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TV Guide Survivor Finale Scoop!
« on: December 10, 2004, 07:10:24 PM »
Survivor Finale Scoop!
(TV Guide 12.10.04)
Mark Burnett (Survivor Executive Producer): It's unbelievable. You couldn't even write what's gonna happen. You'd never believe it.

This is a big week coming up for Mark Burnett. On Sunday Survivor: Vanuatu concludes with a three-hour climax/reunion show, and four days later The Apprentice 2 clocks out with a three-hour swan song. But today, the reality giant's got some explaining to do about both shows' rocky seasons.


highlights ~

TVGO: Switching to Survivor, despite the high ratings, the first two months of Vanuatu were a bore.
Burnett: It happened to be a season where a bunch of [weak] people banded together and eliminated the strong. It's a very unusual, ass-backwards way of playing the game. That's probably what you're reacting to.

TVGO: Ever think about including more than one black man or woman in the cast?
Burnett: I didn't grow up in this country so I'm not stuck in this political correctness. It wouldn't matter to me if I had nine African-Americans or if I had six. It depends on what's the best casting. I don't go out there with quotas.

TVGO: Will the finale make up for the dull first half?
Burnett: It's unbelievable. You couldn't even write what's gonna happen. You'd never believe it.
?:)  ^:)^  I can't Wait  ..woohoooo
TVGO: Is Jeff Probst going to parachute in?
Burnett: There'll be a very elaborate Jeff arrival  ::)
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Re: TV Guiide Survivor Finale Scoop!
« Reply #1 on: December 11, 2004, 06:47:55 PM »
OOOOOO...It is gonna be good! I can't wait for the name calling to begin!
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