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Nanny 911 or Wife Swap?


Does anyone else watch Nanny 911 or Wife Swap? Nanny911 is on Weds @9pm on FOX, and Wife Swap is one Weds @10pm on ABC. Maybe I am the only one, being a mom and wife, I find those shows very interesting.



I love Wife Swap ..it makes me LOL . I watched the Nanny once , I think there  is something else that I watch when its on?

I watch both shows. I love Nanny 911 better than Wife Swap though. The nannys really teach the mom and dad how to take control of their households in a loving manner thats best for the children. The last two episodes I have throughly enjoyed and ended up sitting on my couch with a box of Kleenex. Very touching show!  :':')


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