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Ep 9 ~ Who goes?

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Well I have picked Alex in all my games, but alot of the spoilers around the boards are picking Deena.  I think there is a good possibility for both.

What do you think?

Oh, I hope it is not Deena. I just love her too much. If it is her, I don't know how Survivor will be good without her. Please don't let it be her. PLEASE!!!!

I've chosen Alex as my boot pick as well.  I like Deena also and hope she doesn't get booted tonite.

I agree, I don't want it to be Deena.  I also picked Alex in all my games.


Well, everybody.  Sorry to say, Snewser is predicting Deena for boot.  It's written in red again.  I was able to change my answers in The Survivor Challenge.  Alas, all the other games were already locked!  I reallllllyyyyy don't want Deena gone.  I really thought she'd be around til the end.  We are now 4 women to 4 men.  Heidi will be the one who the reward challenge winner will take and she will convince her equally stupid friend Jenna and the guys to vote out Deena.  What a stupid woman.  Stick with the women already.  Vote out a man.  They will just pick you off one by one.  


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