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Really, What Doomed "Woman Power?"

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Jeff asked Ami something along those lines.  She mumbled something about women not being used to sticking up for each other.  Blah, blah, blah.

To me, the answer is obvious.  Women (and men) are not defined solely by their standard equipment.  When it was Ami, Scout, Leann, Julie, Elisa, Twila, and Chris, it just oversimplified matters by assuming the women were all of the same mind.  Actually, it's kind of degrading.

Survivor is a game that is won by an individual.  And even if you are determined to engineer an all-female (or all-male) final four, someone has to be left out.  In large part, that is what Chris benefited from.  He didn't assert himself, and let the individual women play against each other.  No, it wasn't a sure thing for him.  But what happened wasn't, in my mind, surprising.

And no, Ami, it wasn't some unfortunate dysfunctional moment for women.

I have thought about that several times. I wondered if they really thought they could ALL win or what. :\/  Leann said it earlier in the show, "We are gonna have to start voting off our own." Maening after the men were all gone. The others just looked at her like they had never even thought of that.

I think it's degrading for someone to tell another they will take them to the final four. Usually that person is so cocky he is gone first or, they forget to factor in the votes from the rest of the players. Oh well, I will keep watching and wondering why they do what they do. LOL

Do you think a womens allience will ever hold together

I can't see it happening. Shoot Sarge was even ready to vote Rory off so, I don't think it's just the women. First impressions aren't always the best and there you are stuck with an alliance that is probably gonna screw you unless you make some changes. Then the others are gonna screw you if you do. LOL Either way, you're gonna get screwed.  :)*

True that river  :()()


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