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Highlights of Chad 's Early Show Interview
« on: November 19, 2004, 10:30:19 AM »
Highlights of Chad Crittenden's


 Rene Syler:  With only two men left on Survivor: Vanuatu it was Chad who drew the short stick last night despite promises from some of the women that the vote would go the other way.
<clip of Scout strategizing with Chris and Chad about voting Eliza off>
Rene:  Wow, and a clean shaven Chad Crittenden is with us this morning.  Hi.
Chad:  Hi, how are you doing.
Rene:  Are you bummed out.
Chad:  Yeah it was tough watching it last night.
Rene:  What happened?  What went wrong... because you were really quite the competitor out there.  What happened?
Chad:  We thought we had it all set.  Chris and I came up with a good game plan to break up the women's alliance and we thought it was going to work right to the very end.  And Ami came along and sort of kinda planted a seed of doubt in the women's minds that it wouldn't be good to keep both of us around.  Right up to Tribal we were pretty much set on it.  And Ami went around single-handedly and sort of dismantled the women.
Rene:  She's something out there, isn't she.
Chad:  Yeah.
Rene:  Now did you know that she... the machinations that were going on?
Chad:  You know we had a suspicion even before we merged that she was the behind the scenes leader even though Scout was kind of the figurehead chief.  We knew she was calling the shots and she sure was.
Rene:  I'm surprised because Scout comes to you last night and says Twila, Chris and you to form an alliance.  And you thought, okay that's cool, we'll break the back of the all female alliance.  Ami comes around, one at a time, picks everybody off as you said.  I mean, she's like the puppet master.
Chad:  And she has, I don't know how, she somehow has this influence on the other women that people couldn't say no to her.  I don't know what it was.  But like I said, she planted a seed of doubt.  And they thought, "we gotta do this".

Rene:  That immunity challenge last night, that was tough.  And you almost... you were right there, you and Twila were the last two.  Tell me about that.  How difficult was that?
Chad:  It was tough and going through it I didn't think I was on the chopping block.  It was tough and toward the end, Twila actually went up one of those notches, one section.  She climbed back up!
Rene:  She actually looked like she didn't struggle.
Chad:  No.  She had that thing down.  And actually at this point I thought I was safe.  She and I were in an alliance with Scout and Chris, so I felt safe.
Rene:  She didn't sound real strong on either side I thought.
Chad:  She was about indecisive as they come.  She couldn't make a decision to save her life.  She was asking, whatever you guys want to do.  Every time that either I approached her or earlier, Scout, she just said "oh whatever, I'll just do whatever anyone else wants".  So she just goes with the flow.
Rene:  You're the game's first amputee.  You played with a prosthetic leg.   We're there any challenges that were particularly difficult as a result?  Did you feel like you had to prove anything to anyone?
Chad:  Going into it, I thought about that.  Actually verbiage is that I really don't have anything to prove I'm more there to demonstrate what I can do.  I did not train for a two inch balance beam which was the very first challenge.  And a couple of subsequent balance beams I came up a ladder and fell off.  I was able to catch myself but that was tough.  Those balance beams when you're out of breath and tired, those were tough.
Rene:  But it also helped in some instances.  Like last night you said you had to walk in some coral and you used that leg.
Chad:  When I was spear fishing, I would put my prosthetic leg down on the coral because it's sharp.  Also at one point I almost stepped on a sea snake.  After that I always put the rubber foot down
Rene:  Tell me who do you think is going to win?
Chad:  Well it's anybody's game.  I can't speculate at this point.  Chris is a really strong player but the women, it's going to be really hard to break them up, so it could go either way.

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Re: Highlights of Chad 's Early Show Interview
« Reply #1 on: November 19, 2004, 10:36:04 AM »
I couldn't believe Twila betrayed Scout like that.  She had immunity anyways, she should have joined with Scout and make the four person alliance and then picked off Ami's group one at a time.
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Re: Highlights of Chad 's Early Show Interview
« Reply #2 on: November 19, 2004, 07:37:17 PM »
i watched the tape again to make sure but twila never did say she would not vote for one of the guys last night.  She even went to Scout and told her Ami is not going to vote for Eliza.  Scout got the guys hopes up all by herself.  Then she did not even stick to it.