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Blatantly Stolen , PBP Brought to you by Trix & Co. @ Sucks Mess hall  :)X  *()*

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Marooned on Vanuatu
Ceremonial fashion, women and men
Women forced to watch, men given opportunity to get spirit stone.

Rival between m/w had begun

at first IC - men had solid lead
But Chris couldn't make it across beam and women won immunity

Back at camp, youngins wanted Crhis out but Sarge had strategy to keep older men in game.

Brook voted out!
Sarge's plan worked and Chris was saved

At second IC, men came out on top
When Yasur went, Dolly first victim
On day 7 Mia/Twilla had it out.............
Mia's temper cost her a shot at a million dollars

Lopevi then lost JP and Brady

On 11, earthquake
and shakeup kept coming
Sarge/Scout chosen to mix up men and women

T/J fit right in, Sarge even made pact with Twilla
Bubba was uneasy at Yasur
So next IC, Bubba tried to signal old tribemates and Ami caught him redhanded

Bubba got axed! It was clear that Ami was running show and Day 15 followed her lead to vote out Lisa

At Lopevi's TC, T/J joined with elders and voted out JK

Day 20 - merge
Rory joined old buddies and told them about Ami. Guys put faith in J/T in voting out Ami. But men shcoked when T/J betrayed them and took out Rory.

Men outnumbered and in big trouble. Sarge next, then chad, leaving Chris as last man standing.

Loved ones joined them, Chris told fiance he had to win. close race but Ami won immunity. Back at camp, turned on head. Women decided to vote out Eliza over Chris and Twilla made bold committment to stay with A/L at end but went back on word when she went to Chris to vote out Leann

E/S joined them and voted out Leann. The women's alliance had crumbled.

Suddenly, Ami fighting for her life. When Ami joined E/C on reward, she did her best to get Eliza back on her side

But Chris was also working on Eliza...............

Chris won IC and was safe. At TC, Ami kept fighting and confronted Twilla about swearing on son's name. E had a big decision to make but when votes came in.......... Ami was finally dethroned!

Chris come a long way but knew game not over.
Chris: how do you trust women??

The heat was on and no one was safe.
E: I think you are a liar T
T: you are driving everyone nuts!
Chris: I'm just lying here

Chris made one last boldmove when he guaranteed J his loyalty. E/J believed him.

But at TC, E was shocked when Chris betrayed Julie and had her voted out.

Four remain

Final IC, two continue, one will outlast the rest and become the SOLE SURVIVOR

Skull (wow no volcano)

Oops, volcano

Alinta night 36
E: I was so happy when I cast my vote tonight
Chris conf: took eliza by surprise, julie had it coming, she pulled a fast one on me at merge
E: this is hard for me, knowing who to trust, beleiving people then hearing they are saying other things
C: part of the game Eliza

T: I don't you deserve to be here, riding everyon'es coat tails
E: that is not true, you don't deserve to be here
T: at least I worked hard
E: who won the most rewards out of everyone,
T: only reason you are here, cuz everyone has used you to this point

E: I htink T is a dumb bitch, don't want to see either of them make final two
Chris: nothing changed. Jule was a player, didn't care about you, she voted for you!!
Chris: ye of little faith
E: do you think you can get one of them to turn on the other

Chris conf: They are all playing the game and turning on each other, T and E don't like each other, excitement in camp

Alinta Day 37
E conf: I thought I would be here but not this group of people, pretty clear who is sticking together. S/T want me off long time; I really need immunity to stay in this game; if not me I pray it is Chris


Chris wins the first IC

 :D I'm scared

IC--first ever vertical maze--collect 10 pairs of wooden tiles. when collect all 10, get to station, letters for a two word answer


Chris and Twila
"scout going to give it a go"

Chris going up high, Twila going down low

Twila has her first pair
Chris has his first pair but has to work his all the way down

Twila has her second pair
Eliza right behind

Scout crawling
Scout has her first pair, everyone else on second

Twila has third pair, working her way down the maze to her box
Eliza working down with third, Chris too

Eliza going up high for her fourth pair, passing each other in the maze
Chris has four and Twila drops her fifth in her box.

All have five (no sign of scout)

Chris carries his pair in his mouth as he climbs down to the exit
All have six

Chris and Eliza bumping into each other
Scout just gets in the way and has three

Chris has 9 pairs
Eliza can't spot her other pairs

Chris and Eliza have their last pair up in the maze and work down
Eliza leaps out of the maze with her 9

Chris and Twila work on the puzzle
Eliza just gets back

Chris--I got it I got it I got it Ya Ya, punch the air over and over

Jeff--sadly the game will end for someone here tonight at tc


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