed obvious that a woman would triumph — the women far outnumbered the men as the season wound down; three of the Final Four were women. What happened? The ladies split into two factions, and the few men left didn't vote as one.

Our favorite: That'd be Twila, who worked hard and didn't suffer fools gladly. It's still a mystery to us why she got so much more grief about lying than Chris did.

Most likely to extend their 15 minutes: Realistically, none of the above. Winner Chris didn't leave much of an impression. Twila isn't likely to make a sitcom cameo, and Scout probably won't be asked to do Playboy  :D (Eliza and Julie might be though).

Next up: “Survivor: Palau,” in February or March.

asked to do Playboy  Cheesy (Eliza and Julie might be though).

I can only hope lol.

thats for that Puddin.



--- Quote from: Cecil on December 20, 2004, 07:19:35 PM ---asked to do Playboy Cheesy (Eliza and Julie might be though).

--- End quote ---

I wanna repeat performance by Ami.  **:)**

 :D I bet you do chakeeta !!


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