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Freddy & Kendra Coast in First , Don & MaryJean Eliminated

After an emotional tribute to Africans sold into slavery, Teams headed back to Europe, landing in historic Berlin, Germany. Married entrepreneurs Jonathan & Victoria set the pace through a wild soap box derby Roadblock, but found themselves at the losing end of footrace to the Pit Stop with engaged models Freddy & Kendra, who logged their first victory. A furious Jonathan shoved Victoria, blaming her for their second place finish. Meanwhile, married grandparents Don & Mary Jean struggled to find a Route Marker in downtown Berlin and couldn't make up the lost time, becoming the fourth Team eliminated from THE AMAZING RACE.

Leaving the Pit Stop in first place at 12:52 am, long-distance dating couple Kris & Jon opened their first clue instructing them to search for the Slave House, the historic location where captured men, women, and children were held before being sent to the New World as slaves. Kris & Jon arrived at the Slave House, as did the remaining seven Teams, and received a parchment bearing the following statement: "For more than three centuries, African men, women, and children were imprisoned here in this house before being sent to the New World as slaves. Where they boarded the ships that would take them from their homes forever, the slaves passed through an archway known as the Door of No Return. Before leaving this island, you must honor the memory of those whose lives were uprooted and sold into slavery. At 8:30 am, each Team will be given the opportunity to enter the Slave House and place a single rose as a tribute upon the threshold of this historic archway."

The following morning at 8:30, Kris & Jon led the Teams as each solemnly placed their rose in the archway of the Slave House. As father and daughter Gus & Hera took their turn, the significance of the moment caused Gus to begin weeping; he and Hera took a minute before continuing. On the experience, Gus commented, "I didn't cry at my mother's funeral. I didn't cry at my father's funeral, but when I went through those doors, I saw myself and then I started realizing that this is the connection with a part of yourself that you have never really been fully able to connect with. I hope the others can realize just the magnitude of the human experience that's incorporated in this Race we run."

Opening their next clue, the Teams learned they must fly over 3,000 miles to Berlin, Germany. When they land, they must take a train 10 miles to a section of the Berlin Wall that still stands to find the next Route Marker. While waiting for the ferry to return them to the mainland, Don & Mary Jean faced their crisis of having no money to pay for a ticket. Not wanting to beg from locals in the impoverished country, the grandparents instead asked other Teams to take pity on them. With all seven Teams making charitable contributions, the grandparents fared incredibly well. In fact, Don informed Mary Jean, "We have more money than some of the other people. Don't tell anybody how much money we have."

At the airport, as Teams scrambled for the best flight to Berlin, a conflict occurred when dating actors Hayden & Aaron tried to secure tickets for themselves and their allies, Freddy & Kendra, potentially hurting married pro wrestlers Lori & Bolo, who were standing behind them. A frustrated Bolo complained to the ticket agent, "They shouldn't be allowed to do that. We were in line next." The situation between the three Teams quickly escalated when Kendra told Bolo, "It's always going to be that way. Get used to it." A furious Bolo told Hayden, "Just shut up. God, I don't want to hear your mouth." At this, an angered Hayden snapped, "Just because you're 5'5" and on steroids." Eventually, all the Teams settled down, and Hayden and Bolo apologized, mending fences. In the end, the argument amounted to little as all eight Teams got tickets on the same Air France flight to Berlin.

Landing in Berlin, Freddy & Kendra, Jonathan & Victoria, and formerly dating couple Adam & Rebecca took an early lead, getting on the first train to the Berlin Wall in search of the next clue. While Freddy & Kendra and Adam & Rebecca entered the wall area, Jonathan & Victoria decided to run along the wall and found the cluebox. Opening their clue envelope, the married entrepreneurs learned they must make their way to downtown Berlin to find a partially destroyed church, a reminder of the devastation of World War II. Across the street at the Broken Chain Sculpture, they would find the next clue. Freddy & Kendra and Adam & Rebecca continued searching in vain for the clue, running all the way to the end of the wall. This allowed Teams on the next train, Kris & Jon, Gus & Hera, and Hayden & Aaron, to snag the clue before them. As Hera saw the two wayward Teams finally discover the cluebox, she quipped, "That is a perfect example of why running too fast can be bad."

Arriving at the Broken Chain Statue in first place, Jonathan & Victoria opened their clue to find a Detour. In this Detour, Teams had to choose between Beer and Brats. Teams opting for Beer must travel to a local brauhaus, pick up steins of beer, and search the tables of the crowded bar for coasters with their faces and names on them. They had to trade two full steins of beer for each coaster they find and collect a total of five coasters to receive their next clue. Teams choosing Brats must travel to a place called the Zitadelle. Once there, they had to use a hand-operated sausage maker to create one continuous rope of five bratwurst links. Each link must be seven inches long to qualify for their next clue. As Jonathan & Victoria sped off to make bratwurst, Kris & Jon, Gus & Hera and Hayden & Aaron all headed for the brauhaus.

As Jonathan & Victoria began their bratwurst making, Hayden & Aaron arrived at the brauhaus and picked up steins of beer in search of coasters with their faces on them. Soon, Freddy & Kendra joined Hayden & Aaron and quickly passed the dating actors by finding two coasters right away. While the Teams kept the beer coming at the brauhaus, Jonathan & Victoria completed their five bratwurst links to receive their next clue, which instructed them to travel five miles to Teufelsberg, Germany to Devil's Mountain. At this place, the highest point in Berlin, they would find their next clue. On the way out of the Zitadelle, the married entrepreneurs crossed paths with Lori & Bolo, who were just arriving, prompting Jonathan to scream for Victoria to hurry up. After Victoria told Jonathan to leave her alone, Jonathan quipped, "I never promised to leave you alone. That's why I married you."

As Hayden & Aaron and Freddy & Kendra finished serving up the beers, Don & Mary Jean encountered difficulties when they couldn't find the Broken Chain Sculpture. Even standing at the church, the pair couldn't see the nearby flag. Finally, Don spotted it and the disappointed grandparents, squarely in last place, headed to the Zitadelle to make bratwurst. Trying to be optimistic, Mary Jean said, "What's done is done, and we're going to go forward from here."

With Lori & Bolo, Kris & Jon and Gus & Hera all completing their Detour choices, Jonathan & Victoria arrived at Teufelsberg in first place to encounter a Roadblock. In this Roadblock, one Team member had to climb to the top of Devil's Mountain and race a soap box derby car to the bottom in 37 seconds or less, a competitive time on the German soap box derby circuit. Having done this many times as a child, Jonathan elected to ride down the mountain for his Team. As Jonathan cruised down the hill in the car, Victoria cheered him on. Crossing the finish line in 35 seconds, Jonathan & Victoria earned their next clue, instructing them to drive back to Berlin and find the Brandenburg Gate, the Pit Stop for this leg of the Race. Driving away, Jonathan panicked when he saw Freddy & Kendra pull up to Devil's Mountain. As Freddy cruised through the Roadblock, the race for first place was underway

As Hayden & Aaron, Gus & Hera, Kris & Jon and Adam & Rebecca all finished the Roadblock, Jonathan & Victoria drove into the city limits of Berlin, arguing over directions. Jonathan warned, "If another Team beats us, I'm going to lose it." Pulling into the parking area at the same time as Freddy & Kendra, Jonathan & Victoria dashed from their car, taking the early lead in the footrace to the Brandenburg Gate. Soon, however, Jonathan's pack proved too heavy a burden, and he opted to ditch it on the street. Fearing the bag would be stolen, a frantic Victoria screamed, "No! They're going to take it, " and carried both their packs as Freddy & Kendra passed them. Furious, Jonathan ripped his bag from Victoria's shoulder, screaming, "Why did you pick up my bag? Why?"

As Jonathan & Victoria continued to quarrel, Freddy & Kendra stepped onto the mat in first place. Host Phil Keoghan informed the Team they had won a trip to exotic Mexico, compliments of American Airlines' website, Just before stepping onto the mat in second place, Jonathan continued his attack on Victoria, shoving her and shouting, "How could you do that?" After being checked in by Phil, Victoria walked off the mat crying, to which Jonathan remarked, "She has to live with her choices." After the married entrepreneurs walked off, Hayden & Aaron and Kris & Jon arrived in third and fourth place, respectively.

With Gus & Hera and Adam & Rebecca finishing in fifth and sixth place respectively, only two Teams remained in the field. Lori & Bolo, the only Team to take the train to Devil's Mountain, arrived at the Roadblock in seventh place. After Lori took a ride in the soap box derby car, the wrestlers headed back to Berlin barely ahead of Don & Mary Jean, who also finished the Roadblock. Although Lori & Bolo stopped for directions along the way, the married pro wrestlers managed to hold off the grandparents for a seventh place finish. Stepping onto the mat in last place, Don & Mary Jean learned from Phil that they were eliminated from THE AMAZING RACE. About her partner, Mary Jean remarked, "I'm totally proud of Don. He pushed himself physically to levels I've never seen him do. I love him very much." On Mary Jean, Don said, "If I could wish for any man to have the kind of relationship that I have with her, you'd be blessed. She is absolutely amazing."