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I forgot about the show...saw the last 20 minutes or soo..the final 4

What happened in the beginning???

1st challenge was non-elim.

They had to transverse a rope over water and unhook flags, nine total. Jenna was first up she got 4 flag in 53 sec. and she manage the best face plant in Fear Factor history. Next up Omarosa. She did 6 flags in 3 min 44 sec. while wearing a swim cap. Then, Nikki went. She rocked. Nikki got 7 flags under 3 mins. She won between the girls.

Now the guys. Ryan's up. Wow, he got all nine in 3 min. 33 sec. Next is Ethan. He managed to get all nine, but his time was close to 5 min. Reichen is last to go. He failed to beat Ryan's time.

So, Ryan and Nikki won $20,000 from Captial One.

2nd challenge is a bit complicated.

First, while handcuffed to a rail, they have to put their hands in boxes with snakes to unscrew two separate bolts to release a key. Use the key to unlock another box containing worms and transfer them by mouth into a blender. Blend'em up. Yum Yum! Suck up the guts through a straw and put them in a cylinder that has another key attached to a floating ball. This key will they need to use to unlock themselves from the rail. Then jump into a dumpster filled with dirt and worms and retrieve a container filled with blended worms and drink it. WHEW!  _-_#

Slowest man and slowest woman goes home. This is when Nikki and Omarosa start to get into it. The guys just keep their mouths shut.

Trista shows up to support Ryan. She drinks worms for Ethan's charity.  c/*

Reichen and Jenna are eliminated. The best part was watching everyone get bit by the snake. I am still wondering why after diving in the dumpster, they weren't allowed to rinse off?

3rd challenge non-elim for a trip.

This one looked hard. They were placed in a cage that flipped in the water, leaving enough room to get a breath, if they could figure out which way is up. The cage moves faster the longer you are in it. They had to unlock 4 locks, open the door, and swim to a bouy.

Omarosa can't swim and they did a safety test with her.  c/* She couldn't even dog paddle. She did not participate in the challenge.
That's okay, because no one could complete it. They all quit in the cage.

Final challenge for $50,000 and the trip that wasn't won on the previous challenge. Drive a car over a moving ramp as many times as they could before they crashed or ran out of road.

Omarosa first up. She did pretty well. She got 4 passes in 1min 2sec. Ethan's up next. Jenna shows up to threaten Ethan, if he doesn't win she is leaving him and going out with chakeeta.  *8/ Ethan got 4 passes in 52.5 sec. Nikki does a happy dance at Omarosa's departure. Nikki is up next. She crashes the car on the forth pass. She goes home. Now it is all up to Ryan. Trista shows up again. Ryan is taking names. He wrecks on the fifth pass. He really tore up the car. Now it is down to time. Ethan-4 passes in 52.5 sec, Ryan 4 passes in 48 sec. Ryan wins!


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