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Sera's Final Movie~Survivor: Apocalypse Wow

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Sera's movie posted at Chatter  :)_{}

Survivor: Apocalypse Wow

So from the film it looks like the Final Four are:  Twila, Scout, Eliza, Chris

The Final Two:  Eliza, Chris

But then Sera has Eliza a Kurtz and Chris as Willard.  In the film, Willard ends up killing Kurtz.  Does that mean that Chris wins? 

That would be my interpretation ^:)^

I saw it as Eliza wins..Chris is no more than her errand boy??

At this point I don't care who wins. LOL I wish it was Twila because she needs it the most but that's about as far as I care. One day the person I like will win. Of course there was Ethan and, Colby almost pulled it off but he let Tina walk away with it.

I hope they never do another ASS but if they wanted to do something like it, bring back the ones that we never got to look at. Brook and Dolly for instance.


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