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I guess CBS is anticipating this show to flop, if they originally slated S10 for March, but now it is set for Feb.

How is a chef, hairstylist, and writer qualifed to judge a home-living show? I don't get it.

who cares? this show is going to be reliant on some crazy, anal-retentive person who'll get voted out the week before the finale and two months after this show is cancelled. ;)

Speaking of crazy, anal-retentive, when is the Martha Stewart show starting.

 :D LOL another show that no one is going to watch .


Martha Stewart Living Omnimedia and NBC Universal Reach Long-Term Distribution Agreement for New Television Series
Wednesday December 8, 3:50 pm ET 
Syndicated Program Starring Emmy-Award Winning Stewart, Produced by Mark Burnett Will Debut in fall 2005 New Daily Show Will Feature Studio Audience, Celebrity Guests; Program Will Debut on NBC's Owned and Operated Stations

I don't know. Apparently, Martha has a HUGE following! Just look at her stock!


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