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Wife Swap

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Does anyone else other than me watch this show\? Isn't it crazy!!! These people are just at each other's throats! If you do not watch, you should.. it is EXCELLENT... It is totally surreal, and it is definitely a way to show you personally how much you should appreciate your own family...  :)()

I watch it Wendy..Love it  *()*

btw: I wonder if Big Toms feet are tired yet.. **:)** **:)** He's been doing that Jig for a long long time  ^:)^

I watched it last week b/c it follows Alias...so thot...ok...I'll ck it out.  Ya know what?  I really liked it! ^:)^  It wasn't at all what the title implies.  You're right, Wendy...it helps families appreciate their own family.  It's kind of a pyschological therapy for them to live totally different from what they are used to...to see "how the other half lives" so to speak...then go back to their own family refreshed, renewed, revitalized, having learned new sets of values.   I found it quite interesting & entertaining & plan to keep watching it!
I give it  :)_| :)_| :)_| :)_|  !!!!

Ruday  >*&

I watch it all the time Wendy. This week, they swapped a very conservative, christian, black lady, with a lesbian lady, who lives with her girlfriend.

Needless to say, there were lots of fireworks!  I hated that the christian lady was so homophobic, almost to the point of hatred! Thankfully there are many christians like myself who are much more tolerant and accepting.

I'm  really backlogged on my taped shows...including Alias and Wife Swap! aarrrgghh....MUST watchh the last 3 shows so I won't hafta tape this weeks eppys!  Get yore butt in gear, Rudaay.  88))   ]//{


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