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Do you think they have it on the web somewhere? I will have to search. GOTTA see this! **:)**


--- Quote from: chakeeta33 on November 28, 2004, 01:37:17 PM ---Wendy, where did you see previews?

They should have picked a couple of Survivor's that weren't on ASS.

--- End quote ---
I actually saw the previews one night after Fear Factor (I watch it, yes) and they showed previews from all of the seasons episodes and they showed them on there.. They make Omorosa eat something awful, I couldn't really make out what it was but it was bad.. I cannot WAIT to see it!

Hey, I watch it too.

It must have been on a night when I opted to watch Monday Night Futbol!

The strange thing is that I have friends that watch Fear Factor and I had to tell them about the reality stars being on the show.  :\/ Maybe I just hang out with morons!


--- Quote ---Maybe I just hang out with morons!
--- End quote ---

puddin, it has nothing to do with the forum!


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