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Survivor: "CBS has already gone ahead and ordered both versions for next year, 2005. Survivor 11 and 12 will happen, and we're scouting everywhere: Patagonia, southern Argentina, Mozambique--Madagascar is a hopeful--the Maldives, India, China, Papua New Guinea."

There are reports still lingering for 11 to be in Canada, North of British Columbia

Also reports linger that these are Jeffs last seasons  :\/  :':')  :(  :':')


--- Quote --- Also reports linger that these are Jeffs last seasons
--- End quote ---
Oh nooooooooooooooooo  :':') Whats going on ? lol, I cant take anymore survivor bad news  :( first S10 may get pushed to March and then and then ..well ..I don't even want to think about it ..hmmph  :':')

Don't cry, puddin....maybe Colby will take over Jeffy's place!

 ;D thats alright with me Swanee..what about Rupert? I would love that too  :D

Wouldn't S10 and S11 be in 2005 and s12 in 2006??  So far, there's never been 3 survivor shows in one calendar year.  Or, is that a typo error in the eonline article?  ?:)?

Jeffy moving on to bigger/better things, eh?  Colby would be a great replacement.  :)_|
 Just don't let it be Richard Hatch!!  :(*8
Whoever it is...wahhh!!  :':') :':') I'll still miss Jeffy!  :-*


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